Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master

Chapter 160 Antfolk’s Eggs
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Hearing Isaac's words, the male antfolk froze in his place.

Eggs were the most valuable asset in the tower. They were the reason why the male antfolk lived. Although the Queen only saw them as a means of reproduction, for the male ants, the eggs were the product of their loves.

The antfolk couldn't utter a single word. His body trembled, fearing the same fate as the other male ants. At the same time, he didn't want to hand over the eggs to Isaac.

After what Isaac had done, how could he just hand them over to the man?

Isaac just looked at him with a smile. The antfolk's antenna seemed to tremble greatly, and his body shivered as if cold air enveloped him.


Suddenly, the antfolk screamed loudly for no reason. Of course, this surprised Isaac.




The sound of gunshots echoed throughout the air. The antfolk fell helplessly, covered in blood.

"Useless," Isaac muttered.

He shot all the dying antfolks. After none of them were breathing anymore, Isaac sat on the throne with a sour face.

"I'm wasting my time on pointless things."

The demon held his chin with his hand. He was contemplating what step he should take next.

Currently, the Ant Kingdom was in utter chaos, even the Queen had to intervene directly. This was the perfect opportunity to sneak out without getting into trouble. He had obtained the qilin infant, his main objective. But, somehow, he still couldn't let go of the antfolk's eggs.

The antfolk living in this world and those sold in shops were of a totally different quality. It was a shame to leave it.

"Should I wait here a little longer? Huh… I don't think so."

He sensed the presence of other demons around the tower. The number exceeded his estimates. Besides, he didn't have any detailed information on how the battle was going. Isaac only knew how the fate of the Ant Kingdom would end.

The demon pondered long enough on the throne. His eyes looked at the empty air, thinking about the various possibilities that might occur later.

After taking a deep breath, Isaac finally made a decision.

"There's no use thinking about it. I'll just use the old ways; high risk, high return."

Isaac rose from the throne. He walked on the red carpet, passing the bodies of the male antfolks who had died in pathetic conditions.

The demon decided to look for the eggs' hiding place.




The sound of footsteps continued to be heard throughout the hall. Antfolk warriors were running around, patrolling, and looking for the intruders in their towers.

The passages within the tower were like a spiral staircase. They had one main passage that led them to the top, where the throne's chamber was located. The main passage had hundreds of small passages that led anyone exploring it to an empty cavity.

The cavities were usually a food storage area or a place for the antfolk to have a rest.

Antfolk workers and warriors were usually given only one two-acre cavity for 500 antfolk, while the male antfolk had their own place. Sometimes one cavity contained two or three antfolk. In other words, the male antfolk got privileges from the Queen.

In one of the thousands of cavities inside the tower, dozens of antfolk could be seen sitting huddled on the floor. Some of them were trembling with fear. Some were talking nonsense to lighten the mood. Some were hugging each other.

They were all antfolk workers.

In the midst of the complicated situation, two antfolk workers seemed to be having a discussion. They kept their voices down so as not to attract the attention of other antfolks. One still looked young, while the other looked more mature.

"Hey, do you think the stranger we rescued is the cause of the chaos in the tower?"

The older antfolk patted his friend's head lightly. "You talked nonsense. Did your head crack after Yandez cut your food rations?"

"Yes, yes. I understand." The young antfolk complained exasperatedly.

Suddenly, they heard a loud bang, followed by an ear-piercing scream. All the antfolks who were in the cavity could hear it clearly. They certainly knew whose scream it was.

The young antfolk and old antfolk looked at each other.

"Did you hear that?" asked the young antfolk.

"Yes. Everyone in this room heard it."

The young antfolk got up and left the place.

Seeing his friend's behavior, the older Antfolk immediately knew what he was thinking. He quickly shouted at him to come back right away.

However, the younger antfolk paid no heed to it. He finally got up and caught up with him.

"Hey! Are you crazy? Let's go back soon. If Yandez finds out, we're dead."

The younger Antfolk still walked anyway despite being warned.

The two of them left the cavity, walking down a small passage until they finally arrived at the main passage. When they got there, a terrifying sight greeted them.

The antfolk warriors, who were known as the vanguard guarding the tower, all died in a disorganized state. Their bodies were hollow, scattered, and separated. Their blood pooled on the ground, while the smell of blood wafting through the air.


The younger antfolk fell. He was shocked. Even his antennae drooped and shook greatly, showing that he was powerless to see this sadistic sight, while his friends seemed strong enough in facing the situation they saw right now.

"A... let's go... we... should go back," said the younger antfolk, his voice trembling.

"Yeah… right. Let's get out of here quickly…"

The older antfolk helped his companion to stand up, then they quickly made their way back to the place where they had been hiding before.

Just as they were turning around, they heard someone calling them.

"Hey… where are you guys going?"

They slowly looked back.

A white-haired man dressed all in black came up to them. A drop of blood could be seen from the coat he was wearing. Without having to ask, they knew who was coming over to them.

Instantly, the two antfolks stiffened. If they could sweat, maybe their entire bodies were already soaking wet. The two of them stared at each other without having to say a word, as if they could understand what each of their minds was thinking.

However, the shocking thing didn't stop there. That man was the stranger. It was the person they were trying to save while they were at the waterfall.

The man seemed to smile kindly, as if the dozens of corpses around him didn't bother him at all.

They were even being observed from head to toe by the man.

"It looks like you're not one of them. You're the workers aren't you?"

"Yeah… I'm not the worker… I mean… we're the warriors… ah… damn… we're workers!" answered the two antfolks together. Because they were so nervous, their words were not that clear.

"Calm down. I won't kill you," replied the white-haired man.

Hearing his words, the two of them could breathe a little easier. Meanwhile, the man still had a friendly expression on his face.

"Hey… by the way, do you know where the Queen laid the eggs?"

The two antfolks fell silent. They looked at each other again, trying to communicate through their eyes.

They knew what the white-haired man was after. Telling him the location of the eggs was tantamount to annihilating their next generation.

They couldn't tell him. Never. This was not only treason but also destroying the Ant Kingdom.

The older antfolk squeezed his hand nervously. He tried to find an excuse.

"S-sorry… we are only the workers. We don't know anything about the eggs. The one who knows about it… only the male antfolks and the Queen herself. W… we know nothing. Hehehe…"

The white-haired man seemed to open his eyes wide as he nodded. "Oh, I see. I understand."

The two antfolks breathed a sigh of relief. They were finally able to escape from the terrible monster.

At least, that was what they thought.

"Then, both of you are useless."

The man's gentle smile vanished completely. Out of nowhere, he suddenly held a gun in his hands, pointing it at the older antfolk.


Flesh splattered all over, blood spurted everywhere, and the headless body collapsed. The older antfolk died in vain.


The younger antfolk was hysterical. He knelt in front of his best friend's blooded body.

"No… no… no…"

The antennae on his head went down, while his body was shaking. He didn't expect that a friend who had lived for a long time with him died before his eyes.

The man knelt down and put his arm around his friend's body.

"This would not have happened if he didn't lie to me. Now, I ask you… where does the Queen keep their eggs? You are the workers. Of course you would know."

The antfolk was still in shock. His hands trembled while holding his friend's body.

Seeing him still stiffened in his place, the white-haired man sighed in annoyance.

"Should I give you some motivation?" he said.

He brought his mouth close to the antfolk's ear.

"You know, I'm not stupid. I've only seen the warriors before, but not the workers. If I find you here, it means the others are not far. It's easy enough for me to finish them off at once."

Instantly, the antfolk's face turned pale. The other antfolk workers would be dragged along because of him.

At that moment, he realized that all of this was his fault.

If only he wasn't selfish and going out of his hiding, perhaps none of this would ever have happened. Maybe his best friend was still alive.

Squeezing his hands tightly, the young antfolk knelt before the white-haired man.

"Please, stranger! Don't kill them! We, the antfolk workers, have a short life! We have very little time to enjoy our life. Please don't kill them. I will tell you where the Queen keeps her eggs."

Of course, the young antfolk's words made the man smirk widely.

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