Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing

Chapter 17
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Chapter 17: I Urge You To Give Up That Thought 2

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“My head hurts, I really don’t feel like going out. Yun, you don’t have to bother about me if you’re busy.”

“But I’ll miss you,” Wen Yun said endearingly. “I haven’t seen you in two days, and I feel like something is missing. I can’t wait to marry you. That way, I can see you every day.”

Lu Manman found it all so ironic now.

Just how much of what he said was true? Or had he never been true to her?

How did he intend to face her when she exposed his true colors?!

There was a strange look in Lu Manman’s eyes, but she spoke gently as usual. “I miss you too, but I’m really not in a good state today. Gu Xin went out of control last night, so I’m still having a splitting headache.”

Wen Yun chuckled as he joked, “That madwoman Gu Xin… I wonder what that quiet and reserved Di Yi sees in her. I can’t imagine them living together at all.”

Lu Manman played along. “I guess they’re complementary then.”

Or perhaps, in the same way that you are eyeing the Lu Family’s assets, Di Yi is also eyeing the Gu Family’s assets..

“Manman, if you really don’t wish to go out today, I won’t force you. Rest well and recuperate for today. There is a charity event tomorrow night, and I hope you can come along with me as my female companion.”

Lu Manman hesitated for a while, and then agreed. “Alright, I will appear in my Sunday best.”

“You’ll be the most beautiful woman around even if you don’t dress up.” Wen Yun was always generous with his praises of her.

Gu Xin said she was envious of her having such a husband who treated her like a princess.

Back then, she’d found herself very lucky too.

“Alright, Manman, I’ve got to go. The supervisor is checking on us. I love you, bye.”

“Mm-hm, bye.”

Lu Manman hung up.

I love you.

Did he know how hurting these words were!

Lu Manman walked to the balcony that extended from her bedroom. The sunlight in the early summer felt nice on the skin. It was bright and a little warm, but not unbearable.

She looked in the general direction of the sun, and squinted at the radiant glow.

Her eyes were getting a little red.

There were some things she simply could not figure out, and some emotions she simply could not bear. She really wanted to have a good cry.

But she told herself not to. She kept telling herself that she could not cry!

Being given a second chance at life was a huge blessing from the heavens.

It was because the heavens could not stand seeing her get bullied and plotted against this way!

Hence, she had to take revenge this time!


The following day.

After having lunch, Lu Manman went to the departmental store to pick a gown.

She and Gu Xin had set a time, and both of them arrived at about the same time.

This was the chemistry between these two best friends. They were always proud of the telepathy they shared without having to say much.

Actually, their personalities were worlds apart.

Lu Manman was more quiet and mature.

Gu Xin was more active and wild.

Lu Manman would just quietly analyze the situation if she met with trouble, but Gu Xin would kick up a fuss without a care about the consequences. As such, throughout their growing years, Lu Manman had to pick up after Gu Xin quite a bit.

Each of them picked a gown that they liked, and went into the same dressing room. They were alright with changing in front of each other. As the staff attendant helped them with their gowns, Gu Xin kept eyeing Lu Manman’s body. Gu Xin seemed to be in deep thought.

“Is there something you want to say?” Lu Manman asked.

“Did you do anything last night?” Gu Xin was never the sort to beat about the bush.

Lu Manman glanced at Gu Xin and then at her own petite and fair body in the mirror. “Don’t think too much.”

“Lu Manman, are you still a virgin?” Gu Xin was as direct as she could be.

Something changed in Lu Manman’s eyes.

Lu Manman was only 23 and unwedded. Of course she was still a virgin.

Seeing Lu Manman’s hesitation, Gu Xin nervously asked, “You aren’t anymore?”

“Why are you such a busybody!” Lu Manman frowned.


“Didn’t we talk about this before? Anyone who loses their virginity has to confess to it! But you hid it from me!” Gu Xin looked hurt.

Lu Manman helplessly said, “I still am.”

“Did you and Wen Yun, or…”

“Gu Xin.” Lu Manman suddenly stopped her from continuing.

Walls had ears.

Nobody knew who might be around.

Gu Xin looked at her in shock.

“Are you intending to have your first with Di Yi?” Lu Manman went straight to the point.

Gu Xin blushed a little and nodded. “That’s what I’m thinking of. I’m planning not to go home tonight after the charity event…”

“I urge you to give up this thought!” Lu Manman said firmly!

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