Rebirth: Pampered Wife's Counterattack

Chapter 560: Sun Jiamu’s Dream (Part 1)
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Chapter 560: Sun Jiamu’s Dream (Part 1)

“What happened? Tell me, I’ll take care of this for you!” Sun Zhiming asked urgently.

Sun Jiamu sat down on the couch as the staff poured two cups of tea for her and Fang Xinxin.

She told her father about Feng Dongkai’s past, his earlier actions as well as Fang Xinxin’s help.

Sun Zhiming slapped his own head and expressed regret. “Mumu, initially, you were reluctant to accept Feng Dongkai’s pursuit. I was the one who felt that he was a talented man. I influenced your decision. My daughter, I was in the wrong. I misjudged!”

“Dad, this isn’t your fault.” Sun Jiamu shook her head. “You only persuaded me to accept his pursuit. At the end of the day, I was the one who made the decision. This isn’t related to you.”

“Thank god you’re fine.” Sun Zhiming turned to Fang Xinxin in gratitude. “Xinxin, thank you so much. If it wasn’t for you, my Mumu would be in serious trouble right now.”

Fang Xinxin responded with a smile. “Jiamu and I are good friends. Since I knew of his past, it only makes sense that I stopped her from being with that bastard.”

Sun Zhiming was deeply moved. “In the future, if there is anything our Sun family can do for you, Xinxin, you must ask without hesitation. Uncle will definitely help you.”

“You’re too polite.” Fang Xinxin did not try to refuse him further.

After all, there was nothing wrong about having extra support.

“Are you... busy?” Sun Zhiming glanced at his daughter’s poor complexion in worry.

He said to Xinxin, “You are our Mumu’s only friend. She suffered a serious fright...”

“Uncle, I understand what you mean. There’s no need to ask. Of course I’ll stay to accompany her.”

“Thank you so much.” Sun Zhiming sighed in relief.

Fang Xinxin had a simple meal with Sun Jiamu before they headed up the second floor to rest.

Sun Jiamu laid down on the bed. As the effects of the sleeping pills had yet to fully pass, she still felt very weak. “My dear, do you want to sleep a while with me?”

“There’s no need.” Fang Xinxin shook her head. She tugged the sheets over Sun Jiamu properly. “Sleep. I’ll guard by your side.”


Fang Xinxin lowered her head to see that she had received a message from Bai Qinghao. He was asking when she would return to the Yu Ting Villa.

Sun Jiamu easily guessed this. “Is your fiancé looking for you? Go ahead and leave if you’re busy.”

Fang Xinxin responded to his message before saying. “I’ve already informed Bai Qinghao that I won’t return tonight. I’ll be with you.”

“En.” Jiamu was deeply moved.

She did not wish to refuse her. Since young, she tended to be alone and did not have many friends. Thus, she wanted to enjoy this friendship a little.

Sun Jiamu was extremely drowsy and quickly fell asleep. She had a terrifying dream. In her dream, Feng Dongkai drugged her with sleeping pills and took her innocence while she was asleep.

She was enraged and lost control. She wanted to sue him but he claimed that he was only taking care of her when she was ill, that she had given him the wrong signal while she was ill and caused him to make a mistake in a moment of passion.

He knelt down and begged for forgiveness, making various assurances that he would love her forever. She did not consider that he had drugged her and assumed that it was only a mistake. Thus, she could not bear to actually sue him.

Unfortunately, she was pregnant after this one incident. She could not bear to abort her child.

However, Elder Feng said that she was not even twenty years old and was still a student. He claimed that the Feng family could not afford to be humiliated by a daughter-in-law who was pregnant before marriage and forced her to abort her child.

She ignored Feng Dongkai out of anger, but he frequently sent her texts and wrote her messages. Every so often, he would also look for her in school.

For two years, his feelings for her did not waver.

Thus, she finally forgave him and married him after her graduation.


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