Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master

Chapter 32 Sister
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In a cafe full of visitors, at one of the tables, there was a girl enjoying a cup of coffee. Then, she stood up and waved at someone.

"Sir Isaac! I'm here."

A man with white hair came over to the girl. He sat across from her.

"Would you like something to drink?" the woman asked with a sweet smile.

Isaac shook his head. "I'll be leaving soon. Let's get straight to business."

"Oh, I see. So, what kind of business do you have with me, Mister Isaac?"

"Wang Yi, you are a Vice Guild Master. I believe you have a lot of connections, right? I want you to introduce me to someone."

"That's right."

Nine Sky wasn't just focused on Dungeon and Monster Breaks. They also competed with other guilds. They had intelligence members to gather various information.

And no exception to the dark secret of high-ranking officials. If one day the guilds were faced with government problems, they didn't hesitate to use the information to blackmail them.

"Indeed, who do you want to meet?" Wang Yi asked curiously.

Isaac's lips curved up. "Could you arrange a meeting with Anatoly Kramnik?"

After Isaac said that, Wang Yi's eyes opened wide. It wasn't long before she bit her lower lip.

"I'm afraid I can't do that for you."

Instantly, Isaac's eyes squinted into mere slits. "Why? You said you had a lot of connections."

"It's true. My sister entrusted me with the meeting and negotiations with high-ranking and important people, but the Marshal of the Russian Federation is too difficult for me."

Isaac let out a disappointed sigh.

Anatoly Kramnik was the most powerful man in Russia. He was in charge of all the armed forces, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force. He was in control of the military power in Russia.

Even though the military power had been taken by Hunter, there was a special reason he still became an influential person. He had a special force—Hunter Force Defence.

The HFD was not just a military organization, but also an organization that controlled all guilds in Russia. It was the same as the Hunter Association in China. The difference was HFD monopolized the entire Dungeon in Rusia.

'Now, how can I meet that person?'

Isaac tapped his finger on the table. Not long after, Wang Yi seemed to remember something.

"I don't know if this is of any use to you. Recently, I heard Anatoly Kramnik was rumored to be close with a woman."

His fingers halted. Then, his gaze turned to Wang Yi.

"Woman? His family?"

Wang Mei shook her head. "No, she is much younger. Probably his mistress."

Isaac nodded.

'This could be useful.'

"In that case, look for the information about that woman. From the trivial things like where she lives, and any information related to her."

Wang Yi smiled. "Alright, give me a few days. I'll call you later. By the way, Mister Isaac, why did you want to meet Anatoly Kramnik?"

"I want to have him."

Of course, his words made Wang Yi curious. She wanted to ask what Isaac meant, but her tongue suddenly went numb.

Isaac had done his business. It was time to go back. However, before that, there were a few things he wanted to know about the Nine Sky Guild Master.

Isaac was still curious about what happened the other day.

"By the way, what do you think your sister is like?"

Wang Yi's face turned sour. "As usual. She's annoying."

Then, Wang Yi started to talk about her sister's personality. Based on Wang Yi stories, her sister was a tough, bossy, and selfish woman. Wang Mei often made decisions for her, even though Wang Yi had refused.

Wang Yi kept blabbering about her sister's behaviour, like a child complaining about the bad things her sister had done to her parents.

'This is not the information I need.'

Isaac took a deep breath. After that, he stopped Wang Yi who was busy talking.

"Then, do you know your sister's plans?"

Wan Yi was silent for a moment. She just remembered something.

"There are several agendas that my sister had planned. But her main focus is to take control of the Dungeons."

"Taking control of the Dungeons?" Isaac's eyes narrowed.

After that, Wang Mei started to explain some things; including the guild cooperation agreement with the government, exclusive rights to explore the Dungeons, the Hunter Association, and all things related to the Hunter's world.

"Hmm… humans are indeed interesting. Even though their race will soon be annihilated, they are still busy playing politics." Isaac shook his head. "Say, which dungeon Wang Mei plans to conquer first?"

"There are three Dungeons that attract Big Sister's attention. The first dungeon is the one that stands on the outskirts of Beijing. She has wanted to take over it for a long time, but we have to compete with the Blood Oath Guild. However, seeing their guild master, Zhang Gang, is seriously injured, there is a high chance that Nine Sky will be able to take control of the Dungeon."

Isaac remembered the man who was kicked by a mutant orc then beaten by hundreds of monsters on the Monster break a few days ago.

'It seems the man is still alive.'

"The second dungeon that Big Sister plans to take over is located in Tianjin. It's just that there are three major guilds who are after the dungeon. There's a chance she will let it go."

Isaac nodded. So far, the Dungeon Wang Mei chose was safe.

'As long as she doesn't try to take over the Dungeon in Shanghai, there's no problem.'

"Then, the last Dungeon?"

"The last dungeon is located in the China–North Korea–Russia tripoint, Mister Isaac."


Isaac suddenly rose from his seat. "What? Why did she aim for the Dungeon at the border?"

"Nine Sky got a 'special' offer from North Korea to carry out the Clearance. Of course, the goal is to claim the Dungeon. The clearance will be carried out with the North Korean Guild and the Siberian Knights Guild."

Isaac squeezed the corner of the table. He was angry, and at the same time grateful to hear this news. His dungeon was still set to 'friendly' mode, so it wasn't ready for a large-scale attack.

He had estimated that no guild would take a glance at his Dungeon until the first Auction was held.

"When will the clearance take place?"

"The 27th."

Isaac breathed a sigh of relief. There were still three weeks left. That was enough time to reset the Dungeon.

"Alright. Once you find that woman, let me know."

"Yes, Mister Isaac."

After that, Isaac quickly got up and left the restaurant.

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