Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master

Chapter 33 Construction
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[Grassland, Isaac's 2nd Floor Dungeon.]

In a wide expanse of green grass, four-legged monsters with large bodies roamed freely around that place. Four-eyed bison, red-eyed antelope, blue-horned rhino, and many more; they lived in groups.

In the middle of the herd of monsters, there was a group of dwarves who seemed to be busy working.

Some of them crushed the rocks sticking out in the middle of the expanse of grass. Then, several of them carried the stone shards to the construction site, where dozens of dwarves seemed to arrange them into a building.

Among them was a little girl riding a giant white bear. She led the dwarves, who were busy working.

Who else but Pippi?

"Hurry! Work harder! Don't be lazy! Soon we will have a great war!"

Pippi ordered them harshly. She even called them indolent several times.

She was assigned to supervise the reconstruction of the dungeon by Isaac.

The 1st floor had been completed, and the 2nd floor was still under construction. Meanwhile, on the 3rd floor there was no change at all.

The busy working dwarves suddenly stopped and knelt down. Pippi, who saw their action, was surprised. However, she knew the reason.

"My Lord!"

A white haired man appeared out of nowhere. Pippi hurried over to him eagerly. When the distance between the two of them was only an arm, she jumped to him. ๐’‡๐š›๐™š๐™š๐˜ธ๐™š๐—ฏ๐“ƒ๐—ผัต๐šŽ๐˜ญ. c๐‘œ๐˜ฎ


Her head landed in the man's grip, but Pippi kept trying to hug him.

Isaac was already very well with his Dungeon Manager's habits. Every time they met, the little demon would run like a trance to hug him. Isaac didn't really mind being hugged, only that Pippi always ended up nudging his stomach.


A hard flick landed on the little girl's forehead. Instantly, she fell silent.

Pippi posed a salute. Her forehead was bruised red. "Report, My Lord. The reconstruction of the 2nd Floor was almost 70%. Probably in one day, it will be finished. Report completed." After that, she posed standby.

Isaac just nodded. Then, he ordered the dwarves to work again.

'I have to make this Dungeon very strong.'

It had been 7 days since Isaac had reconstructed the Dungeon. He was currently focused on rebuilding the defences on the 2nd Floor, considering that this place only had an expanse of grass.

Isaac observed the process of the construction. The faces of the dwarves looked languid and dispirited, as if they were working out by force.

"Pippi, have you done what I told you to do?"

"Of course I had, Lord. I did as you ordered. I gave them a reward, 10 kilograms of Mithirl and Orichalchum every day. I was also strict with them."

A long sigh escaped Isaac's lips. There was a clear tone of annoyance.

"How about I just build it, Lord? I can do it in a flash."

Isaac shook his head. "No, just let them do it."

Each monster had its own specialties. Not all of them could be put in the fight. Some monsters existed to be used as workers, gather materials, and any other trivial things. There were even monsters that function as 'food'.

This was the reason why Isaac chose the dwarves over Pippi, even though the girl had strong magic power to rebuild the dungeon.

The dwarves were Class B monsters. Their combat power was standard, not much different from Orcs. However, if they created something, the result would always have special power. High durability, special item effects, buff effects, and even increased stats on the user.

However, they had one deficiency; it was self-interest. Even if they were ordered by the Dungeon Master, they would still ask for something in return. Threatening them was also not an option, considering that they were quite expensive.

'I have to give them something else to cheer them on.'

Isaac tried to think of what other things the dwarves liked. He had already given them their favourite items, Mithril and Orichalcum, but it still didn't satisfy them.

Suddenly, Pippi tugged at his arm.

"What's wrong, Pippi?"

"Pippi knows why they are being like this. Pippi wanted to promise them something to cheer them up. But I need your approval, Lord?"

Isaac narrowed his eyes. He was curious about the little girl's words. "What's that?"

Pippi smiled broadly, then gestured with her index finger to come closer. Isaac complied with the girl's request. He bent down, then Pippi's whisper entered his ear.

"Is that what they want?"

"Yes, My Lord." Pipi nodded excitedly.

"Alright, gather all the workers."

"Aye Aye, Lord."

The little girl posed a salute. Not long after that, she ran along the bear's back and shouted loudly.

"All of you! Gather!"

The dwarves shifted their attention to the little girl riding on the bear's back. Their faces looked lazy.

"Lord wants to announce something important!"

Isaac walked into the centre of the spotlight. Everyone around him immediately bowed down, including the giant bear and Pippi.

"In less than 14 days, we will have a big day. They are not just ordinary humans that you can kill easily, like on the 1st floor of the Dungeon. Nor is it stupid humans who are only tempted by Power Crystals. They were true warriors trained to kill monsters. One of them can kill ten of you at once."

Isaac's voice was loud. The majesty vibrations shook in the thin air and pierced through the ears of the dwarves. Meanwhile, they continued to look down and stare at the ground.

None of them dared to look into their Dungeon Master's face.

"Tomorrow's battle will be a tough one. Many of you will die."

The dwarves' hands were clenched tightly to the ground. They looked worried and anxious.

"Thus, I want you to build the dungeon as quickly as possible and as best you can. Otherwise, many monsters in this Dungeon would be killed. Do you understand?!"

"Yes, My Lord!"

The monsters' voices boomed in the air.

Isaac smiled with satisfaction at seeing their firm answer. Now, it was time for him to give them additional motivation.

"Now, get up and look at me!"

All the monsters started to stand up, then looked at their master.

Isaac raised one hand.

"If any of you manage to complete the construction in less than 9 days, there will be a reward waiting for you."

They glanced at each other, wondering what their master's words meant.

Isaac smiled, seeing the monster look curious.

"I will reward each of you, an elf woman."

Instantly, the dwarves' eyes dilated. Their whispers that sounded like groans started to echo in that place. They really couldn't believe how generous their master was.

Then, a dwarf roared until its voice reverberated through the air. The roar was not a war cry, but a mating call.

Not long after, the other dwarves shouted as well. Among those exclamations, they hailed Isaac's name loudly.

"Lord Isaac!"

"Lord Isaac!"

"Lord Isaac!"

Now, all the monsters had got a boost of motivation. This way, the combat morale of the Savages-type monster warriors would smoulder.

Each monster was divided into several types; it was Savages, Elemental, Beast, Plantae, Undead, Fye, Dragon, Insecta, and Pisces. Each of them had its own character.

For example, like dwarves who were savage-type monsters, they had strong physical strength and high reproduction, but their lifespan was short.

Due to the high speed of reproduction, their libido was also high. Thus, they were very excited when they got the female elf as a reward.

Elves were the most beautiful monsters that lived in the Dungeon. Compared to female dwarves, their differences were like heavens and Earth. All dwarves had beards.

"Hehehe, what was Pippi's idea, Lord?" The little girl beside Isaac looked proud while touching her nose with her thumb.

"Good work."

Isaac then patted Pippi's head. After that, she hugged his master's leg.

"Yay, Lord! It's great!"

The girl jumped with joy while she kept hugging her master's legs. Meanwhile, Isaac just smiled, seeing the dwarves worked with enthusiasm.

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