Rebirth: Pampered Wife's Counterattack

Chapter 234: Almost Confessed
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Chapter 234: Almost Confessed

Fang Manxue began to feel apprehensive, but her expression remained calm. “What do you mean by that?”

“How could my second sister not understand what I mean?”

“I really don’t know what you are talking about!” Fang Manxue continued to pretend to be dumb.

“In that case, I’ll be direct with you.” Fang Xinxin responded decisively.

“Twelve days ago, you were clearly the person who followed me. Did you think your red ferrari was in any way inconspicuous? You were also the person who bribed Liu Ling with a thousand dollars. You made Weng Jingke your scapegoat and caused her to meet with misfortune. No matter what, the two of you are best friends. Don’t you feel any guilt for your actions?”

“Is that what you believe?” Fang Manxue was dumbstruck. She glared at her in suspicion but refused to admit it. “Since you suspected that I was the one causing trouble, why didn’t you expose me in front of Bai Qinghao?”

“I thought that Weng Jingke enjoys being your scapegoat, and I naturally should grant her wishes.”

In her previous life, she had suffered much misfortune under Weng Jingke’s hands. Destroying Weng Jingke was a matter, worthy of celebration.

As for her reason for not exposing Fang Manxue...

It was not because she was generous and soft-hearted. Fang Manxue’s sins were much greater than this. If she was punished now, a lot of issues would remain hidden.

For example, Fang Manxue had spiked her food with a weight-gain drug for three years. She had also contaminated her make-up items, worsening her acne...

Perhaps, she was also involved in her elder brother’s case.

Before her elder brother’s matter was resolved, she could not be certain if Fang Manxue was completely useless. Furthermore, Fang Manxue deserved to receive harsher consequences than these!

After enduring one hellish life, Fang Xinxin was no longer impatient. She would take things slow. Before killing her prey, she would take the time to peel off each layer of her skin.

Although Fang Xinxin felt this way internally, she plastered a kind expression on her face. “After all, you’re still my second sister. Even though you instigated Weng Jingke behind my back, I believe that you were simply acting on a moment of carelessness. If Bai Qinghao learns that you are the person who caused the trouble, there’s no way he would let you off. How could I possibly allow my sister to suffer such a punishment?”

“Third sister!” Upon hearing this, Fang Manxue was deeply moved.

She embraced Fang Xinxin and did not think twice to admit it. “This was all my fault. I shouldn’t have told Weng...”

“Manxue, what nonsense are you talking about?” Fang Lilan walked into the living room and raised her voice. “You didn’t do anything. What responsibility are you shouldering?! What blame are you admitting to?”

Fang Manxue immediately understood. She shoved Fang Xinxin away. “You lied to me. You’re trying to make me confess to it!”

Fang Xinxin glanced at Fang Lilan with regret. Indeed, the older ones were wiser.

She was holding onto a recording pen in her pocket and was about to record Fang Manxue’s words.

What was the point of knowing that Fang Manxue was the true instigator? Without proper evidence, her claims would be useless as long as the other party refused to admit it.

She had not expected Fang Lilan to jump in at the crucial moment.

Forget it.

These two pieces of trash were easy to deal with.

“How could I possibly lie to you, second sister?” Fang Xinxin smiled. “You were the one who wanted to admit...”

“I didn’t admit to anything. Don’t wrong me!” Fang Manxue had nearly let her guard down.

She had assumed that she was dealing with her same old sister, the dumb trash who was always extremely obedient.

Right now it seemed like, ‘dumb trash’... no longer described her well?

Fang Lilan said sternly, “All right, let’s stop bringing Weng Jingke up. She is only an outsider.”

Fang Xinxin understood that Fang Manxue would not be fooled again and decided to head upstairs.

“Xinxin, wait.” Fang Lilan called out. “Mom has something to ask you!”

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