Rebirth: Pampered Wife's Counterattack

Chapter 21: Bai Qinghao is Really a Pervert (2)
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Chapter 21: Bai Qinghao is Really a Pervert (2)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

His boss was a god positioned high up in the skies! How could he possibly allow a fat, ugly woman to accuse him of being a pervert?

A hint of awkwardness flashed on Bai Qinghao’s handsome face. He narrowed his eyes and leaned his body toward her. He lowered his voice to ask her. “Could it be that earlier on that hospital bed, your sexual desires were insufficiently satisfied?”

“You’re the one that’s dissatisfied! Your entire family is sexually dissatisfied!” She lowered her voice to snap back.

“Then, why did you suddenly call me a pervert?”

“Where were you looking at earlier?” She was fuming. “You were actually looking at this beautiful woman’s thigh, the golden triangle region...”

“I was looking at your handbag.” He was afraid that she would use even more frightening words and decisively cut her off.

“Cough...” Her expression was suddenly awkward. He hadn’t been staring at where she thought he had been?

She was really embarrassed to death now.

Despite the two of them lowering their voices to the best of their ability, Li Bingpan strained his ears to hear them and naturally caught their words.

He knew it! His CEO would never desire this type of a woman. It wouldn’t happen even if the sun rose from the west.

The atmosphere in the car was heavy.

The black alligator SUV drove smoothly on the road for several minutes.

Li Bingpan secretly wondered as to why hadn’t his boss kicked this woman off the car yet?

He really felt wronged on behalf of his Boss. “Boss, Miss Fang misunderstood you earlier, assuming you to be a pervert. How can you accept this kind of slander...”

“Who says I slandered him?” Fang Xinxin glanced at the chauffeur unhappily. “Your CEO has always been a wolf. If you don’t believe me...” She tugged up her sleeves to reveal the marks on her skin. “These were all left by him.”

The car swerved once again as though it had been struck by a tornado.

“Li Bingpan, did Fang Xinxin attempt to stab the boss?” Liu Li’s anxious voice rang through the intercom immediately. “If that’s the case, I’ll immediately charge over with my gun.”

“No, no.”

Li Bingpan hurriedly responded back. The marks on Fang Xinxin’s arm were clearly caused by a serious round of ‘combat’ on the bed. He was frightened by the sight of it and had lost control of his hands. As a result, the car veered off course again and needed to be righted back.

He composed his emotions and said politely,” Miss Fang, there’s no way our CEO left those marks on you. His tastes aren’t that poor.”

Fang Xinxi was enraged. Could it be that she was fated to have horrid relationships with all the people by Bai Qinghao’s side?

“CEO Bai, your chauffeur said your tastes are poor because you ‘ate me’.” Her expression was fierce.

Bai Qinghao gave her a gentle look. “That’s because he doesn’t know how to appreciate you.”

“Did you hear that? You’re the one with bad tastes.” Fang Xinxin lifted her chin proudly.

“I would rather have poor tastes.” Li Bingpan did not dare refute. If his boss said he did not have the ability to appreciate her, it meant he did not have it.

“I won’t argue with someone with poor tastes.” Fang Xinxin did not wish to lose this fight.

Li Bingpan sensed his boss’s unhappiness emitting from the backseat and did not dare speak up again. In his heart, he could not help but sigh for his employer. How could he allow himself to be humiliated by such a fat and ugly woman?

A group of SUVs entered the Yu Ting Villa’s courtyard entrance and came to a stop.

Fang Xinxin alighted from the car.

The Yu Ting Villa was located in a famous and wealthy residential area. It was built on a considerably big piece of land and the border was peppered with tall fences. Inside the villa, there was a luxurious pool, a garden, and everything one could possibly need.

The main residential space was an enormous European styled mansion. The imposing gates, the delicate white stone steps, the carved windows and the position of the building made for perfect Fengshui. This was a place crafted for only the most deserving!

It was unmatched in terms of value. In her eyes, it was the most lavish place she had ever set her eyes on!

To be able to live here was an unbelievable honour. Unfortunately, the Yu Ting Villa was a private space. Normal people wouldn’t even be allowed to come near.

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