Rebirth Of The Villainess: Young Master Lu's Wicked Wife

Chapter 214 - Saving Mo Yuan (2)
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Chapter 214 - Saving Mo Yuan (2)

The atmosphere became awkward as the man immediately looked away when they spotted a couple making out in a deserted alley. The man was glaring at them as if they had just ruined a good time with his girlfriend, while the brunette woman buried her face on his chest as if she was ashamed of being caught by them.

They never suspected that Mo Yuan was with these two and turned their flashlights away from the couple and resumed their running, leaving the couple behind.

Su Xiaofei gasped for breath as she hadn't anticipated that she would be kissed like this by Lu Qingfeng. Even when Mo Yuchen pursued her, he had never been as passionate towards her as Lu Qingfeng was.

"Damn it! He escaped!" Someone shouted furiously.

"Brother! There's a hint of blood on the ground! He must have been here earlier!" Another one said in response.

"Go and chase after him! We're doomed if we fail tonight!" The leader exclaimed.

A minute later, Lu Qingfeng's other bodyguard found them.

"Go and take him to the pharmacy at Qiying City public market. Don't let anyone see that he is with you." Lu Qingfeng said as he pointed at the raft of bamboo and wood.

"Yes, Boss!" The four bodyguards replied at the same time as they dragged the unconscious Mo Yuan under the raft and covered him with another coat.

"We should probably go too, Feifei. The rain is getting heavier." Lu Qingfeng said with a gentle tone towards the woman in his embrace.

Su Xiaofei pulled away and nodded. Thankfully, the lighting in this area was a little bad, so Lu Qingfeng would probably fail to see her beet red face after the passionate kiss that they shared.

As they sat in the backseat of the car, Su Xiaofei removed the wig from her head and gently removed the thick makeup on her face. She had no idea how to talk with Lu Qingfeng after what had just happened between them earlier.

Lu Qingfeng kept his silence and chose to turn his attention outside the window, watching as people hurriedly ran for shelter and protection from the rain that poured harder this time. He could still taste their kiss as he sat next to her.

He was now convinced that kissing her during the banquet at the Yun Estate had been a mistake. She was like a drug to him now, and the more he got to taste her, the more he became addicted.

It had been hard for him to avoid seeing her these past days, as the desire to engulf her into his embrace and kiss her senseless was quite tempting for Lu Qingfeng. Lu Qingfeng was certainly enjoying their time together, but he didn't want to make her uncomfortable because of him.

It had been eleven o'clock when they reached the pharmacy. When they entered, Su Xiaofei was surprised to see that Zhang Lan was being treated by a nurse.

"What happened to her?" Su Xiaofei asked the younger Zhang, whose outfit was as bad as Mo Yuan's now.

Wait. Wouldn't this mean that it was Zhang Ling who lured those men away to prevent them from finding Mo Yuan earlier?

"She was shot when she tried to protect Mo Yuan from being shot and got injured instead." Zhang Ling frowned, the corner of her lips turned down as she narrowed her eyes on her older sister.

"I didn't mean to get shot, Ling." Zhang Lan said with a nonchalant look as her chest and her shoulder was bandaged by one of Han Zijun's nurses.

"Aiya, what happened?" Han Zijun came back with a tray of medicinal herbs and ointments.

"I received a call from one of your people that said that there is an emergency. I didn't expect that it was the second young master of the Mo family that is in need of help." He told Lu Qingfeng.

"Sorry for the trouble, Brother Han. It's short notice, but I couldn't think of anyone else that could help us and save his life except you. I heard you are one of the best in your field." Lu Qingfeng replied.

As Han Zijun heard the younger man's praise, Su Xiaofei raised a slender brow, seeing his reaction. It seemed like this miracle doctor was also a conceited man as he liked to receive such praises from others.

"Right. Right. I'm one of the best and, perhaps, the best in our generation!" Han Zijun turned his nose up and smiled confidently.

Su Xiaofei bit her inner cheek, stopping herself from laughing. She didn't know why, but seeing Han Zijun like this reminded her of those comedians one would often see on television.

"Brother Han, how's Mo Yuan? Would he survive?" She asked instead, trying to remind herself why they were here in the first place.

Han Zijun sighed at that and passed the tray he was holding to another nurse that came to him.

"You brought him just in time. He was losing so much blood that if we didn't manage to treat him in time, he would have gone into a hypovolemic shock. I don't know who did this to him, but it was obvious that they weren't planning on keeping him alive." He said with all seriousness this time.

Su Xiaofei released a breath she didn't know she was holding. That was one problem solved. However, she also knew that Old Madam Mo wouldn't stop. They needed to keep Mo Yuan alive first before she could make a deal with Lan Xiaoju.

"What actually happened to him? Who wants him dead?" Han Zijun asked. He then glanced at the other injured person Lu Qingfeng's team brought a little earlier than Mo Yuan. He noticed earlier that this woman didn't even flinched when his assistant disinfected her gunshot wound.

"In public, the Mo family seems to get along with each other. Brother Han should know that familial ties are nothing when you have greedy relatives waiting for your demise.." Lu Qingfeng explained.

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