Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 714 - Departing From the Dragon Tomb
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Chapter 714 - Departing From the Dragon Tomb

Edited by Ea

The dense evil Qi surrounded everything. Heaven’s Wail howled in the sky, just like all ghosts were crying and heaven and earth were mourning.

“No,” Lin Xuanzhi said.

“If not, why would you still be with him?” Cangdi Fenglang asked.

“If he really did something wrong, I will let him correct it. I will repay the debts he owed. Even if he cultivates demonic or evil Qi or is insulted and utterly blamed, it still has nothing to do with my love for him.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s throat tightened, but he still said calmly, “If there’s anything, after we go out, let’s talk about it slowly.”

“I won’t go with you.” Cangdi Fenglang showed a bit of sorrow. “I finally got out of the Great Seal. I don’t want to die again. The inside of that Great Seal is so dark and silent. It’s more terrifying than a grave. I never want to go back any more.”

“If you stop harming people, I won’t let anyone hurt you — no matter what you did before,” Lin Xuanzhi said clearly, staring at Cangdi Fenglang.

“I won’t stop.” Cangdi Fenglang stepped back a few steps, pulling apart the distance between him and Lin Xuanzhi. “This time, you are on his side. Shixiong, the person you love the most has always been Lingyu. Even if he killed all the others, they simply died in vain. I can’t believe you anymore. It’s time to repay what the Nine Lands owe me. I will do what he has once done. I will turn this world into a sea of blood and mountains of corpses, forever devoid of peace!”

Lin Xuanzhi raised his voice and said angrily, “Cangdi Fenglang, I didn’t save you so that you can commit such evil acts! If this world treated you unfairly, I will get justice for you. If you blame me and hate me, then come at me. Why do you have to harm innocent people? Don’t be willful and make a big mistake!”

A touch of confusion flashed between Cangdi Fenglang’s eyes, and then was replaced by coldness. He clenched his fist and said, “I, Cangdi Fenglang, will always be grateful for the kindness of Shixiong for saving my life and teaching me. Even if I meet you in the future, I’ll never kill you, but forgive me — I can’t promise you anything else!”

As soon as Cangdi Fenglang’s words fell, the whole Dragon Tomb began to be encased in purplish-black Qi. It would only take a moment to collapse completely.

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes flashed a determined look. He took a step outward, stepping on spiritual Qi. “I will repay what he owes you. If you want revenge, then kill me first.”

Cangdi Fenglang looked at Lin Xuanzhi’s jade colored neck and smiled with difficulty. “Shixiong, your biggest mistake was to spoil him, so that he took it for granted that no matter what terrible mistake he made, you will always bear it for him.”

“Unfortunately, some matters can only be repaid by him alone. No one else can repay his debts for him.”

“I won’t make his life easy, I’ll make him — fall into disgrace, go down in history in infamy, and make him feel that death is better than living!”


Lin Xuanzhi only felt the darkness in front of him, and he was sucked into the space passage by a strong force.

When he opened his eyes again, he heard someone shouting.

“Look! Someone actually came out!”

“Who is it?”

“Huarong Sword Venerable!”

“What? Go and tell the Patriarch and elders!”

Lin Xuanzhi flipped over in the air and landed lightly on the ground.

He raised his head and looked up at the passage, only to see that the exit of the passage was densely covered with purple and black evil Qi, spinning like a huge whirlpool. Enormous evil creatures were rushing out of it.

An evil creature that looked like a small mountain, carrying an axe transformed with evil Qi, took one step towards Lin Xuanzhi. From far and near, countless evil creatures of different shapes and appearances jumped out of the whirlpool, rushing in all directions.

Lin Xuanzhi leaped up with his sword, and in two strikes, killed the axe-wielding giant that had destroyed several buildings. The evil Qi was steaming, but he was helpless. The Dragon Tomb Holy Land could only be sealed from the inside, not from the outside.

All Lin Xuanzhi could do was kill. “Quickly! Send someone here! There are evil creatures appearing!”

The horn sounded, and the city guards of the Longyao clan rushed over and fought with the evil creatures. They were obviously well-trained.

Suddenly, a teal light rose, and ice covered the sky. In less than an hour and with the concerted efforts of everyone, the evil creatures nearby had been wiped out — which made Lin Xuanzhi really relieved.

Looking at the sky, the vortex had disappeared, as if the Dragon Tomb Holy Land had been sealed again.

Sealed again...

Lin Xuanzhi’s heart jumped, he raised his eyes and looked around at the people around him. “Where are the others?”

Xuan Wushe looked at Lin Xuanzhi. “The others have already come out earlier than you.”

“Dage!” Yan Tianhen had also participated in the battle just now. When he saw Lin Xuanzhi, he naturally ran towards him with great excitement.

Lin Xuanzhi saw Yan Tianhen and was completely relieved. He raised his hand and lightly flicked the tip of Yan Tianhen’s nose. “Your actions were too impulsive.”

Yan Tianhen knew what he meant. “At that time, the situation was too urgent, so I couldn’t help it.”

He looked at the cracked sky without any more evil creatures and sighed lightly. “Zhan Shixiong hasn’t come out yet?”

Lin Xuanzhi paused. “I haven’t seen him. What happened?”

Yan Tianhen looked at the people around him and whispered, “Zhan Shixiong... Has gone to guard the Dragon Tomb Holy Land in Longyao’s place.”

Lin Xuanzhi was stunned. “Can he still come out?“

Yan Tianhen shook his head. “It’s hard to say. I don’t know much about this Great Seal. It’s a technique inherited by the Longyao Clan. However, Longyao hasn’t come out since entering it 10,000 years ago.”

The sword in Hai Kuanglang’s hand fell to the ground with a Clang. His eyes were at a loss, like a lost child who could no longer find his way back home. He felt that even the air was cold.

He stared at Yan Tianhen. “What did you say?”

There was no doubt that the person Yan Tianhen couldn’t face the most right now was Hai Kuanlang.

If he didn’t take Zhan Fengting to find Longyao, if he didn’t let Zhan Fengting know that a true dragon was needed to guard the Dragon Tomb to ensure the Longyao family’s safety, and if Zhan Fengting didn’t remain inside the Dragon Tomb to buy Yan Tianhen time to escape, then Zhan Fengting would never have stayed inside the Dragon Tomb and become the one to maintain the Great Seal.

How was he supposed to tell Hai Kuanglang, “In order to seal the evil creatures, Zhan Fengting, your sweetheart that you’ve always regarded as your Dao companion, has become one with the Dragon Tomb for thousands of years and cannot be separated anymore. He left you forever.” How should he say that?

He couldn’t say anything, especially after looking at Hai Kuanglang’s messy expression.

“Tell me–”

Yan Tianhen didn’t speak.

Both of Hai Kuanglang’s hands were trembling as he asked, “He went with you to find the burial site, but why didn’t I see him return? What did he do? What happened to him? The Dragon Tomb– Open the Dragon Tomb, I want to go back to find him. I want to go back to find him!’

In the end, he almost roared. Hai Kuanglang suddenly turned around and slammed a spell towards the sky where the vortex had originally appeared, trying to re-open the Dragon Tomb, but did not get the slightest response.

The sky was still the sky, and the Dragon Tomb was still gone.

“Shixiong! Shixiong! — come back! You still owe me an explanation, so come back!” Hai Kuanglang almost screamed his throat hoarse.

“Hai Shixiong, don’t do this.” Yan Tianhen’s eyes were red. He stood behind Hai Kuanglang. “This is Zhan Shixiong’s own decision. He wanted to stay in the Dragon Tomb to take over the position of the Dragon God, and seal the millions restless with his own soul.”

“His own decision?” Hai Kuanglang suddenly let out a sneer. He turned his head back suddenly. His eyes were narrow and miserable, as if they were dripping blood. He stared at Yan Tianhen. “Is it his own decision, or did someone force him to make a decision? Where did you take him? You already know that there are millions of evil creatures in the Dragon Tomb, and you already know what the seal depends on. Even knowing that, why did you still take him to find the Dragon God? You... Aren’t you the one who made all this happen?”

Yan Tianhen was frightened by Hai Kuanglang, and his face instantly paled. He stepped back and said, “It’s not me, I didn’t do it, and I didn’t want him to do it either. But he did.. He really did do it.”

Hai Kuanglang wiped away half a drop of tears that almost fell. “But that ultimately worked out for everyone, didn’t it?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Lin Xuanzhi frowned and said in a cold voice, “The enemy’s situation has just slowed down, but now you actually want to find trouble for Ah Hen. He is more reluctant than you to see Zhan Fengting sacrifice himself to the array. If you have this energy to scold Ah Hen here, you might as well think about how to get Zhan Fengting back.”

Hai Kuanglang first showed a fierce light in his eyes, then clenched his fist and smashed heavily at a boulder next to him. Bang! There was a loud noise, and the boulder shattered into pieces.

“Hai Kuanglang!” Lin Xuanzhi said.

“How to get him back?” Hai Kuanglang reached out his hand and held a nearby tree for support. He could hardly stand still. “Is it even possible to find him? Tell me, is it still possible to get him back?”

“Yes.” Yan Tianhen gritted his teeth, his eyes were firm. “I will find him and bring him back. When everything is settled down here, I will enter the Dragon Tomb alone and find Zhan Shixiong myself.”

Seeing this, the Dragon Emperor also looked pale. After a long silence, he wiped his face and said, “What happened in the Dragon Tomb? You need to tell us in detail before we can discuss countermeasures.”

Yan Tianhen sniffed and said, “The Lord Yuxu you invited over is an evil Qi cultivator. After he entered, he began to release those sealed evil creatures everywhere to attack us.”

“Lord Yuxu?” the Dragon Emperor frowned slightly. “Isn’t that the person recommended by Master Yuquan?”

“Master Yuquan is also an evil Qi cultivator.” Lin Xuanzhi said faintly, “I’m afraid the real Master Yuquan has already met an untimely demise. At least, the one who entered the Dragon Tomb Holy Land with us is not the real Master Yuquan. Moreover, compared to Lord Yuxu, I’m afraid Master Yuquan’s cultivation is even more profound.”

When Xuan Wushe heard the words, his expression was light. “It seems like your Longyao clan was infiltrated by evil Qi cultivators left and right.”

The Dragon Emperor was stunned for a moment then sighed. “It’s impossible to guard against everything.”

Then he said, “Servants, go look for traces of Master Yuquan. If he’s alive, I want to see the body, and if he’s dead, I want to see his corpse. Then I will invite Prince Ye over to talk.”

Xuan Wushe looked at Yan Tianhen, who had red eyes and messy hair. He thought that Yan Tianhen had truly suffered greatly. “They just came out. Don’t rush them. If they have anything to say, you can ask them again after they have rested.”

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