Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master

Chapter 156 Queensguard
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In the middle of a field of flowers, a silver-haired man was seen along with a black-robed group. Hoods covered their heads, so that their faces were obscured by shadows.

Some of the monsters around instinctively avoided them, as if they were a group of apex predators.

However, there were also some monsters who dared to attack them.

Eight horned beetle monsters attacked the silver-haired man, but that man ignored them and kept walking. One of the black-robed person jumped into the air, facing the eight insect monsters alone.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

In the blink of an eye, the monsters turned into pieces. Their blue blood stained the flower field.

The black-robed man who killed them seemed to be holding a dagger in both hands. He waved them in the air, then sheathed them.

"Are you alright, Lord Gavin?" the black-robed man asked. A calm, waterfall-like tone escaped from him.

Seeing his men's quick response to the situation, Gavin nodded his head and said, "Thank you."

They resumed their journey as if nothing had happened.

In the middle of the flower beds and pine trees, there was a large hole. Gavin stopped, the black-robed men naturally stopped as well.

The duke observed the hole carefully. He raised his hand and shook his net. One of the robed men faced him.

,m "Yes, Lord Gavin," the robed person asked in a polite tone. This time it was a soft female voice that sounded.

"Please check if there are any traces of anyone entering this place."

The black-robed woman immediately crowed at the mouth of the hole. Her hand touched the ground, light emerging from her palm. For a moment, she groped the ground.

Rising with a sigh, the black-robed woman told Gavin the information she had gotten from her scanning magic.

"So, what did you find?" the duke asked.

"I saw four footprints that went into the hole. Most likely demons," the black-robed woman replied.

Gavin squinted with a snort. "I knew it. They're after what I'm after. Then what else did you get?"

"Although they were a group, they entered at different times. The first two people. An hour later, two more entered."

Hearing the information he got, a sour look crossed the duke's face. His forehead seemed to be wrinkled.

"Different time periods? That means there are two different groups." Gavin asked to make sure.

"It seems so."

The silver-haired demon sighed.

"We should go in immediately. We need to quickly retrieve the spiritual beast eggs that were stolen from us."

Gavin quickly entered the hole, then the black-robed group followed behind him.





The creaking sound of metal stings the ears. The sturdy and thick iron bars opened, revealing Yandez and the antfolk standing tall waiting for him.

After three days in the cell, Isaac was finally given time to meet the Queen.

"Stranger, come with me," said the antfolk in metal armor.

Isaac got up with a grin on his face. Yandez led the way, while he followed behind with two antfolk warriors escorting him.

Down the hallway of the prison, Isaac saw the condition of the other cells. In each of its, there were at least ten to fifteen prisoners. They were all antfolk. Their conditions looked miserable; their bodies were emaciated, some limbs were missing, and they smelled bad.

Judging by their status through the system, the prisoners were antfolk workers.

'Their condition is worse than I expected.'

After passing through a large gate, they entered a long hallway with lights mounted along the walls. The walls and floor were made of dirt, Isaac guessed that the passage they were walking through was the result of excavation.

All the way down the hallway, Isaac felt that he was walking on an uphill path, as if they were climbing a hill.

Yandez stopped when they came to another large gate. This time the gate seemed to be guarded by eight antfolk warriors. They wore different armor from Yandez and the other antfolk warriors. They wore gray-iron armor.

These antfolk were the Queensguard, the chosen warriors appointed by the Queen to guard the throne.

Although they were weak when compared to Yandez, the Queensguard looked quite strong in Isaac's eyes. One of them was an antfolk with a name. A special monster.


[Name: Kaies]

[Race: Antfolk - Warrior]

[Type: Insect]

[Class: A]

[Level: 110]

"Hm... not bad."

Their antennae seemed to tremble when they saw Isaac, a sign that they were curious and surprised in the same time.

"Who is he, Chief Yandez?" asked one of the Queensguard. A curious tone came from his words.

"He is a messenger from the outside world. There is important information that needs to be heard by the Queen directly. It's urgent, Kaies."

Yandez quickly walked towards the gate, but two other Queesguards quickly blocked him with spears.

Instantly, the mood changed.

Isaac saw an interesting sight.

The antfolk called Kaies didn't seem to believe Yandez's words. It was clear that he didn't want to give way.

'They apparently don't get along well.

Yandez looked displeased. He looked at the Queensguard chief with a sharp gaze.

"I don't have time to play, Kaies."

Of course, Kaies did not want to lose in front of his men.

"Just because my people are few, doesn't mean I'm afraid of you. You'd better tell me clearly, or you'll never be able to enter the throne's chamber."

The two formidable antfolk stared at each other. The tension began to escalate rapidly.

The two antfolk warriors escorting Isaac looked dazed, the antennae on their heads beginning to wither. They held their weapons trembling. A similar sight was also shown to the seven Queensguard. They were intimidated by the strength of the two powerful antfolk.

Isaac found this interesting at first. However, after seeing the two of them unable to use their brains properly, like it or not, he had to intervene.

'You stupid ants.'

Isaac cleared his throat, drawing the attention of all the antfolk around. Including Yandez and Kaies. The two ant monsters looked at him with a sardonic glare.

The demon sighed, trying to be patient with the arrogant creatures.

"I don't want to disturb your dispute, but I have important news to tell the Queen. We don't have time. How about discussing this with a cool head."

Yandez seemed to agree with him.

However, the Queensguard chief showed a displeased look. The antennae on his head rose.

"Who are you, stranger? No one asked for your opinion. Don't expect that just because you're guarded by these ants, you'll be able to act as you please," Kaies said.

Isaac snorted. His hands itched to kill the sassy monster in front of him. He hated stubborn and arrogant creatures the most.

He gave the armored antfolk a warning look.

"Trust me, we don't have much time right now. Powerful beings are here to destroy you. If you continue to let your egos, this kingdom will be destroyed by them in overnight."

Of course, his words angered the Queensguard's Chief.

"You bastard! What do you know about the Ant Kingdom! I'll kill you!" Kaies snapped angrily.

The Queensguard chief reached for Isaac's neck, but his hand was caught in a tight grip. Yandez prevented him.

The superior Antfolk grabbed Kaies's hand. The iron-armored ant looked in pain. Yandez's grip was strong.

"This stranger carries important information from the outside world."

Kaies clicked his tongue. "You believe that?"

"No, I don't. But when it comes to the Kingdom and the Queen's safety, I won't take any risk."

Hearing such a reasonable remark, a sour look appeared on Kaies' face as if he had just swallowed a bitter pill. The antennae on his head began to lower.

He quickly withdrew his arm.

With a tone of dislike, Kaies coded his men to give way to them.

Isaac smiled with satisfaction. The two ants guarding him also looked relieved.

"Thank you for your understanding, Kaies."


Yandez thanked him sincerely, but the armored antfolk did not care. The Queensguard chief was already fed up.


A creaking sound echoed down the hallway. The gates opened along with a big smile on Isaac's face. They then entered the queen's chamber.

After they entered, the gate closed on its own.

A magnificent hall greeted them.

Unlike other places Isaac had been, the throne's chamber looked very special. The chamer was spacious, like a hall. A long red carpet was laid out. Four large pillars stood firmly supporting the chamber. If the walls and floor of the hallway were dirt, then the queen's room was composed of smooth stone.

The luxurious atmosphere of the kingdom was felt in the throne's room. Isaac's noble soul began to rise when he entered it.

'Not bad for a horde of ants.'

At the end of the red carpet, there was a throne made of glowing minerals. There sat a beautiful woman accompanied by male antfolks. It was as if they were all her toys.

At first glance, Isaac knew who she was.

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