Rebirth: Pampered Wife's Counterattack

Chapter 884 - Happy Ending (17)
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Chapter 884: Happy Ending (17)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Three days later, in the Bai family’s old mansion’s living room.

Elder Bai Chongshan sat on the luxurious, red wook sofa. His second son, Bai Hong, and his wife, Ye Yunzhi, stood by his side.

His eldest daughter-in-law, Huang Zhishu, and his adopted grandson Bai Chenxi were tied up and remained kneeling before him.

Several bodyguards dressed in black suits expressionlessly waited for their instructions by the side.

Bai Chongshan glanced towards the entrance every so often. “Qinghao called all of us to gather here…” He then glanced towards Huang Zhishu and Bai Chenxi. “He even made the two of them kneel here. I wonder why exactly…”

“Dad, please let Chenxi and I go.” Huang Zhishu was in tears. “I don’t know how we offended Qinghao. He even tied his own aunt up. You know that I’ve always been obedient. I don’t cause trouble…”

She was lying straight to his face. In this moment, she could only pray that the old thing’s heart would soften and allow her and Chenxi the opportunity to escape before Bai Qinghao arrived.

Elder Bai Chongshan was an intelligent man. “I have the feeling this isn’t related to offending him. Furthermore, it seems like there is a very serious issue. Let’s wait for him to come before we talk.”

“Grandfather, please let me go first.” Bai Chenxi was pale as he begged. “Although I was adopted, I’m still your grandson.”

“Enough!” The elder frowned. He was confused by their behavior. “Although, both of you have always been afraid of Qinghao, it has never been to this extent. What on earth happened?”

Bai Chenxi refused to give up. “Grandfather, untie me first.”

Elder Bai glanced at Liu Li and the group of bodyguards behind him. “They’ll only listen to Qinghao’s orders. There’s no point even if I say anything.”

Bai Qinghao stepped into the living room shoulder-to-shoulder with Fang Xinxin. His tall and broad-shouldered figure was a stark contrast to her slender one.

“Is everyone here?” Bai Qinghao scanned the place indifferently.

Following his cold gaze, the temperature in the living room seemed to fall. Everyone present in the room felt a heavy pressure and it left them trembling.

Huang Zhishu and her son immediately stopped begging for mercy and fell silent.

“Qinghao, what exactly is going on?” Elder Bai Chongshan’s grey brows furrowed as he asked the question.

Bai Qinghao shot Bodyguard Liu Li a look. Liu Li immediately understood and began recounting the findings on Guan Jiping, Huang Zhishu, Bai Chenxi and Bai Jingrou.

When the Elder heard the story, his expression turned heavy. He did not say anything though.

Huang Zhishu demanded in anger. “What can you prove with this? So what if I used to know Guan Jiping twenty years ago!”

At the moment, a middle-aged man with an average appearance and a rather tan skin tone was shoved into the living room by one of the bodyguards.

Huang Zhishu and Bai Chenxi were shocked to see that it was Guan Jiping.

Bai Qinghao began coldly. “Guan Jiping, answer Huang Zhishu. Twenty years ago, were the two of you just acquaintances?”

The bodyguards forced Guan Jiping to kneel down next to Huang Zhishu and his son. He was covered in cold sweat but he lowered his head and said, “It’s true that we weren’t especially close.”

“Is that so?” Bai Qinghao was expressionless. “You sure have a harmonious family.”

Liu Li continued reporting. “Elder, this subordinate has investigated everything. Twenty years ago, before Bai Chenxi and Bai Jingrou were adopted, they were not actually orphans. Huang Zhisu had bribed the orphanage director to temporarily keep the children there. Huang Zhishu then deliberately brought your eldest son, Bai Pu, to that orphanage for volunteering so that he would develop fond feelings for the children.. This was so she would be able to adopt them into the Bai family eventually.”

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