Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 599 - Hidden Sword Cliff
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Chapter 599 - Hidden Sword Cliff

Edited by: Molly

Yan Tianhen’s mouth was covered in crumbs. He asked vaguely, “How long did it take you to find this Qingwei sword?”

Yan Huanyu thought for a moment before answering, “It only took three days — from the time I climbed the mountain to the time I descended.”

“Three days ah. Did you feel anything when you found that Qingwei sword?”

Yan Huanyu smiled knowingly. “There is a feeling. It’s just like finding a woman beautiful enough to bring ruin to the world. At that time, I felt that the person who can accompany me for the rest of my life is him.”

If Yan Tianhen nodded, as if he understood something.

After a while, he sighed. “Cousin’s words will make your future wife sad.”

Yan Huanyu smiled lightly. “Ultimately, a sword is still different from a wife. Huarong Sword Immortal should understand this the most.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyelids twitched, and he glanced at Yan Huanyu, who was calmly drinking tea. “What does Cousin mean by this?”

“No particular meaning.”

Yan Tianhen blinked. “Could it be that you heard some rumors?”

Yan Huanyu nonchalantly responded, “I was on duty at Sword God Hall the day your cultivation went wrong. Ah Hen, I’m not a fool. Naturally, I can see the truth.”

In response, Yan Tianhen could only stubbornly deny this. “I’m not, I didn’t. You’ve misunderstood. I just have a good relationship with Huarong Sword Immortal, that’s all. Besides, he saved my life.”

Yan Huanyu laughed it off. Since Yan Tianhen was determined to deny it, he naturally wouldn’t say anymore about this.

“In order to find a sword, firstly, you must be sincere. Secondly, you must have the faith and determination to find it, and thirdly, you must persevere unremittingly. You must not back down, no matter what difficulties you encounter,” Yan Huanyu concluded. He slapped the table and spoke some final words, “Since Ah Hen is part of my Yan family, I’m sure he can find a suitable sword. I wish that you can return from a rewarding journey.”

After leaving Yan Huanyu’s place, Yan Tianhen took a short break and decided to look for his sword the next day.

Hidden Sword Peak was tens of thousands of meters high, and there was nothing within a radius of ten miles.

It could be said that disciples came to worship here every day. After all, this was the transformed remains of a Sword Venerable, so it was always good to pay their respects. Maybe they could even be influenced by the sword Qi and enter the Dao overnight. When Yan Tianhen came, he just happened to see a senior martial brother come down from Hidden Sword Peak covered with dirt, dejected and depressed. “Fuck, I couldn’t even find a shadow of a sword. Laozi won’t look for it anymore.” The elder martial brother was so angry that he cursed, spat, and left in anger.

When Yan Tianhen came this time, Gu Ruyu and Qi Feiqing both followed, and even Shen Congrong and Yin Changge came to watch the fun.

In addition, Yan Tianhen found that more and more people were gathering around him, most of whom were female cultivators. They stood together in groups of three to five, and when they saw Yan Tianhen glancing towards them, they smiled charmingly and cheered him on.

Qi Feiqing almost sat on the ground in fright. He asked in horror, “Why did so many senior martial sisters come?”

Gu Ruyu swept a glance over Yan Tianhen, who was waving to those senior martial sisters in greeting, and became a little upset when he saw that smug appearance. He explained, “That’s just because all day long, Ah Hen refined medicinal pills that could beautify and nourish the skin to maintain a youthful appearance, currying favor with the senior martial sisters. These senior martial sisters are Yan Tianhen’s loyal followers right now. Since he came to find a sword today, of course these followers personally came to cheer him on.”

Yin Changge commented, “This is too excessive. Who knows how much hatred he’ll attract with this?”

After he finished greeting the elder martial sisters, Yan Tianhen said, “You all, look after the senior martial sisters for me. If, for some reason, I don’t come back down, remember to sell my remaining inventory at a cheap price.”

“In that case, should I wish for you to never return?” He Lianyi walked over and asked Yan Tianhen with a slightly raised eyebrow.

Yan Tianhen, “...Actually, don’t sell it for cheap. Truly, a woman’s heart is the most poisonous.”

He Lianyi gazed at the towering and majestic mountain. “Shi Yi asked me to remind you that the mountain is extremely cold, so don’t forget to bring some magic treasures to keep out the cold and stay warm.”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “Many thanks for Shi Yi Shixiong’s reminder. Huarong Sword Immortal gave me a warming bead previously. I think it will be useful.”

Yan Tianhen waited for a moment but didn’t see Lin Xuanzhi coming. He could only secretly resent himself — Why did I refuse Lin Xuanzhi’s offer to send me off?

Without further delay, when the early morning bell rang, Yan Tianhen walked towards Hidden Sword Peak. The towering mountain was imposing and full of sword spirit. Hidden Sword Peak was like a long sword that could break open the earth, planted straight into the ground. It stood here firmly and steadily for tens of thousands of years. Countless Divine Clan disciples came to study in Myriad Dao Academy just for this Hidden Sword Peak.

Climbing required using one’s bare hands. The mountainside went straight up and down, perpendicular with the ground, but there were a lot of protruding stones on it, so it was easy to find a grip with one’s hands and feet.

Yan Tianhen dared not be careless. Although his light movement skills were good, he also had to find a grip. Yan Tianhen held a whip with one hand and wrapped it around the pine branch above him that grew from a seam in the cliffside. Then he exerted strength to pull himself up. Although he couldn’t fly up on his sword, nobody said that he couldn’t use his whip to aid himself. Soon, Yan Tianhen could no longer see the ground when he looked down. When he looked up, he also couldn’t see the end. Even the sky became blurry.

He was surrounded by ethereal clouds and seemed to have already reached the sky.

Yan Tianhen discovered that the higher he went, the more difficult it was to wield a whip. Later, his Yin flames couldn’t even maintain the shape of a whip.

Sitting on an inclined tree, Yan Tianhen waved his sore hand and accidentally looked down. His legs turned soft, his hands trembled, and he almost fell.

Mama ah, thank goodness I have a lot of courage. Otherwise, if I lowered my head and saw this high cliff while still climbing, wouldn’t I be scared to death?

Yan Tianhen broke out in a cold sweat. After a short delay, he dispersed the Yin flame whip, pulled up his sleeves, and planned to climb up with his bare hands.

He didn’t know how much time had passed. Bloody blisters had formed on both of his hands from the sharp protruding stones on the cliffside. Those bloody blisters then burst. The blood flowed out, leaving marks on the rock. Yan Tianhen’s entire body ached. He didn’t know when, but gales actually started blowing on the mountain peak, and they were even mixed with snow. The temperature suddenly dropped very low. Next to him, a bird flew out from nowhere. As soon as it approached Yan Tianhen, it was frozen into a block of ice and dropped straight down.

Yan Tianhen, “...”

He silently kept the warming bead in his mouth, which really saved his life. But soon, Yan Tianhen found that something was wrong.

That warming bead actually stopped working.

Yan Tianhen was shivering with cold. His hands were numb with cold, and he could hardly even feel the pain. His body moved stiffly, and his legs also climbed slowly. Looking around again, let alone a tree, there was not even a blade of grass, and there was still ice hanging on the mountainside, facing him like a spear.

At this moment, Yan Tianhen saw a piece of solid ice fall down and hit a monster who was also crawling up, causing it to fall off the cliff.

Yan Tianhen, “...”

Shit, since when did so many monsters climb up the mountain!?

Yan Tianhen’s thoughts exploded suddenly, and he forgot where he was. He immediately climbed up with his hands and feet, for fear that the strange things following him might bite him. On the cliffside, hundreds of fierce wolves suddenly appeared out of thin air, and they were all like decaying corpses, with rotten flesh hanging on their faces, their yellow and stinky teeth exposed. Their fur was covered with black blood. These rotting corpse wolves howled in succession, and they treated this almost vertical cliff like the ground, rushing to surround Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen swallowed hard, and his brain was working fast, trying to use Imperial Corpse Technique to deal with these decaying corpse wolves.

But Yan Tianhen quickly discovered that the corpse wolves couldn’t be controlled by him at all, and each one was fierce.

“Don’t come over.” Yan Tianhen swallowed as he stared at the corpse wolves approaching him step by step. He spoke expressionlessly, “There’s no Yin creature in this world that this Prince cannot control, unless you guys aren’t real.”

The rotting corpse wolves tilted their heads, then suddenly rushed towards Yan Tianhen. A cry that almost pierced the sky rang out, and a golden-teal ring of light exploded from Yan Tianhen’s body. Those rotting corpse wolves who were about to penetrate his body were suddenly thrown back. Before Yan Tianhen could breathe a sigh of relief, he was lifted by a strong force. The wind almost split apart his skin, and he didn’t know how long he was dragged up. Yan Tianhen felt a heavy fall, then found himself lying on the ground.


On one of the sect’s islands, Lin Xuanzhi was playing go with Esteemed Feng Tan. Sword Saint Tianshu watched beside them with narrowed eyes, occasionally throwing a small spiritual fruit into his mouth.

“Yan Tianhen will search for a sword today. You’re not going to go and keep guard beside him?” Esteemed Feng Tan put down a piece and asked.

Lin Xuanzhi pondered where the next piece would fall and responded, “I don’t necessarily have to be by his side to protect him.”

Esteemed Feng Tan raised his eyebrows. “What did you do for him again?”

Lin Xuanzhi blocked a portion of the white pieces’ path. “I merely placed a sword spell on him.”

Esteemed Feng Tan, “...”

Sword Saint Tianshu, “...”

This could be said to be very shameless.

Tianshu couldn’t help laughing and cursing him, “Xuanzhi ah, Xuanzhi, you really are overprotective. The swords on Hidden Sword Peak are already scared to death of you, yet you put a sword spell on Ah Hen. That’s no different than telling those swords that you came in person. You’re practically helping him cheat ah.”

Lin Xuanzhi spoke leisurely, “The rules merely forbid people from going with him, but Hidden Sword Peak seems to have no rule that forbids someone from secretly helping. Isn’t that right, Esteemed Feng Tan?”

Feng Tan’s expression didn’t change as he wholeheartedly played go. “You’re free to do so if you have that ability.”

Sword Saint Tianshu sighed, lamenting that the men of today are sadly degenerated.


On Hidden Sword Peak, Yan Tianhen crawled up from the ground with much difficulty.

As soon as he looked up, he saw all kinds of swords stabbed into the ground around him. He gasped with excitement and could hardly speak.

Right this moment, a faint wind came from behind. Yan Tianhen tilted his body and backhanded the corpse wolf that tried to mount a sneak attack. The corpse wolf’s chest was suddenly shocked by a teal lotus sword Qi, and the entire wolf shivered. With a Bang, it turned into a sword and fell to the ground.

Yan Tianhen was dumbfounded.

So those rotting wolves who attacked me just now were actually the swords inside Hidden Sword Pavilion? Isn’t this too fantastical?!

The sword was one meter long and was slightly wider than ordinary swords. It looked like there was a lot of red rust hanging on the body of the sword, and there were even some small dents on it, which made Yan Tianhen think of those old people with one foot in the grave.

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