Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God

Chapter 39
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Eli and Dyon continued to work in the fields, leaping around the small streams of water, planting new seeds, and picking ripe plants.

Eli passively muttered to himself the whole time, sometimes saying things even Dyon himself didn’t quite understand.

“Fawning Grass has a gentle nature, and its need for water is significantly less than other plants. I should move it further from the stream and away from the more dominant Devil’s Willow… if not, it’ll end up being used as fertilizer… This’ll work, Devil’s Willow actually needs a high supply of water so that it doesn’t dry the soil out with its fire nature… If I design this well, there’ll be a nice balance each of the two could grow well in…”

Soft music played as they worked. Dyon was actively listened to what Eli was saying. Although he could guess how to raise plants based on the characteristics he had memorized, he hadn’t actually read any gardening technique books. So, Eli was much more of an expert in this area than he was. Plus, these minor adjustments Eli was making made Dyon feel as though he was stepping into an all new world bit by bit.

Soon they were finished up and went to the lake to wash their feet. Eli had insisted that they be bare foot in the field so they could make sure not to accidentally harm any plants.

By the time Delia and Madeleine waved them goodbye, the sun was already setting in the sky. Just like that, Patia-Neva Peak fell into a pleasant silence, the ambience between two young women blooming.

Delia, however, seemed to be itching to say something. But, she had no idea how exactly to put it into words. Unable to hold back anymore, she finally blurted it out.

“Big sister… do you love him?”

The moment Delia said these words, she blushed profusely. Much like any young girl budding in her youth, Delia was interested in such topics. But, she never quite understood them.

Now, however, her best friend, Meiying, was getting married to Chenglei very soon. And even her Big Sister had her name floating around in marriage talks even though she rejected. It made Delia very aware of her age… Shouldn’t she also be getting married soon, then? But to who? There were too many things she didn’t understand.

Madeleine gave a surprised look to Delia, before letting her light laughter fill the field. She remained silent for a while, letting her dainty feet swing across the surface of the lake. Finally, she spoke.

“… I wouldn’t call it love, even I don’t know what that word means. But… I feel like I know him.

“I watched along with uncle at Sapientia peak when he came to the library with you for the first time. I watched his fearlessness in front of Uncle Patia-Neva and the other family leaders. I watched him protect his pride even with his life on the line. I watched his proud back as he fought against the best alumni focus academy has to offer. I even watched as he was accepted by the heavens…”

Madeleine’s voice grew softer and softer, an image of Dyon’s receding back playing in her mind.

“That was him?!” Delia was shocked. It was Dyon who caused Heaven’s Chimes to ring?!

Madeleine smiled. “I may not love him yet… but I think it’s very well worth seeing what life would be like with him in it. If I can smile with true happiness like this everyday, even if my life is cut short, wouldn’t it be worth it?


Dyon lightly snored. Having lost himself in more study over the past few days, he managed to completely tap himself out again. However, at that moment, a gentle sound drifted into his ears.

A soft melody shook Dyon awake. He almost jolted up in surprise as he noticed a delicate figure sitting beside his bed.

Dyon blinked, “Madeleine?”

Suddenly, he jerked completely awake, slapping his own forehead. “The banquet! I’m so sorry.”

Dyon was at a loss. How had he forgotten about something so important?

Madeleine didn’t seem too worried about it as she smiled. Even after having snuck into a boy’s room, she was the picture of perfection.

Her smooth, fair skin shone through a slit in her qipao, allowing her slender leg to grace Dyon’s eyes. Her hair was up as usual, but it was adorned with a beautiful hair piece comb, shining silver and gold with hints of purple. Her dress was her usual purple, but it was decidedly more elegant and refined. It clung tightly to her curves, making Dyon stunned for a while.

After Dyon finished being stunned, he grinned so widely his lips almost split.

“If I show up with you, they’ll really kill me for good.”

Madeleine’s gentle laughter filled the room.

“Go on. I left your outfit in the bathroom. It’s only been half an hour since the banquet started, so I thought I’d let you sleep. Since you’re awake, we might as well go.”

Dyon jumped up and headed to the bathroom, leaving Madeleine staring at the walls of drawn arrays.

“He really works hard… no wonder he’s so tired. Let me play him a revitalizing tune…”


Dyon walked out feeling fresh. He wore formal attire that more heavily matched the human world. Black dress pants and a tight purple dress shirt clung to him. He had on a watch he almost never wore and had rolled up his sleeves.

Madeleine walked to him and buttoned something he had missed,

“Seems like you really can be quite handsome sometimes,” Madeleine said with a gentle smile.

“How could I ever be handsome enough for you? I’ll have to make up for it by being stronger,” Dyon was completely infatuated.

He tilted up her chin, snapping her away from her focus on fixing him up properly. The two were so close that they could feel the warmth of each other’s breath. Their gazes were locked onto one another, their heart beats pumping in sync.

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