Rebirth: Pampered Wife's Counterattack

Chapter 310: Liu Li Deserves A Beating
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Chapter 310: Liu Li Deserves A Beating

Fang Xinxin stepped out of her room. She did not climb the stairs but instead took the elevator down to the living room.

Although the Yu Ting Villa was only three stories high, it was still installed with an elevator.


The elevator came to a stop on the first floor. When Fang Xinxin stepped out of it, Liu Li, who was guarding outside was surprised. He scanned her properly clothed figure and immediately became overwhelmed with joy. “Fang Xinxin, you were chased out by Boss so quickly?”

Fang Xinxin had just had a conflict with Bai Qinghao. At first, she could not be bothered to deal with him. However, his words were too low. He deserved a beating.

She tapped on her phone inside her pocket without making any large movements. After that, she asked him. “Who chased me out?”

Liu Li lifted his phone and checked the time on his watch. He quickly counted. “It has only been twenty minutes since Boss carried you into his room. It’s been days since he last showered. He still needs to wash up. If we consider the amount of time it will take for the two of you to take off your clothes, there is slightly more than ten minutes left. Boss’s physical ability is beyond what a normal human being can achieve. Regardless if it’s on the bed or on the battlefield, he is absolutely outstanding. How could ten minutes possibly be enough? It would make more sense if you added another zero behind that number. It’s clear that he didn’t touch you. He must have asked you to scram.”

His tone held extreme certainty. “Thank god, our amazing Boss has finally thought things through! With your... horrific appearance, it’s only normal that he struggled to eat you.”


Fang Xinxin was stifled with anger. However, she still held onto her fake smile. “In that case, it seems like you don’t think I’m fit to be with your boss?”


She intentionally pretended to be troubled. She then sighed heavily. “Your boss treats me really well. I was deeply moved by his actions and had planned to spend the next few days properly ‘compensating’ him. However, since his subordinates view me in this manner, that must convey his actual intentions. In that case, forget it. I’ll give up on his compensation. Since my ugly appearance doesn’t suit him at all, I’ll back off.”

Liu Li praised her. “You finally have some insight. Our boss deserves to stand next to an outstanding beauty!”

“Mm hmm.” Fang Xinxin opened her WeChat and sent the video.

Liu Li felt that she was slightly strange today. If it had been another occasion, she would long have stabbed him with her words.

He glanced at her phone. “Fang Xinxin, what are you up to?”

She informed him in a kind tone. “Earlier, weren’t you full of justice as you farted a bunch of useless words in my direction? I recorded a video of you and sent it to your boss.”

“What?!” Liu Li’s expression changed drastically. His somewhat good looking and young features immediately turned pale. He tried to snatch her phone. “You can’t!”

Fang Xinxin hid her phone behind her back. “Why not? You nagged at me so thoughtfully. Aren’t I doing exactly what you hoped for?”

“If Boss learns that I said so much to you behind his back, he’ll punish me!” He urgently tried to grab her elbows.

She did not resist and only said, “I’m your boss’s woman. Look at the way you’re touching me. Don’t you want your hands anymore?”

“What do you mean by touching you? You can’t say such a thing carelessly. I only touched your clothes for a moment. Your clothes!” Liu Li immediately backed away. His forehead was covered in sweat. “Please, you definitely can’t send that video to Boss!”

She lazily asked him. “How do you know that your boss’s prowess on the bed requires you to at least add a zero behind ten minutes? Could it be that you’ve tried it before?”

Liu Li was finally afraid of her. “Fuck, don’t speak nonsense! Our boss’s sexual orientation is very normal. This is related to his reputation. I might lose my head over this!”

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