Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor!

Chapter 408: Stench
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Chapter 408: Stench

Yun Huan could see the interest in Mu Xuanran’s eyes very clearly; when a man falls in love with a woman, it would start off with interest. Yun Huan was like that at the start too and was unable to resist at the end.

Although the little fella was in a male disguise at this moment, he knew how attractive she was. Previously, he also fell in love with her with she was in a male disguise.

With that thought, Yun Huan suddenly refused to allow Qin Yi to return to her female appearance. All the men were already chasing after her when she was in a male disguise. What would happen if she returned to being a female? It would be disastrous.

Qin Yi didn’t think too much. “He’s Mu Xuanran. We met before.”

They merely met and she didn’t say that they were friends.

Mu Xuanran was somewhat hurt. “Little Yiyi, how could you say that? Have you forgotten what you said to me before? You’re denying our relationship so quickly.”

Qin Yi’s mouth twitched. ‘What relationship? Why is he making it sound so ambiguous?’ Qin Yi said, “Could you talk properly? I only agreed to be friends at that time.”

“Little Yiyi, you’re so mean.” Mu Xuanran sighed, then he stretched and looked at Yun Huan provocatively.

The intuition between men was sometimes quite accurate, and he could feel that this man was unfriendly towards him because of Little Yiyi.

Yun Huan was expressionless, his deep peach blossom eyes were cold as he extended his hand, and his handsome face was very charming. “Hello, I am Qiqi’s man, Yun Huan.”

Mu Xuanran chuckled and raised his brows. Although his face couldn’t be seen that reckless temperament was very captivating, and he also extended his hand. “Hello, I am a friend of Qiqi, Mu Xuanran.” ”

Two pairs of eyes looked straight at one another and sparks flew in all directions.

Deng Baoping got stirred up from watching. ‘Oh god, this man’s peach blossom eyes are truly intense.’

“But this Mu Xuanran seems quite good looking too, eh? Oh, even though his face can’t be seen, I just think so. Qingtian, what do you think?” Deng Baoping asked.

“En.” Yang Qingtian replied then lowered her gaze and the sadness in her eyes seemed to be overflowing.

The towering tree in the woods sheltered them from the scorching sun. At first, there were only three of them but there were many people right now. Qin Yi kept her guard up constantly – this forest wasn’t so simple, and they must be very careful.

Lin Ping and the other three people followed behind. They had a falling out with Qin Yi before but still didn’t want to miss out on the things inside or rather they didn’t want to miss the chance of picking up anything Qin Yi left behind.

Qin Yi released her mental strength throughout the way and she suddenly sensed that there was something ahead. She stopped in her tracks and said to Yun Huan and the others, “There’s something in front. Be careful.”

As they moved forward, a strong stench assaulted their senses like something was rotting. Qin Yi knitted her brows and retrieved a few masks from her Origin Space for Yun Huan and the rest.

After wearing the masks, they felt slightly better but Lin Ping and the others behind were suffering. It was fine for Lin Ping and the men but Qingqing couldn’t take it.

“What nonsense is this? Why is it so smelly?” Qingqing said in an upset tone. Without a mask, she could only use her sleeve to cover her nose.

Qingqing’s voice was quite loud and she mainly did that to get Qin Yi’s attention. However, Qin Yi didn’t care at all. The moment she spoke, the stench became stronger. Then, a group of zombies with crooked backs slowly pounced towards them.

The stench came from them, but this group of zombies was different from the ones they usually saw.

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