Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2061 - Grand Elder (2)
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Chapter 2061: Grand Elder (2)

On the seat was a dried-up corpse, his thin hands hidden in huge, expensive clothes. On his wrinkled face, a pair of empty eyes were staring straight at Little You Yun and Little Luo Xue.

He gently took Little You Yun from Little Luo Xue’s arms, treating her as though she was a precious pearl.

How was this possible?

You Qiong stared in disbelief at the dried corpse who was the Grand Elder. His eyes were as big as saucers.

He recalled that before he had left the Ancient You Clan, the Grand Elder had still looked like a normal person.


What exactly was going on?

“It’s been a long time, You Qiong.” The Grand Elder lifted his head. He moved slowly, pulling at his dried-up skin which seemed like it was going to tear at any moment.

You Qiong’s legs jerked as he dropped to the floor, cold sweat covering his body.

There was only one person in the Ancient You Clan who could make him feel this oppressed.

“Gree... greetings... Clan Master...”

“Clan Master?” The Grand Elder shook his head and continued, “I’ve long handed over the clan to the next generation. It has been ten thousand years since I’ve seen you. You look just as you did before, but I’ve... become like this...”

His eyes seemed to move over to Ye Qingtang and Ning Luo.

His parched lips started moving.

“You Qiong, you’ve brought me a great present.”

You Qiong was brought back to his senses. The Grand Elder suddenly raised his hands and a gust of black wind flew towards Ye Qingtang. She leaped up as a sword appeared in her hand and she cut the black wind in half.

Little Luo Xue frowned, not understanding why the Grand Elder was attacking ‘Elder Mo’.

But Ye Qingtang was clear that her disguise would not fool the Ancient You Clan Patriarch.

“What a familiar aura. I’ve felt it on an old friend before who has vanished now. But... you’re a little different from him.” The Grand Elder lifted his head as he looked at her like she was an interesting specimen.

“What’s your purpose for pretending to be a member of the Ancient You Clan? Who are you?”

The Buddha sculptures on the four pillars started shifting with his words.

In the next second, they came to life. They dropped to the floor in an instant and started attacking Ye Qingtang with their Dharma treasures held high.

“I don’t care who you are. Anyone who disturbs my rest has to die...” The Grand Elder’s hoarse voice was cold and indifferent, as though they were mere ants standing in front of him.

With that, the buddhas started attacking Ye Qingtang. Her eyes narrowed as black flames appeared on her sword.

Boom! A thunderous sound exploded across the room as she swung her sword. The black flames fell from the sky all over the buddhas but it didn’t seem to hurt them at all.

“Be careful. These buddhas are all above the Holy Venerate realm.” Sensing that something was wrong, Ning Luo quickly flew over to her to aid in battle.

These buddhas were all above the Holy Venerate level!

And how powerful was the Grand Elder that he could control these statues like they were his playthings?

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