Rebirth: Pampered Wife's Counterattack

Chapter 181: Exchanging Blows In Prison
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Chapter 181: Exchanging Blows In Prison

Pan Dalong often bullied Fang Shaohua.

Not only did he snatch Fang Shaohua’s bedspace, but whenever their meals were slightly better, he would take Fang Shaohua’s portion as well. He also frequently took out his anger on Fang Shaohua whenever he was in a bad mood.

The damn brat always looked as though his parents had died. He never fought back whenever he was scolded or beaten up.

As a result, eventually, most of the prisoners started beating him up to vent their emotions.

In any case, even if they beat this Fang brat up to death, he wouldn’t cry out in pain.

He had assumed that no matter how he mocked Fang Shaohua, the latter would not retaliate.

Much to his surprise, before Pan Dalong could finish speaking, Fang Shaohua charged forward and ruthlessly slammed his fist against Pan Dalong’s cheek. His fist was as hard as a rock and the pain misled Pan Dalong into thinking that his face had become disfigured.

“Fuck you! How dare you talk crap about my precious girl? Your mouth is so full of shit. I’ll knock off ten of your teeth today!” Fang Shaohua raged as though he had gone insane. His fist slammed repeatedly against Pan Dalong’s face.

Pan Dalong was ruthless when it came to beating people up and was used to being feared. He also had some followers in here who listened to his commands without any hesitation. Normally, he acted as though he was the king of this place.

How could he possibly accept someone rebelling against him?

Pan Dalong roared loudly. “You dared to use such a tone against me! I’m going to cripple all your limbs!”

He reached out to block Fang Shaohua’s fist and lifted his leg to kick him. He thought that Fang Shaohua would go flying back by the force of his kick, but to his shock, the man avoided it easily and twisted Pan Dalong’s arm, instead. Pan Dalong’s wrist was nearly snapped because of his move.

Pan Dalong felt that something was amiss. Since when was this Fang brat so well trained?

He suddenly recalled that prior to this, the man never once fought back against him.

He had thought that the brat was a weakling. To think that he had some tricks up his sleeve!

“1527, 1528, what are you staring at? Quickly, come and help!” Pan Dalong shouted at the other two cellmates who were watching them.

These cellmates were his followers and were both pretty good at fighting. They were always obedient to him.

“Understood!” 1527 and 1528 responded and charged forward.

The reason why Fang Shaohua never fought back against these people and allowed them to bully him as they pleased was because he had assumed that Fang Xinxin did not believe in him. Aside from visiting him once three years ago, she never came again.

Since then, he felt as though his heart had died. Hence, he became apathetic to the way they treated him.

But today, Xinxin told him that she absolutely believed in him.

Moreover, she was very concerned about the wounds on his face.

He would never go against her desires.

There was no way he would allow himself to be bullied again!

In the past, Fang Shaohua frequently participated in underground fighting matches. He was well trained and had no difficulties in beating Pan Dalong up. However, he would struggle if he had to face two other men concurrently.

To his surprise, 1527 and 1528 did not beat him up. Instead, they joined him to help beat Pan Dalong up.

“You’ve gone mad! Why are you hitting me instead?” The three of them beat Pan Dalong up to the point where he was squealing in pain.

Fang Shaohua was smart and immediately recalled that Fang Xinxin had told him earlier that he would never be bullied again. He understood that Fang Xinxin must have bribed 1527 and 1528 to shift loyalties.

There was nothing in prison that could not be settled with money.

“I’m going to turn you into a mute!” Fang Shaohua had absolutely zero tolerance for anyone who dared to speak poorly of Fang Xinxin. He held Pan Dalong’s neck with one hand and repeatedly punched his mouth.

Fang Shaohua’s fists gradually became battered and started bleeding from the collision. Despite this, he seemed to not feel any pain. He continued beating Pan Dalong up until most of his teeth fell out.

The prisoners in the cell next to theirs had gathered over at some point. When they saw Fang Shaohua going insane, their jaws fell open in shock.

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