Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1821 - Cursed True God (2)
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Chapter 1821: Cursed True God (2)

The human race, whom they personally created, had betrayed them.

Not only that, her beloved Heavenly Demon had used her...

Ye Qingtang had felt rather astonished when she saw the romance between the Cursed True God and the Heavenly Demon, Tu Fu.

But now, she couldn’t help sighing at the thought of it.

By the time Ye Qingtang snapped out of her trance, she saw that the key was already in her hand.

Although it was broken and tens of thousands of years had already passed since, Ye Qingtang could still feel the power embedded in the broken remnants of the key.

Recalling the illusions she had seen, Ye Qingtang remembered where the other half of the key was.

She immediately searched for it under a pile of rubble and found it.

Even after tens of thousands of years, the chopped-off hand of that Heavenly Demon didn’t show any signs of decay. It was still holding onto the other half of that key.

Ye Qingtang retrieved the piece of key from the Heavenly Demon’s hand.

All Ye Qingtang saw at the end of the illusion was a blanket of darkness. She had no idea where Tu Fu had gone.

As she considered the two halves of the key in her hand, she could detect a faint holy light exuding from the key. A chill traveled down her palm into her body, dispelling the warmth within her.

Although the key was broken and she didn’t know if it would still be of use in future, it was nonetheless a holy artefact. Ye Qingtang placed it inside her space ring.

If she could escape this mystic realm, she might be able to analyze whether this key could still be of any use. If the key was just an instrument to open the seal, there was no reason for the Heavenly Demon to want to take it away with him.

After putting it away, Ye Qingtang scanned the secret room again, trying to see if there was anything else worth noticing.

She was stunned when her eyes landed on a corner.

An immense black figure was standing in front of a partially-collapsed wall. Ye Qingtang was taken aback when she saw the face of that black figure.

“Tu Fu...”

That black figure stood there unmoving before the wall. His exquisitely handsome face was completely impassive, as if he was merely sleeping.

“This Heavenly Demon is already dead,” Little White Tiger said after just one glance.

“Dead?” Ye Qingtang was shocked.

“He did something before he died.” Little White Tiger motioned at the wall behind Tu Fu.

A totem had been drawn on the partially-collapsed wall, and Tu Fu was standing right in the center of that totem.

“It looks like some kind of Heavenly Demon ritual. But this totem is too ancient. Even I can’t recognize it. Although Little White Tiger studied the totem for a long while, he couldn’t decipher it.

“Was he killed by the Cursed True God?” Ye Qingtang recalled the final scene in the illusion.

“I can’t tell. This Heavenly Demon looks very powerful. Based on what you said before, the Cursed True God was only left with a bit of divine consciousness. She might not have been able to kill him,” Little White Tiger deduced.

“Then how did he die? Could he have committed suicide? Ye Qingtang mused.

Little White Tiger, “...”

A Heavenly Demon who could bear to take advantage of his lover. He would be mad to commit suicide right after gaining his freedom.

“Mmm, then he was probably killed by the Cursed True God. Didn’t you say that the Cursed True God had gone insane with rage? With so much hatred in her heart, her powers might have been magnified.” Little White Tiger changed its tune.

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