Rebirth: Pampered Wife's Counterattack

Chapter 182: New Accommodation
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Chapter 182: New Accommodation

Some of them were glad they had never bullied him, while the others who previously did, were all covered in cold sweat. They were deeply fearful that it would be their turn next.

This was the way the world worked, and especially so in prison. The weak were always afraid of the strong.

Pan Dalong spat out a mixture of blood, skin and teeth onto the ground.

One of the prisoners in the cell next to theirs counted his fallen teeth. “Earlier, didn’t Fang Shaohua say he would take out ten of his teeth? There are only eight there. There are still two missing.”

Fang Shaohua lifted his fist once more and Pan Dalong was frightened into kneeling down. He cried out unclearly. “Boss, please let me off!”

“There’s no point even if you beg for mercy. I’m a man of my word.” Fang Shaohua sneered. “I said I would take out ten of your teeth. There’s no way I’ll let you off easy.”

Pan Dalong shifted his mouth and quickly spat out two more teeth. “There’s enough... there’s enough.”

Fang Shaohua, who was usually soft-spoken, raised his voice. “Would you dare run your mouth off like that again?”

“I won’t dare, I won’t dare...” Pan Dalong immediately lifted his arms and begged for mercy inarticulately. “The person who visited you is a goddess... a goddess who cannot be offended.”

A sharp whistling noise was heard. Two prison guards ran over to their side. “You’re not allowed to fight here. All of you, kneel down and raise your arms.”

In this place, it was inevitable that they had to lower their heads.

As a result, Fang Shaohua followed the order.

Pan Dalong was badly frustrated. “Our fight has nearly ended. You’re only showing up now...”

Fang Shaohua however, understood the situation. The prison guards must also have been bought over by Fang Xinxin.

Otherwise, there was no way they wouldn’t have caught the commotion earlier.

“Who was it that started the fight? You’ll be put in detention!” One of the prison guards demanded sternly.

Pan Dalong pointed at Fang Shaohua. “It was him!”

However, both 1527 and 1528 pointed at Pan Dalong. “It was him.”

Pan Dalong was angered. “The two of you! You took benefits from me yet you’re siding with him?”

“When did we receive anything from you?” 1527 mocked him.

“Pan Dalong, to detention!” The prison guard commanded.

Pan Dalong had spat out all of the blood in his mouth. He could speak clearly now but continued lying through his non-existent front teeth. “It was clearly Fang Shaohua who started this. I’m going to sue you for practicing favouritism!”

“There are two witnesses who can prove that you started the fight.” The prison guard remained unfazed.

“There are so many people who can prove that Fang Shaohua beat me up first...” Pan Dalong pointed towards the crowd of prisoners watching them.

“We didn’t see anything.” Everyone pretended as though this matter was unrelated to them.

“Pan Dalong, you’ll be caned if you continue resisting!” The prison guard snapped at him.

Pan Dalong finally understood that power had shifted onto Fang Shaohua’s side. In order to prevent further suffering, he could only obediently head to detention.

The other prison guard said to Fang Shaohua, “1529, collect your belongings and come with me!”

Everyone watched keenly as Fang Shaohua picked up his blanket and followed the prison guard. They arrived at a single person’s cell. It was equipped with a bed, a washroom, a toilet bowl, and even a small window.

The door was not made of bars but of stone. This meant that the prison guards could not see what he was doing from outside.

Sunlight filtered through the small window and lit up the entire room.

The moment they entered the room, the prison guard patted Fang Shaohua on the shoulder. “I’ve received orders from above to take good care of you. This single cell is specially assigned to you. In the future, this will be your room.”

To think that there would be sunlight in this gloomy place. The room was positioned to face the south. Fang Shaohua sized up his new ‘accommodation’. Although the room was simple, it was significantly better than the six man cell he had endured previously.

He clearly understood that his current treatment was arranged by Fang Xinxin. However, he did not feel happy.

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