Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2313 - Masochist (2)
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Chapter 2313: Masochist (2)

One should always look at another with renewed eyes even after a short absence. Qin Xuan clearly did not understand this concept. He still believed that Qin Feng’s powers were deteriorating and had probably already declined to pitiful levels.

“Brother Feng, both of us are from the Qin family. Today’s situation is only because of a bet made by Ye Qing. Although he is your teacher, you were not under his guidance for long. I am well aware of your situation. You don’t need to force yourself because of someone like that.” Qin Xuan continued to behave as if he was doing this for Qin Feng’s own good.

“Moreover, Ye Qing selfishly dragged you guys down with him. He never considered your wishes. Even though Lei Yan and the others have improved, your powers have been deteriorating. Brother Feng, you are the one who will end up on the losing end.” Qin Feng sighed as he spoke.

“Poor Brother Feng, it is your misfortune to have met such an inferior and despicable teacher…”

On the surface, he appeared to be dissuading Qin Feng but every single word was a quiet poke at the fact that Qin Feng did not know his place. He was also accusing Ye Qing of shamelessly dragging his students down into the mud with him just because of his bet.

Qin Feng had once been famous in the Netherworld Academy, so many students knew of Qin Feng’s situation. While it was unbelievable that the powers of Lei Yan and the other three had suddenly surged, Qin Feng was another matter.

This was a teenager who had once nearly become the top student in the Netherworld Academy.

Qin Feng…

For whatever reason, his powers had kept deteriorating to the point that even Gu Wei could not help him.

The faces of Lei Yan and the rest darkened after hearing Qin Xuan insult Ye Qing. If not for Qin Feng, they might have already charged onto the platform to beat up Qin Xuan.

Qin Feng stared coldly at Qin Xuan. He stared at this teenager who used to hover around him with eyes full of respect and admiration. This teenager had now morphed into an arrogant guy who only knew how to sneer at others.

Originally Qin Feng had not planned to waste time on Qin Xuan, he was already used to Qin Xuan’s ridicule. But when he heard Qin Xuan disparage Ye Qing, a harsh light surfaced in his cold eyes.

“Apologize.” Qin Feng spat out a single icy word.

Qin Xuan was taken aback.

“Apologize? Apologize for what?”

“Apologize to Teacher Ye.” Qin Feng’s voice was so cold it could have cut through ice.

Qin Xuan looked at Qin Feng. He gave a sudden bark of laughter.

“Brother Feng, what kind of potion did this Ye Qing give you? You are so protective of a person who only taught you for a few months? My Master poured so much effort into you but you are not grateful at all. And now, you want me to apologize to such a useless teacher?”

Qin Xuan chuckled. “Alright, if you want me to apologize, you must defeat me first. If you can, I will go down on my knees and bow in apology to Ye Qing. If you lose, you cannot do any more things that will tarnish the name of our Qin family.”

In the beginning, Qin Feng had not planned to challenge Qin Xuan, but the moment Qin Xuan uttered those words, Qin Feng raised his sword, clearly indicating that he was accepting Qin Xuan’s terms.

The smile in Qin Xuan’s eyes deepened. “Brother Feng, rather than allowing you to be defeated by an outsider, it is better for me, as part of the Qin family, to send you off this platform. As a member of the Qin family, I am willing to do you this favor.”

Below the platform, the spectators were watching with keen interest as the selection trial gradually transformed into an intense family conflict.

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