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Isaac looked at himself in front of the mirror. He was perfect. Black suit and neat hair that slicked to the back. No human would ever think that Isaac was a demon.

Before leaving the room, he put on a ring as his final appearance.

<Mortal Ring>

[Class : E]

[Type : Artefact (Ring)]

[Suppresses the demon's original aura and power.]

[Side effect: all stats cut in half.]

This ring was an artefact he got from the Dimension Challenge.

<Status Character >

[Isaac Constantine - Lv 75]

[Rank : 99th - Baron ]

[Title : Chief of Beast, First Challenger]

[Skill : 1/3]

[ Strength : 50 (25) ]

[ Magic : 140 (70) ]

[ Constitution : 66 (33)]

[ Dexterity : 83 (41) ]

[ Perception : 80 (40) ]

[Unallocated stat points : 20]

Isaac left the room and met Guo Chen, who was waiting for him in the hallway. The human's eyes seemed to open wide upon seeing Isaac's appearance.

"Wow, Brother. Are we really going to raid? I feel like we're going to have a press conference."

Guo Chen's praise was not without a reason. In his eyes, Isaac looked like a high-class celebrity. However, Isaac ignored Guo Chen's joke.

"Alright, let's go."

The two of them got out of the hotel and headed for Nine Sky Headquarters by taxi.

After twenty minutes, they arrived at a gigantic building. The outer courtyard was tiled in grey stone and along the path leading to the entrance were green ornamental plants.

When Isaac got out of the taxi, people's eyes began to fall on him. Several people seemed to point their phone cameras at Isaac. Then, the woman's whispers resounded like flies.

"Who is that? Did any celebrity awaken as a Hunter?"

"Eh, is he the overseas Hunter that Nine Sky recruited?"

"Is he the rumoured Nicholas Lim?"

Handsome face and elegant clothes, it was enough to attract a lot of attention. However, Isaac didn't want this. He only wanted to make a good impression on the Nine Sky Guild members.

"I feel like I'm your manager," Guo Chen whispered. Then, he chuckled.

Isaac entered the gigantic building.

The hall was huge, filled with people wearing suits and some in combat equipment. About 10 metres in front of him, there was an administration desk for receiving the guests. To the west was a lounge with a few people sitting on the sofa. The guild logo in the form of number nine that formed a cloud hung on the wall.

Isaac looked around, feeling like he couldn't find any clues. He sent a message to the moderator who had notified him yesterday.

Not long after, someone shouted.

"Guo Chen?"

In the lounge, Isaac could see someone waving his hand.

Guo Chen was surprised when his name was called. Isaac then motioned for Guo Chen to wave back.

Then, they both went to the man's table. There were 12 men and women sitting around the table.

The man who had previously waved his hand, shook hands with Guo Chen.

"Pleased to meet you. I am the squad leader, Feng Hua."

After that, the attention of the man named Feng Hua turned to Isaac. He scrutinized Isaac from head to toes.

"Are you a foreigner? What's your name?"

Isaac's skin was pale white. So Feng Hua thought he was from a foreigner. Then, he reached out his hand to Isaac.

"Isaac Constantine. I'm from Australia."

Isaac answered as it was written on his fake passport. Then, he saw Feng Hua's status.


[Name : Feng Hua]

[Race : Human]

[Type : N/A]

[Class : E]

[Level : 9]

"I guess I was expecting too much," Isaac muttered. He sighed in disappointment.

For some reason, Isaac had hoped to meet an A-class or at least C-class Hunter, considering they were members of a large Guild in China.

Feng Hua looked surprised when he heard Isaac speak Chinese fluently.

"You're so fluent… ah, anyway, you look handsome. Look, they don't stop looking at you."

Feng Hua glanced at the other table. There were three girls in the group. They showed an annoyed face when Feng Hua teased them.

Isaac and Guo Chen greeted them. Guo Chen looked awkward when he spoke in front of the girls. Meanwhile, their attention was more focused on Isaac. The three girls asked Isaac several times, especially about his background.

"How long have you lived in China?"

"You're not thinking about becoming a model?"

"Relax, Big sister, will protect you."

Isaac replied casually. He didn't enjoy being bombarded with questions.

Not long after, one of the boys from that group called out.

"How long are you going to interrogate that porter? Their job is just to run errands."

The man sitting at the far end looked displeased. He looked at Isaac and Guo Chen with an arrogant look.

However, the man's words not only irked Isaac, but the three girls as well.

"This is an important meeting, not a blind date. You guys better go to the kitchen over there!"

Instantly, the atmosphere changed. The man continued to mock Isaac and the girls.

"Look at them. Totally amateurs. We are about to head off to a Dungeon filled with monsters, but you guys treat it like a date."

After that, laughter filled the lounge. All the male guild members laughed.

At this table, only Isaac was wearing a different outfit. All of them were wearing combat equipment; such as iron armour, robes, and light clothing. Meanwhile, Guo Chen was wearing a windbreak jacket with light armour underneath.

Only Feng Hua did not laugh. He wanted to rebuke, but he felt inferior towards the mood-wrecking man.

"Sorry, Brother Isaac. They're just joking. Please don't take it to heart." Feng Hua tried to smile in front of Isaac.

While Isaac sighed. Once again, he was disappointed. The leader of this group lacked leadership skills. Then, he checked status of the man who mocked him.


[Name : Xue Yang]

[Race : Human]

[Type : N/A]

[Class : F]

[Level : 14]

"Trash," Isaac muttered. He was increasingly clueless as to how Nine Sky selected its members.

Xue Yang had a fairly high level compared to normal humans. However, he had a low class, and no potential could be developed from him. Even if Xue Yang was on the same level as Isaac, it was easy enough for Isaac to kill him.

Isaac remained silent with a poker face. He ignored Xue Yang's chatter. However, not with his number one Hunter. Guo Chen looked annoyed, his face contorted.

"What was your name earlier? Isaac? Make sure you bring extra pomade, so you don't spoil your hairdo."

The laughter grew louder. The mood of the three female members was already broken. At the same time, they felt bad for Isaac.

However, Isaac was unaffected. For him, this was not a problem. He knew Xue Yang felt inferior and jealous of him. It was human nature. When they felt small, they would look down on others.

He had often seen people who had the same character as Xue Yang.

"What joke made you laugh like this? Is this your doing again, Xue Yang?"

Suddenly, the laughter stopped. Everyone was silent, and Xue Yang was no exception. A girl who looked younger than the people at this table appeared before them.

Instantly, Xue Yang's expression turned sour.

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