Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor!

Chapter 486: The Beauty’s Plan
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Chapter 486: The Beauty’s Plan

Her hair was splayed out and her face was bare, but she was extremely attractive to Yun Huan.

It felt as though feathers were gently rubbing and stirring his heart.

“What’re you doing?” Yun Huan’s voice was slightly hoarse, his Adam’s apple rolling slightly.

“I’m bored, so I’m looking at random things.” Qin Yi’s voice was light, as though she was not angry at all.

Yun Huan squinted his eyes and sat by the bedside. He did not say anything when Qin Yi suddenly pounced on him.

Throughout the period, Qin Yi was well taken care of. She had a rosy complexion and snow-white skin that appeared to be extremely fragile.

Yun Huan extended his hand out and touched her face. It was an extremely pleasurable feeling.

“You’re no longer angry?”

Qin Yi sighed and kissed him on the lips, answering, “En, I’m not angry.”

Yun Huan’s heart stirred and he felt something amiss, but he did not mention it. His lips were blocked by the person on top of him.

Qin Yi used the method that Yun Huan had previously used to kiss him, her deft tongue slightly moving over his lips.

Yun Huan’s thoughts were interrupted, no longer able to bear it. He moved and the two immediately swapped positions.

The fragrance of the person beneath him was perfect, making Yun Huan want more and more.

The arm gradually turned warmer and his burning lips were no longer satisfied by just one place. He started kissing downwards, bit by bit, and lingered at Qin Yi’s collarbone.

Suddenly, Yun Huan stopped moving.

“Yun Huan, Yun Huan!” Qin Yi shouted a few times, but the man on top of her did not move, almost as though he was asleep.

In fact, there was no difference between him currently and his sleeping form.

Qin Yi calmly pushed him to the side as his peach blossom eyes closed, his brows creasing slightly.

Qin Yi covered him with a blanket, then headed to the toilet.

She washed the drug off of her collarbone and summoned Ji out of the Origin Space.

The little white ball licked its claws and looked at Qin Yi, commenting, “Master, is that really good? When that man wakes up, he will be very angry.”

Qin Yi was stunned for a moment. That’s right, he was bound to get angry. He did not agree with her going, so she had drugged him.

But she did not regret it.

Z-City was in peril, and although Yun Huan was a grade 10 ability user, Qin Yi still felt uneasy because Doctor Lin was beside the Zombie King.

It was all because of the unfathomable and mysterious Doctor Lin. Anything could happen with that man around, so she had to investigate.

“I have to go, regardless of the consequences.” Qin Yi frowned, her beautiful face revealing a hint of tension.

She retrieved a green pill from the Origin Space and swallowed it. In a moment, Qin Yi’s entire body became greenish, resembling a high rank zombie.

But high rank zombies had red eyes; the higher their rank, the deeper the color. This was a mark they could not get rid of, no matter how similar they looked to humans.

Qin Yi took out some contact lens and a makeup bag. As a girl, she had a makeup bag, although she did not use it regularly.

Ji lazily laid on the side, its yellow eyes filled with surprise. What was that thing? Was it able to turn a person into another person?

When Qin Yi finished her makeup, the person in the mirror was a faint green with faint red eyes. Her lips were white, and her cheeks appeared sunken. With a sluggish look in her eyes, she seemed exactly like a zombie.

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