Rebirth: Pampered Wife's Counterattack

Chapter 32: A Wise And Virtuous Woman?
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Chapter 32: A Wise And Virtuous Woman?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Bai Qinghao had chosen not to pursue the matter anymore, yet Fang Manxue insisted on bringing it up.

As expected, Bai Qinghao’s expression darkened upon hearing her words.

It seemed that in his heart, he still minded the matter very much.

Fang Manxue pretended as though she had just noticed Bai Qinghao’s appearance. She bowed respectfully. “CEO Bai... I’m really sorry. My third sister tried to elope with Bai Chenxi because she isn’t sufficiently mature yet. Please take her young age into consideration and forgive her.”

On the surface, she appeared to be speaking on Fang Xinxin’s behalf. However she knew that Bai Qinghao was the sort of man who would never forgive Fang Xinxin for doing this.

The instant Bai Qinghao dissolved his marriage contract with Fang Xinxin, she would immediately chase this fat, ugly woman out of the Fang home!

Fang Xinxin did not mind clarifying the matter. “Second sister, you ran all the way here to tell me off for eloping with Bai Chenxi, and you found me guilty without even asking me any questions. Why are you maligning me like this?”

What was wrong with this fat woman? Why was she speaking like this? Had it been earlier, she would already have admitted her relationship with Bai Chenxi and be in a rush to separate from Bai Qinghao. Fang Manxue was extremely unhappy. “What do you mean by that? The facts are right before our eyes. You eloped with Bai Chenxi!”

“Elope, elope!” Fang Xinxin harrumphed.

“All of you keep saying that I eloped with Bai Chenxi. Did I tell you that, or did Bai Chenxi tell you that? In fact, I only boarded Bai Chenxi’s car with my luggage because he was driving me to the airport. We met with an accident on the way and were sent to the same hospital. Someone chose to malign us because they wanted to make up a spiteful story.”

No matter what Bai Chenxi said to Fang Manxue, he would never admit that they had eloped.

This was because that male prostitute was not only fearful of rumours that he seduced his sister-in-law. He was also afraid of Bai Qinghao killing him in a single strike.

Fang Manxue spoke sternly. “You make it sound like it wasn’t a big deal, but the two of you were in the same car late at night!”

“I booked the ticket for a 2 a.m. flight. It only made sense to leave at that time.” Fang Xinxin responded.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask Bai Chenxi to see if our words match.”

Fang Manxue was aware that Bai Chenxi would never admit to eloping. He also wasn’t interested in this fat woman.

When she had asked Bai Chenxi about it earlier, he also claimed that he had been driving Fang Xinxin to the airport.

She simply wanted to borrow this topic to dramatize matters.

“Oh, also...” Fang Xinxin said as an afterthought, “I was headed for a trip to Thailand. I booked my own flight ticket. I didn’t book one for Bai Chenxi. This clearly indicates we were not headed for the same place together.”

The truth was, she did not have the money to buy a ticket for Bai Chenxi.

Bai Chenxi had also lied to her. He had claimed he would buy his own ticket but it turned out he never did. He did not have the slightest intention of leaving with her.

The pitiful her had been thoroughly fooled by Bai Chenxi in her previous life. That bastard had wanted to make use of her to anger Bai Qinghao into ruining his health.

She had fallen for his trick once, but she would not allow it to happen again. It was good that things turned out this way. It indicated that she had really planned on leaving alone.

“So what? You were a pair of man and woman alone at night...” Fang Manxue wanted to continue, but was interrupted by Fang Xinxin’s cold laughter.

“Have you never shared a car with a man in the middle of the night? For example, last month, Senior Zheng Kun sent you back to the Fang home at 2.30a.m....”

“Stop!” Fang Manxue rushed to interrupt her. She could not let her image of a wise and virtuous woman get tarnished in front of Bai Qinghao.

“That never happened. You must have seen wrongly!”

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