Rebirth: Pampered Wife's Counterattack

Chapter 235: Your Mom, Not Mine
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Chapter 235: Your Mom, Not Mine

Fang Xinxin paused and turned back to look at her. “What is it?”

“Xinxin ah, come... come over here, sit.” Fang Lilan reached out and tugged on her hand to bring her towards the couch. “We haven’t chatted as a mother and daughter in a long time.”

“That’s true.” Fang Xinxin pulled her hand back and smiled coldly. “The last time we did so was when I was eleven years old. It has nearly been eight years. All you’ve done since then is to command me to do this and that.”

“Look at you, child! What are you talking about?” Fang Lilan glared at her lovingly. “You are mom’s daughter. What’s wrong in asking you to do a few things for me? Are there any children in this world who haven’t worked for their mother’s sake?”

Fang Xinxin turned to the side and scanned her slightly wrinkled, thickly powdered, but attractive face. “But in this world, there really aren’t any mothers that are so...”

Fang Lilan did not wish to hear such words.

“Don’t they always say that ‘nobody is perfect’? Who can be without mistakes? Mom understands that I may have been wrong in some areas in the past. Mom will apologise to you right now. Won’t you take into account that I’m your mother and let the old matters go?”

Seeing her indifferent look, Manxue also spoke up. “That’s right, third sister. As the children of this family, we can’t be angry at our mother, no matter what. Don’t you think so?”

Fang Xinxin pursed her lips coldly and remained aloof. “I’m just afraid that this is your mother, but not mine. There are some matters that cannot be resolved just by asking someone to ‘let it go’.”

The deep hurt she had suffered in her past life, the things they owed her, the things they owed her brother, Fang Shaohua, and even the things they owed her father, Long Yifan... she would take it all back!

Fang Lilan understood that the soft tactic was no longer as useful as it had been on Fang Xinxin. Thus, she asked her directly. “When did you visit your elder brother?”

“A few days ago.”

“On which day?”

“I don’t remember.” Fang Xinxin asked her. “Why?”

“What do you mean by why?” Fang Lilan poked her forehead and put on an expression of resentment. “You silly child. Why didn’t you take me along to visit your elder brother? It’s been too long since I visited Shaohua. I wanted to visit him as well... Earlier, I made a call and the prison guard told me that someone arranged for him to receive medical treatment externally. Did you do this?”

Her tone was probing.

Fang Xinxin’s expression remained innocent. “In order to receive medical treatment outside, my brother has to pay a significant sum to be bailed. Where would I find the money and ability to do this?”

She did not deny that it was her. Hence, this was not counted as a lie.

Fang Lilan became confused. “Who did this then?”

“Maybe it’s his friends, or someone else?” She shrugged and put on a clueless expression.

Fang Lilan narrowed her eyes. “Be honest with me. Did you beg Bai Qinghao?”

Fang Xinxin did not wish to implicate Bai Qinghao in the Fang family’s matters. “This is unrelated to him. If I had planned on asking him to help, I wouldn’t have waited till now.”

“That’s true.” As long as Bai Qinghao was not interfering, Fang Lilan could set her worries away.

She put on an expression of concern. “Xinxin, your brother is receiving medical treatment externally and has been released from jail. He hasn’t come back to the Fang home. Since you used his money to help him buy an apartment in the Hong Sheng district, he must have gone there to live, hasn’t he? What is his address?”

“Brother doesn’t want me to tell you. I won’t say it.”

Fang Lilan was angered. “Do you think that I won’t be able to find out?”

Investigating such matters required money. It would be best if Fang Lilan went bankrupt trying.

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