Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master

Chapter 7 Level Up
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[Time - 00:00:16]

It doesn't feel like time had passed so quickly since Isaac accepted the second challenge. Soon, a horde of orcs would storm from the forest.

Three kilometres from the forest border, Isaac was standing alone. As for the kobolds, they were told to hide by Isaac.

In both of Isaac's hands were double guns, Malice and Verdict. There was no slightest expression of fear on his face. He was confident that he would win this challenge.

His eyes stared fiercely into the shadows of the forest.


[Preparation time is up.]

[The orc attack wave is coming.]

[Survive from the orc attack for 60 minutes.]

[Time - 00:59:59]

The sound of a warhorn was heard from within the forest. The ground in the meadow began to shake. The sound of the war cry was getting louder and clearer.

There were hundreds of tall orcs running towards Isaac. From behind them, Isaac could see a gigantic figure riding a three-horned black rhino.

Seeing the large herd of orcs, Isaac's spirits grew hotter. He immediately raised his hands.


Dozens of orcs that were charging forward died one by one because of Isaac's bombardment, but they still continued to bolt through the Mana's bullets. There was no slightest fear flashed in the orcs' faces.

[You leveled up!]

So was Isaac. His face was cold, expressionless. For the time being, the muzzle of the gun continued to emit a blue flash.

[You leveled up!]

[You leveled…]

Level up notifications kept popping up. However, Isaac didn't care about that. He kept pulling the trigger of his gun over and over.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Adrenaline rushed to his veins.

Although the orcs were easy for him, if they invaded in large and endless numbers like this continuously, it was not impossible for Isaac to be killed due to running out of stamina.

? What's more, at a low level, the risk of death was even greater. Maybe it would be a different story if Isaac was in his perfect condition.

Actually, to complete this mission, Isaac could have chosen the second option, namely by running away from the upcoming battle. It was easier for him to finish the challenge in that way, but he would not choose that option.

There was no way he would leave a pile of precious experience just disappearing into the void.

"The greater the risk, the greater the reward."

If Isaac wanted to win this game, he didn't just have to work hard and move early. He had to take risks. Or he would end up like in his previous life.

Another two kilometres before the orcs could kill him.

However, the closer they got, the wider the smile appeared on Isaac's face. He was thrilled to massacre all the orcs in one go.

Splat! Splat!


There was an orc's shriek of pain and the sound of a spear thrust through the flesh.

They all died because they fell into the trap that the kobolds had previously set.

An hour earlier, Isaac had ordered the kobolds to set traps in the meadow.

Isaac told them to make a hole 3.5 metres deep and 5 metres in diameter. Then, inside the hole were placed thousands of spears made of wooden branches and sharp stone fragments. After that, the hole was covered by leaves.

If they looked closely, the trap could be seen clearly. However, with this condition and the orc's low intelligence, Isaac was sure that they wouldn't notice it in the slightest.

Meanwhile, the kobolds were given instructions to make a trench five kilometres from the scene and hid there until it was finished.

Isaac was sure that the kobolds wouldn't survive the orcs' invasion. They wouldn't be much help in the battle, instead, they would be a burden.

It would be a shame if the 30 newly acquired kobolds just disappeared.

Bam! Bam!

Thousands of bullets shot. The orcs continued to charge forward, not caring even if their bodies were bombarded with bullets. Many of them had already died, but their numbers didn't seem to have decreased in the slightest.

The distance between Isaac and the hundreds of orcs was less than 10 metres. Then-!

Slam! Bam!

An orc who was about to hit Isaac hit the ground. The orc missed the chance.

Isaac had jumped as high as three metres. While floating in the air, he aimed at the orcs below him.

Bam! Bam! Bam!


The ten orcs screamed before losing their lives.

[You leveled up!]

[You leveled…]

Then, Isaac landed on the ground again.

'Hah, this is getting more and more interesting.'

Isaac laughed inwardly as he was surrounded by hundreds of orcs. He pointed both guns and then started pulling the trigger again.

Bam—! One orc lost its head.

Bam! The five orcs had holes in their chests.

Bam! The ten orcs collapsed lifelessly.

The number of orcs Isaac had killed was probably over five hundred.

Stil, they were endless. As if they didn't decrease at all.

Sweat dripped down on his body and his breaths became shorter. The damage done by both of his guns was getting weaker as his Mana started to run out.

Although his condition began to deteriorate, his fighting spirit was still burning. Isaac continued to focus on aiming at his target. He no longer cared about the time he had left.

Isaac kept shooting and shooting.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Without Isaac knowing it, the hours had turned into seconds. At the same time, the frequency of orcs charging from the forest began to decrease.

40… 30… 20…

Bam! Bam! Bam!

His index finger continued to pull the trigger while his eyes were on every orc that stood up in front of him. He didn't avert his gaze from them even once.

9… 8… 7…

And then,


The last orc had fallen. Nothing else emerged from the forest.


The notification sound rang in Isaac's head.


[Time is up.]

[Second challenge completed.]

[You get 1,000 zenny and skill scroll 'Bulked Up (F)'.]

Seeing the pop-up notification screen. Isaac looked around. There were no more orcs standing before him.

Finally, he could lie down after defeating 2,468 orcs.

After that, the notification appeared again.

[Are you ready to start the 3rd challenge?]


Under these conditions, it would be impossible for Isaac to start the next challenge. He needed to rest for a few days.

Isaac then opened his status window.

<Status Character>

[Isaac Constantine - Lv 48]

[Rank : 99th - Baron]

[Title : Chief of Beast]

[Skill : 1/3]

[Strength : 38]

[Magic : 70]

[Constitution : 44]

[Dexterity : 62]

[Perception : 55]

[Unallocated stat points : 67]

After killing more than two thousand orcs, Isaac only gained 19 levels. It didn't matter how many ordinary orcs were killed, including weak creatures, it wouldn't give Isaac much experience.

"This is not enough. I should have killed more."

He was not satisfied with the achievements this time.


Suddenly, from a distance, a voice called out to him.

"Lord Isaac!"

Thirty kobolds were running towards Isaac who was lying down on the ground.

They looked worried, but that feeling quickly disappeared upon seeing the scene before them.

"Woah! Look at this! Lord Isaac killed hundreds of orcs by himself."

"Absolutely amazing!"

Then, the kobolds started bouncing up and down with joy. They were thrilled because their leader was really strong.

Meanwhile, Isaac just stood there watching the behaviour of his men. Right now, he was too tired to deal with these kobolds. At the same time, he was also not bothered by them.

What was clear right now was he had one goal in mind.

"There are still 28 Challenges left. Everything must end quickly.''

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