Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1673 - Bearing The Consequences (2)
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Chapter 1673: Bearing The Consequences (2)

Mu Ruxue had waited for this day long enough. Baili Xuanyun and the Mu family had pulled many strings to get the youths from the other ancient clans whom they knew to vote for Mu Ruxue. Today, they had finally forced Ye Qingtang off the top spot in the rankings.

Although she now topped the ranking, the loathing in Mu Ruxue’s heart deepened further.

This position should have been hers by right, but now she was forced to use her connections before she could even have a tenuous hold on her position. This was an insult to her beauty!

It was all Ye Qingtang’s fault. If not for her... All this would not have happened.

“What a rotten smell.” Jiang Shaobai had yet to speak so far, but now he suddenly spoke up. He frowned slightly and covered his nose as he leaned against Ye Qingtang.

“What?” Ye Qingtang was startled.

Jiang Shaobai looked at Ye Qingtang and said, “Elder Sister Qing, someone’s mouth stinks so badly that the smell makes me nauseous. Let’s go somewhere else. I’m afraid I can’t stand it much longer and might vomit everything I ate earlier.”

Ye Qingtang immediately understood Jiang Shaobai’s words. Her lips could not help but twitch upwards.

When she saw Ye Qingtang smile, Mu Ruxue suddenly understood what Jiang Shaobai meant.

“You little devil, how dare you say my mouth is smelly? You...”

Jiang Shaobai lazily raised his eyes. “Did I name anyone? If your conscience is clear, why are you admitting to it? Or is it...”

Mu Ruxue’s expression immediately darkened. She subconsciously raised her hand to teach Jiang Shaobai a lesson.

In return, Jiang Shaobai’s eyes turned icy. The instant he looked at Mu Ruxue, she felt as if a viper from a deep pit was staring at her. A chill crept over her bones. The hand she had lifted froze in mid-air.

This little devil was truly sinister!

“Let’s go. I’m really about to throw up.” Jiang Yiran looked at Mu Ruxue, whose expression had stiffened, and dragged Ye Qingtang away without a backward glance. Jiang Yiran and the others followed.

Mu Ruxue only snapped out of her trance when Jiang Shaobai and the others left. Even so, Mu Ruxue could not help but frown whenever she thought of the cold light that had flashed across Jiang Shaobai’s eyes.

“Who is that little devil?” Mu Ruxue asked.

“I think he’s Jiang Shaobai, from the Jiang family,” a youth from the Mu family replied.

“Jiang Shaobai?” Mu Ruxue looked puzzled.

“I heard that he was lost and wandered outside of the family when he was young. The Jiang family only recently found him. He is exceptionally talented and is the second most powerful person in the Jiang family.”

“He’s just a little devil. What’s so great about him.” Mu Ruxue scoffed coldly, then turned to leave.

Ye Qingtang and Mu Ruxue’s match was towards the end and the other youths began their matches first.

Jiang Yiran tried several times to persuade Ye Qingtang to admit defeat, so as not to give Mu Ruxue a chance to strike, but Ye Qingtang just maintained her silence.

This drove Jiang Yiran into a frenzy.

At that moment, Elder Qian walked over. He looked at the frantic Jiang Yiran, then at the composed Ye Qingtang and smiled. “Qingtang, you’ve performed very well this time. Mu Ruxue is truly a very strong opponent. The disparity between your abilities are too great. So even if you lose, you should not take it to heart.”

Ye Qingtang performance to date had already exceeded Elder Qian’s expectations. He regretted the ten over years that Ye Qingtang had wasted, but he felt very assured when he saw how hard she had worked after entering the Taiyuan Valley.

Now, he treated Ye Qingtang as he would his own disciple and with a little more sincerity. It was why he had specially come over to speak to her.

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