Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 1678 - Couldn’t Admit
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Chapter 1678: Couldn’t Admit

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“No.” The nurse shook her head. “These are all hearsay. This was something too rare. Within half a day, word had spread to everyone in the hospital. However, a few of them who had seen or heard this matter themselves are still in the hospital. Do you want to ask them?” Anyway, it wouldn’t be for nothing. There was money to receive, so why not?

The little nurse initially didn’t want to talk about this. After all, she was working now. If she was caught by the head nurse, she would be criticized. What the little nurse didn’t expect was that Zhou Xing was quite patient and had come looking for her again when she was having her meal at noon.

Zhou Xing’s lips twitched. “There’s no need. Thanks.” After giving the little nurse the money she had promised her, Zhou Xing came out of the hospital with a dark look. Before arriving at the hospital, Zhou Xing had already gone to the police station to take a look at the footage that Qiao Nan said had been recorded by the surveillance cameras.

Initially, since this matter had passed for so many years, the police officers shouldn’t have reopened the file and let Zhou Xing take a look at the footage. However, Zhou Xing was Qiao Zijin’s birth daughter. On account that Zhou Xing was just an ignorant six-year-old when Qiao Zijin had passed away, the police officers gave Zhou Xing the convenience after completing the administrative matters.

It was obvious that Qiao Zijin was seeking death. As such, the veterans in the police station had a deep impression of this matter. When Zhou Xing mentioned it, the veterans involved in this case could almost immediately remember the situation back then.

There were too many pieces of concrete evidence in front of her. Furthermore, Ding Jiayi had told Zhou Xing more than once that Qiao Nan couldn’t exactly be blamed for the car accident that happened between her and Qiao Zijin. Zhou Xing initially thought that Ding Jiayi had said so to help Qiao Nan.

Her mother had died so early and wouldn’t have been able to repay her grandmother for bringing her up in time. Qiao Nan was different. It could be considered her grandmother’s pride that Qiao Nan was a minister. After her mother was gone, Qiao Nan was the only one who had provided for her grandmother. Since her grandmother always received money from Qiao Nan, who else would she put in a good word for other than Qiao Nan?

One had to know that after her grandparents left a will to leave most of the Zhou family’s assets to her, her father no longer liked her. During that week, her father actually bought a puppet doll that she liked and came to school looking for her with all smiles. He acted like a loving father and said that he had missed her. He also said that they were a family and that they should be living together.

In reality, her father wasn’t trying to take care of her. He was just trying to use the excuse of taking care of her to move into the big house which her grandpa and grandma had left behind for her. Moreover, he wanted to spend the money her grandpa and grandma left behind for her using his identity of her guardian.

People were that realistic.

After her father remarried, he couldn’t help but wish that this daughter of his never existed. However, under the temptation of money, he could pretend that he was a loving father who considered all aspects for her own good. If her father was like that, her grandmother was probably like that as well when she put in a good word for Qiao Nan.

However, at this very moment, Zhou Xing couldn’t help but seriously think if she had misunderstood her grandmother’s words all along. Her grandma said that her mother’s car accident had nothing to do with Qiao Nan. Did she really mean this and that there was no other meaning to it?

Why didn’t her mother sort out her thoughts? She was only in her thirties when she abandoned her. Why didn’t she want to continue living and chose to go under Qiao Nan’s car wheels instead?

With a stomach full of questions, Zhou Xing had no choice but to call Ding Jiayi for verification.

After Ding Jiayi finished the call with Qiao Nan, she was very afraid. She wasn’t sure what kind of means Qiao Nan would use to deal with Zhou Xing. It was pitiful for Zhou Xing not to have a mother. However, as a mother, Ding Jiayi could understand if Qiao Nan was filled with uncontrollable anger now that Zhou Xing was scheming against Er Bao.

As such, when she saw that Zhou Xing had called, Ding Jiayi was filled with both expectation and fear. “Hello? Xingxing?”

“Grandma, it’s me.” Zhou Xing responded. “Grandma, let me ask you. Why would Qiao Nan suddenly know about my identity? You didn’t betray me and told Qiao Nan anything, right?” Upon hearing Ding Jiayi pick up the phone, Zhou Xing suddenly thought of another serious question.

How did Qiao Nan find out that she was Qiao Zijin’s daughter? If Qiao Nan realized it later, perhaps her relationship with Zhai Xin would have been more stable by then. Then, she wouldn’t have the worries she had today.

“Xingxing, I’ve told you long ago. Don’t belittle Qiao Nan. Think about it. When your mother was still around, I was helping her but she didn’t manage to get any benefits from Qiao Nan at all. It’s really not easy to deal with Qiao Nan.” Ding Jiayi evaded and didn’t dare to answer Zhou Xing’s question.

She was afraid that Zhou Xing would know that Qiao Nan was suspicious of her identity because of a phone call from her. Zhou Xing would then feel that she had betrayed her and that she was biased toward Qiao Nan.

With a clear conscience, she loved Zijin the most when she was alive. Once Zijin was gone, she placed all her love for Zijin on Xingxing. As for Qiao Nan, even though she was successful now, her feelings for Qiao Nan had never deepened.

It was only today that she realized that Qiao Nan was meant to collect debts from her in this lifetime.

“Okay, let’s put aside this matter first. Let me ask you about something else.” That was right as well. There were so many capable people around Qiao Nan. Zhai Yi had said before that Qiao Nan had long known about her relationship with Zhai Xin. It was close to two months now. If Qiao Nan wanted to, it wouldn’t be strange at all for her to find out her family history of eighteen generations. “Did my mother deliberately go under Qiao Nan’s car wheels back then?”

“...” Ding Jiayi looked embarrassed. Ever since she knew that Zhou Xing had chosen to study in the capital, she guessed that this day would arrive sooner or later. “You have heard about it?”

“After my mother entered the hospital, did she deliberately refuse the doctor’s treatment? They could have saved her, but she chose to end her life?” Zhou Xing felt suffocated and extremely pained in her heart.

Did her mother know that she had tormented both herself and her? Did she know what kind of life her only daughter was going to face in the future after she had lost her mother?

“...” Ding Jiayi didn’t say anything. She couldn’t deny or admit it. The truth was too cruel to Zhou Xing.

“Let me ask you the last question. Did you attend my mother’s funeral?” If she didn’t answer, that meant she wasn’t denying it. If she didn’t deny it, it meant her mother really didn’t want to continue living.

“...” Ding Jiayi’s breathing became rapid, and her eyes and nose turned sour at the same time.

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