Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master

Chapter 31 Deal
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It was all white. The room was filled with the smell of medicine. Under the gleaming of the lamp, a man sat on a bed. Some parts of his body were wrapped in bandages. In the corner of the room, a white-haired man stood while leaning against the wall.

"Soโ€ฆ Isaac, huh? You helped me and took me to the hospital," said the man sitting on the bed.

"Yes, right."

After the battle in Kabukicho, Isaac and Guo Chen immediately took Taji to a nearby hospital to treat the man's injuries.

Isaac had been in this room for three hours, waiting for Taji to wake up. Meanwhile, Guo Chen waited outside for some fresh air.

However, Isaac knew that wasn't the reason.

After the incident in Kabukicho, Guo Chen fell into a moral dilemma, especially after seeing Isaac slaughtering dozens of humans as if it was nothing.

Thus, Isaac left Guo Chen alone to calm himself. He could just erase Guo Chen's memory or change the way the man saw the world.

However, Isaac preferred for Guo Chen to make the decision himself. He didn't want to kill Guo Chen's real character.

Isaac had already prepared a path for him.

'For now, I'll take care of my other man first.'

Taji still stared at the empty air. He had a lot of questions in his head right now, but he didn't know which one he should ask first. This was strange for him.

In all his life, he never had any problems or clients from overseas. Then, what was the motive of this man?

Only one thing he knew.

"No kindness is truly sincere. Humans are kind to others when they just want something. So, what do you want from me?"

Taji looked at the man in front of him with a fierce glare.

Meanwhile, Isaac smiled. The man who helped him before was still the same person. Honest and didn't like beating around the bush.

"I want you to work for me," Isaac said.

Taji's eyes were wide open. After that, he laughed weakly.

"First, thank you for helping me. But don't expect to hire me cheaply. Work and personal matters are different."

His words sounded arrogant because he had a reputation.

Among the Japanese underground, Taji was known by the nickname Batosai. Besides his fighting ability, he never once failed to kill his target.

A pouch landed on his lap. Then, he looked at Isaac with a questioning look on his face. Isaac just smiled, making Taji even more curious.

The pouch was heavy, and it felt like there was a hard object inside.

"What's this?" Taji showed a curious look.

Isaac just smiled. "Just open it. You'll love it."

Finally, Taji opened it. And Isaac's guess was right.


A dazzling purple glow hit his face as he opened the pouch. A one kilogram Power Crystal was in his hand. Taji swallowed his saliva until his Adam's apple bobbed. Never in his life had he held such precious stones.

If he counted them, it was about 20 million Yen, or about 150,000 USD. To get this much money, at least Taji needed to extort those wealthy humans for years.

And the mysterious man just gave it to him like it was nothing precious.

"That's what you get every month if you work for me. Of course, it doesn't include the bonus."

Taji swallowed hard at the offer. However, he didn't accept it right away. He wasn't a novice who was easily tempted by money. The higher the wage, the higher the risk.

"So what should I do?"

Isaac smiled in satisfaction. "I want you to wipe out the Ryudo Family's influence on Kabukicho."

After hearing Isaac's answer, Taji narrowed his eyes. "Why? You want to rule Kabukicho?"

"Let's just say we have a common enemy." Isaac smirked.

Not long after, Taji also smiled. He didn't know what kind of business Isaac had with the Ryudo Family, but this work was marvellous.

Taji had a problem with the Ryudo Family and he was hired to destroy his enemy's business. It was like diving while drinking water.

"It's interesting. So I'm just in charge of getting rid of my enemy's business? Only that?"

Isaac shook his head.

"Your work is not only focused on getting rid of the Ryudo Family. I want you to get stronger too. Leveling up is also part of your job."


[Name : Haruno Taji]

[Race : Human]

[Type : N/A]

[Class : B]

[Level : 12]

Taji's potential was pretty decent, but when he compared it to Guo Chen, the man was still left behind. Thus, Isaac wanted Taji to work even harder to survive until the end.

"Six months from now, I will come again for a visit. In that time I want you to reach level 50."

Isaac's orders sounded absurd. In Taji's eyes, this was the same as being the strongest Hunter in Japan. Even the S-rank Hunters in Japan had only reached level 21.

"What if I fail?"

"If you fail, I will stop hiring you."

The consequences given by Isaac didn't burden Taji at all. However, Taji didn't know that Isaac would kill him if the man couldn't fulfill the order.

The 'Seeds of Mind' slot was very limited. Isaac didn't want to give it to the weak or cocky humans.

Meanwhile, Taji thought this job was very strange, yet interesting.

"Okay. I accept this job."

An agreement had formed. The two shook hands. Then, Isaac pulled out a dagger from his pocket and handed it to Taji.

"Consider this your first bonus."

<Vampiric Dagger>

[Class : D]

[Type : Artefact (Dagger)]

[A dagger that steals life force. The user gains 25% of the opponent's HP recovery every time they kill the target.]

Taji was astounded at the details of the dagger. It dominated with red and had serrations like dragon scales. He held it carefully. ๐Ÿ๐“‡๐’†๐žw๐ž๐™—๐“ทo๐˜ท๐ž๐’. c๐จ๐’Ž

"Haha, this is amazing. Thank you, Boss."

Isaac not only gave him a Power Crystal but also an artefact weapon. Now, Taji was sure that his new boss was really wealthy.

With this, Isaac had done his business with Haruno Taji.

"My business here is done. I have to go."

When Isaac arrived at the doorway, Taji called out to him.

"Hey, Boss. We just met and you paid me straight away. Even gave this special weapon. Aren't you afraid I will break the contract and run away?"

Isaac was silent for a moment.

"If you want to run, just run. I can kill you anytime."

Then, Isaac left the room.

It was only Taji in the room. His hands trembled and the hairs on his neck stood up. Fiuh, he had goosebumps all over his body.

"What a monsterโ€ฆ"

As Isaac spoke his last sentence, Taji could feel a terrifying aura from the man. He had met many murderers and criminals, but this was the first time there was someone who could make his instincts scream 'run'.

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