Rebirth: Pampered Wife's Counterattack

Chapter 36: The Blood Stained Bed Cover (2)
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Chapter 36: The Blood Stained Bed Cover (2)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In their previous lifetime, their sibling relationship had been completely exploited by Fang Manxue who kept scheming against her countlessly.

Fang Manxue waited for Bai Qinghao to lose his temper. However, his expression was frigidly cold. She could not figure out his thoughts.

Fang Xinxin had made a cuckold out of him. Wasn’t he supposed to kill Fang Xinxin with a single blow?

Instead, why did he look so composed?

She scanned Fang Xinxin’s fat figure and uneven complexion with a disdaining look.

The man she wanted would never desire such an ugly woman.

Could it be that, Bai Qinghao did not actually like Fang Xinxin? Thus, he was not bothered by someone else taking her innocence?

“CEO Bai, there’s no need to help Fang Xinxin conceal this.” Fang Manxue said this cautiously.

“I know you don’t want to lose your face over this, but since Fang Xinxin dared to do such a thing, she has to bear the consequences. There’s also no need to worry about the Fang family’s face. As her second sister, I won’t acknowledge such a shameless sister!”

“Enough!” Bai Qinghao raised his voice fiercely. His gaze was as sharp as an arrow on a bow pulled taut.

“What right do you think your Fang family has to make me lose face? The one who took Fang Xinxin’s first time was me!”

“Wha... what...” Fang Manxue took some time to react to this.

“The mattress cover in your hands is indeed stained with Fang Xinxin’s blood. The one who took her innocence was not Bai Chenxi but me. Do you understand it now?” Bai Qinghao gritted his teeth and spoke clearly.

“There’s no way... how can this be!” Fang Manxue’s complexion had turned pale from shock.

She could not accept his words to be the truth. “There’s no way you would touch her...”

Bai Qinghao’s tone was cold and heavy, “Fang Xinxin is my fiancee. I touched my own woman. What’s impossible about it!”

His words were as certain as a nail forged deep in steel.

She spent a lot of effort to steal the mattress cover from the hospital, and had thought that she would be able to deal a devastating blow to Fang Xinxin. She never expected to end up shooting herself in the foot!

To think that Fang Xinxin, who had always been weak and insecure, would climb into Bai Qinghao’s bed!

She was enraged. Bai Qinghao was hers! Fang Manxue’s! That ugly woman didn’t even have the right to touch Bai Qinghao’s shoes.

Fang Manxue felt herself becoming overwhelmed with jealousy. She suppressed her resentment and directed her anger at Fang Xinxin. “Since you climbed into CEO Bai’s bed... I mean, since the person you had ‘intimate relations’ with was Bai Qinghao, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Fang Manxue felt that she was a smart person. In this lifetime, she had never lost any face. Her current circumstance was all because of this dumb woman.

“Haha...” Fang Xinxin did not conceal anything as she began laughing loudly.

“Fang Manxue, since you enjoy making a fool out of yourself, why should I stop you? I truly admire the way you seemed to think you were really clever.”

“You...” Fang Manxue trembled in anger. “CEO Bai, look, Fang Xinxin doesn’t know how to be a good sister. She... she’s actually ridiculing me!”

This dumb, fat woman whom she had always looked down on, was actually mocking her. She found this really tough to accept!

“You’re indeed a joke.” Bai Qinghao lifted one corner of his lip, cynically.

Fang Manxue watched his expression. Even though he was smiling with the intention to mock her, he still appeared unbelievably charming and cool. He was beyond sensual.

He was truly the most outstanding man to ever exist.

She forced herself to smile like a blooming flower. She did not dare to go against Bai Qinghao. “CEO Bai, I’ve made a mistake and caused a big scene, but we’re all family members here. Please don’t hold this against me.”

“Scram! If I wasn’t taking your sister’s face into account, I wouldn’t have let you off this easily!” Bai Qinghao had thought Fang Manxue would be showing some solid evidence of Fang Xinxin’s relationship with Bai Chenxi.

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