Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God

Chapter 1099 Fear
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It wasn't until Amethyst combined the characteristics of the ice and fire phoenix from her two parents that a mighty four characteristic flame was birthed into the world.

The shame of the Belmont family was that even though they innately had two flames, they couldn't access the life and reincarnation characteristics of their red and blue flames, giving each of their flames only a single characteristic.

Yet, despite all of this, Head Arie was saying Dyon's flames had three characteristics! A feat rarely seen!

"His flames after a solidification characteristic and an augmentation characteristic…"

"Solidification? Augmentation?" Saintess Rue asked.

"Yes. If my senses are correct, his flames can augment darkness and demonic type wills, making them stronger than they otherwise might be. At the same time, he can gift darkness and demonic type characteristics to wills that might otherwise not have them. If he coupled these flames with his death will… The results would be frightening. Plus, the solidity of his flames is shocking. Their toughness seems to be close to a Spiritual level defensive weapon… And still increasing!"

"Then what about the third characteristic you sensed back then?"

Head Arie slightly trembled, shocking the two young women. In their years of life, they had never seen their family head act in such a way.

In this world, there weren't many things that couldn't make Head Arie feel fear. She was a supreme dao formation elite who even had a chance to reach the half-step transcendent realm in a few more hundred thousand years.

Even when she faced the extinction of her clan, she stood tall. Even when she heard that her daughter died, although she stopped smiling, she remained strong. Even when her husband left this world before her, she became the bedrock that kept their clan together.

Yet, today, while she watched her grandson struggle with one of the greatest trials he had faced in his young life, she couldn't help but remember the existence of something that made her feel fear to the depths of her soul.

'Could it be that I have to be subjected to such a cruel fate? To have to kill my own grandson with my own two hands?... The world can't be so cruel…'

The second tier became a land of black flame. The lush forests disappeared, the beasts burned to ash, and in the end, there was only a single young man standing in the center of it all, roaring into the skies.

His features were the picture of beauty, his body was rippling with absolute power, but everything about him exuded an aura of absolute darkness… an aura that said he was only capable of destroying.

Nothing deserved to be whole in this world. Everything needed to be eradicated. Everything should give in to Chaos.

Just when everything was about to collapse, a beautiful white flame descended, blessing the lands with absolute purity.

Head Arie's pupils shrunk. "Dual innate flames? And of such opposing paths? Just what monster did you choose, Little Esmeralda…"

The white flames completely overwhelmed the black flames, feeding off the copious amounts of life energy provided by the Life Stone.

In an instant, the lands were washed over by a pure light. The trees regrew, firmer and more robust than before. The charred ground became lush and green once more, beautifying the scenery. Even the beasts that were further away that had been writhing as they burned to death, were rejuvenated, healing at a pace that shocked anyone who could see it.

"His white flames have an augmentation characteristic as well… To think it could augment something as heaven defying as the Life Stone…"

Head Arie and the Saintesses were at a loss for words as Dyon's comprehension soared.

One with soul…. One with will…. One with intent…. One with Law…. One with world…. One with dao….

At that moment, the faint outline of a dao appeared in the skies.

The white and black flames surged, spinning viciously and spiralling into each other before concentrating into a tight circle.


? The circle of white and black pulsed, expanding one times… then two… then ten… then a hundred…

Soon, an intricate array shining with whites as fine as crystals and blacks as dark as obsidian appeared in the skies, spanning more than 100 meters in diameter!

Its markings were faint, almost seeming illusory. But, it contained an ancient aura that made anyone who saw it feel the need to bow down… As though it held the secrets to origin of everything…

Dyon roared into the skies, his eyes reflecting the very same pattern that hung in the skies.

At that moment, his inner world shifted. Its cracked lands became a sea of white and black fire. Yet, Dyon's manifestation, his primordial yang and his wives' primordial yins remained completely unscathed. It seemed that Dyon's comprehension had finally reached a point where it could effect change in his own world… It was finally worthy of being placed along side the laws of existence.

The flames condensed, forming an array identical to the illusory one that appeared in the real world before sinking into the ancient and cracked lands that made up Dyon's inner world.

"His dao is so large… Yet he hasn't officially formed it… How…" Saintess Rue was shocked.

The power of a dao array was reliant on three things. The profoundness of its symbols, the brightness of its array, and its size. Except for brightness, Dyon's dao array was already enough to make their hearts tremble, yet he was still at the intent level!

For a newly formed one with dao intent to be even 1 meter in diameter was already good enough. Even a true first level dao would only be about 10 meters in diameter if it was forged by the comprehension of a true genius. 100 meters for a 9th level intent?! It was unheard of!

Head Arie could only shake her head and bitterly chuckle. "His white flames also have three characteristics…"

"Head, could it be that his black flames don't have the inextinguishable heat characteristic? How are they so hot if not?..." Saintess Rue asked.

Head Arie shook her head. "Ask no more… Fire is not the only thing in existence that can give off heat… As for the reason his black flames are so hot? It's better you don't know. I'm sure those old bastards will give my grandson trouble for it…"

'His white flames are purer than us celestial beasts… But his black flames are more evil than infernal beasts… The heavens allow such a dichotomy to exist in one body?... Wait…'

As if in response, Dyon finally awoke, roaring in pain. His body felt like it was being torn from the inside out! It wasn't until the dao array faded that he finally fell to the ground, panting in an attempt to catch his breath.

Seeing this scene, Head Arie sighed as though she had expected as much. "To be blessed with such power yet to be forever unable to use it. If he had been born with Eternity's Balance… His future would be limitless…" Head Arie shook her head again. "What am I saying? His future is already limitless. This could be considered a handicap my grandson is giving others."

The only reason Dyon's white flames were able to so easily overwhelm his black flames was in thanks to the Life Stone. It could be said that had Dyon had his eruption in the outside world, the problem would not have been resolved so easily, if at all. And, had his had this eruption in a place with dense darkness and demonic type wills, he would have lost his mind without a doubt.

Dyon's body becomes a battlefield whenever he uses his origin flames. When they were weaker, the results of this battle were insignificant, but now that they had grown to this stage, Dyon couldn't handle using them for even a moment…

It was because of this battle that despite Dyon's white flames having the purifying characteristic – making him completely immune to all poisons and curses the moment he stepped into the one with body realm – it took him months to clear himself of the Ipsum family poison back when their genius impersonated Madeleine.

Still… Dyon wasn't think about any of this…

His chest heaved while an emotion he so very rarely felt filled his eyes: fear.

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