Reboot: Mechanic

Chapter 310 Nancy, Clear Skye Commander
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310 Nancy, Clear Skye Commander Vanessa's playful antics continued for a while, but eventually, she realized that Shi Tian was not going to be easily swayed into indulging her. "Fine, I'll stop." Vanessa shrugged her shoulders and relented. "Now tell me what was the revelation you got." Shi Tian nodded his head. He turned his attention to Mary, who was still fixated on her retro game. "Mary, you should also stop playing the game and come over here to listen." "What do you want?" Mary, with her eyes still fixed on the screen, asked in annoyance.

What was a taboo? It was when someone was busy gaming and getting interrupted. Unless it is something important, then one should never bother or interrupt their gaming.

"I guess you don't want to know a major discovery I have found." Shi Tian shook his head and sighed. Of course, it was just an act to tempt Mary's curiosity into stopping the game and focusing on him.

After all, what he was about to reveal was the scenery he saw in the cave he went into hiding earlier. At first, he didn't want to divulge it, but keeping it a secret wouldn't do him well either. Who knows if the mysterious presence he had felt back then was going to come after him?

The possibility was there, so to ensure his safety, it was best to slowly reveal it to everyone. That way, even if the mysterious presence wanted to silence him, it would be futile.

If everyone knows something, then could it still be considered a secret? Closing her game, Mary moved her chair closer to him with a solemn expression. "Alright, you pique my curiosity, so speak."

A few minutes later, Shi Tian began explaining the symbols and scenery that he had seen in the cave with vivid descriptions.

Additionally, he even decided to draw the symbols out on the computer screen. After all, he was unable to snap some pictures back when he was at the cave, having a premonition that he might be killed if he dared to do so.

Hence, with his memory alone, Shi Tian was able to recreate the same symbol he had seen in the cave.

"Do you recognize any of these markings?" He then asked, seemingly believing that these two were more knowledgeable than him.

Unfortunately, Shi Tian sometimes overestimated their knowledge as well.

"I've never seen such peculiar markings before." Mary shook her head.

"Yeah, it's weird and mysterious looking. It's like the symbol is for some sort of cultโ€“ you know, like those heretics?" Vanessa rubbed her chin softly, making her own prediction.

However, the prediction was practically without any substances. It was all flowery words at the end without giving a concrete answer.

"Looks like there's no hope huh." Shi Tian murmured. He realized the possibility was slim, but it didn't hurt to ask. And since even they didn't know, Shi Tian could only put the matter aside temporarily. The three continued to idle around, waiting for the video they posted on the Darknet to explode in popularity, seemingly waiting for a response. Back at the camping area, Nancy, the military commander of the Clear Skye under the Warner Family, was browsing through the Darknet to see if she could obtain more information regarding the situation.

Unlike the other two military commanders who had long since snuck out to the dense area revealed, Nancy was doubtful of the source. Given that she was a Clairvoyant, albeit not that great, had an intuition that the location was bogus.

Hence, she didn't choose to explore ahead like everyone else and decided to browse through the Darknet for anything new. Usually, with a situation as big as this that could threaten the foundation of the Gearits City, there are bound to be many troublemakers hoping to gain some benefits from their crisis.

'If people are planning on taking advantage of us, then I'll gladly send them to hell.' Nancy exclaimed inwardly, her eyes glinting slightly, exuding a dangerous aura. As she was browsing, she noticed a new post that seemed to have garnered quite a popularity. "What's this?" Nancy was stunned by the audacious title posted by an anonymous user. ๐’‡๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐™ฌ๐“ฎ๐™—๐™ฃ๐’๐™ซ๐“ฎ๐“ต.๐’„๐’๐“ถ

"White Syndicate Warning to the Military Teams in Gearits City!" Nancy read the title aloud and was dumbfounded.

Given that she was a part of the military in Gearits City, she naturally believed this kind of provocation title was directed to her as well.

"White Syndicateโ€ฆ isn't that the criminal group that has been causing quite the mess lately. Now they even dare to point their guns at us?"

Astonished by the video, Nancy nevertheless clicked on the video to check what was in it.

Her expression gradually changed as she continued on the video, finally realizing the people in the video.

"Aren't those Theobold's elite soldiers?" Nancy raised an eyebrow and exclaimed in shock. The tone was so loud, that the outside soldier guarding the tent started asking Nancy.

"Commander Nancy, is everything alright?" Still a bit in shock, Nancy quickly composed herself and told her soldier that it was nothing. Making sure her tone was at a minimum, Nancy continued to watch the video in silence, analyzing the attacker.

"No wonder Theobold has been sulking lately and was not in his normal condition. His soldiers also came back heavily injured, and I was wondering what happened, so this was it." Nancy's lips started to grin as she realized Theobold's luck.

Now that she realized the title was a clickbait and that the supposed military team was in fact directed to Theobold, she was in relief and also seemed to enjoy Theobold's plight.

However, teasing Theobold was one thing, Nancy had more important things to do.

Putting on her glasses, Nancy changed her gear as she began to analyze and check on the environment, terrain, and other stuff seen in the video to determine the location.

'A warning is not a bad move, but you underestimated us too much, White Syndicate. By posting such vivid details, I can now check the location.' Nancy sneered inwardly. Rebirth of the Death Knight

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