Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 541 - That’s Impossible! (2)
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Chapter 541 That’s Impossible! (2)

What a dilemma...The trickiness of conquering his Imperial Sister can be said to be the hardest problem he had ever encountered in his life.

The banquet ended in this very “harmonious” atmosphere. When Gong Yimo was about to leave, the empress stopped her.

The empress was only looking for her as an excuse. The key point is, she wanted to ask for her opinion. After all, this was no small matter.

Sure enough, when she was on the way back to her chamber, the empress asked.

“Mo’er, what do you think of Yuheng’s second prince?”

The two were walking in front while the accompanying servants followed far behind them, apparently not daring to come forward to disturb.

“Brother Jin Yun? He’s very good!” Gong Yimo smiled. The empress was joyful, but before she could say anything, she continued.

“It’s just that I think of him as my brother. It’s impossible for me to have any other feelings for him.”

The empress’s face stiffened. “Mo’er, not marrying for life is just a joke, you shouldn’t take it seriously.”

Gong Yimo said, “Since I already made the vow, then it will be a vow I will keep. I may be a woman, but I am a woman of my word.”

The empress sighed. There was nothing more she could say. After all, she wasn’t her own flesh and blood. She can only hope that her son has truly let go. As for the rest, she couldn’t really do anything.

After sending the empress back to Fengqi Palace, Gong Yimo prepared to head back to Taiji Palace. That place was given to her after all, and she didn’t want to go out of the palace at this hour.

Sending away the palace servants, she went on her way to Taiji Palace alone.

In fact, Jin Yun’s feelings weren’t completely unexpected. The day she left, Jin Yun danced for her for the first time. During that time, she could vaguely sense something, but she never thought of it again after leaving.

He...really likes her? Or did he value her capabilities and wanted to use him as he did before?

Unknowingly, she walked over to a water pavilion. Cool water vapor touched wafted to her face, clearing her mind a bit. She sat down by the pavilion, thinking carefully about the problem that had been troubling her for some time.

Her inability to accept Gong Jue’s feelings has yet to be resolved, and now, there’s Jin Yun to worry about too.

“Are you unhappy?”

The sudden voice startled Gong Yimo. She was too engrossed in her thoughts to notice that someone had come!

She suddenly turned around and saw Jin Yun. He seems to have washed up at this time and was now wearing a white robe with his loose hair draped over it. Standing in front of her, he really looked like a female ghost...

Gong Yimo couldn’t help but laugh. This ghost really is too stunning!

When Jin Yun saw her laugh, he sighed in relief. He thought that Gong Jue had told her about it and that she would be unhappy. He thought that she wouldn’t be happy to see him, but doesn’t this mean that he has a chance?

Jin Yun’s heart began to jump. He sat by Gong Yimo’s side, expression serious.

But Gong Yimo was the first to speak. “It’s not like I’m unhappy, just sitting around for a while, thinking about life.”

“What are you thinking about, then?” Jin Yun could feel her right by his side. This feeling was as if they had gone back to the time when they were in the prince’s mansion. It made him feel relaxed and happy.

Gong Yimo blinked her eyes. “Thinking about you.”

Jin Yun froze, and his face turned red in an instant. Even though it wasn’t clear in the dark night, his sudden disordered breathing still made Gong Yimo sigh.

“Do you really like me?”

Her question was blunt and hard to evade. Watching her expression, Jin Yun nodded.

Gong Yimo felt even more depressed.

“But I asked you this question so many times before. Why didn’t you tell me back then?”

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