Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman

Chapter 397 - Side Story 17: Swift And Deadly!
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Chapter 397: Side Story 17: Swift And Deadly!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“W-Who are you?” Wen Qing looked at the person who had appeared suddenly, and took an involuntary step back.

That’s right, the Wen family had currently already managed to form an alliance with the mysterious power world, and Wen Qing herself had been said to be talented in ancient martial arts. Because of that, she had become even more arrogant, and when she heard that Tan Yongsi had caught the eyes of America’s power world as well as the Feng family, she could no longer stay calm.

She wanted to teach Tan Yongsi a lesson, but she didn’t expect that a strange woman would suddenly appear out of nowhere.

This person had appeared in the strangest way possible, and if she wasn’t in front of her, Wen Qing would have even suspected that she had been hallucinating.

Gu Xiqiao calmly glanced at Wen Qing, and snapped her fingers. “You don’t have to worry about who I am at the moment. Getting back to what you just said, you wanted Miss Tan to see you reach the peak of the world?”

Wen Qing’s heart thumped hard in her chest, and she clenched her fist tightly, taking a deep breath to steady herself. Everyone in France had said that she was extremely talented, and even in the ancient martial arts standard, she was considered to be of the higher tiers. It was only a matter of time before she would be standing at the top of the world.

Wen Qing truly believed in their words. If it weren’t for that, why would France send these masters in order for her to use as she pleased?

She pushed down the anxiety that she was feeling at this moment when she thought about it, raising her head to look at Gu Xiqiao. “That’s right, my spiritual power has been acknowledged by the ancient martial arts world!”

The ancient martial arts world!

That was the most powerful force in the entire world in this current time!

Getting acknowledgment from the ancient martial arts world had placed Wen Qing and the Wen family at the top of the secular world in China.

Because of that, Wen Qing’s behavior wasn’t without reason.

“Fine, we’ll see you tomorrow.” Gu Xiqiao pulled out her phone, checking the time. “You can go home now, and cherish the last night of your happy days.”

With a wave of her hands, Wen Qing and the men with her disappeared from the spot.

Tan Yongsi’s eyes widened when she saw the people in front of her disappeared, and she almost forgot to breathe.

“Tan Yongsi?” A clear, melodious voice spoke near her ear, and Tan Yongsi pulled herself back from her stunned stupor. She stared at the girl in front of her with a dazed look in her eyes. “G-G-Goddess?”

“...” Gu Xiqiao rubbed her temples. “What Wen Qing said was right just now.”

“Right?” Tan Yongsi finally returned to her normal self, and thought back to what the other girl had said in their confrontation just now. Her brows furrowed. “You mean, she really does have the talent?”

If that was really the case...

Tan Yongsi pursed her lips, clenching her fist tightly as her nails dug into her palms.

“Yes, her spiritual power and talents are indeed very strong. In the general selection tomorrow, I expect there will be many bigger families who will be fighting over her, with the talents that she has.” Gu Xiqiao didn’t bother sugarcoating her words. In a family, the most important thing was talent, and that’s why they wouldn’t spare any effort to win over those with real talents in the annual general selection.

“The ancient martial arts world...” If she had doubted Wen Qing’s words, there was no longer any after she heard it from Gu Xiqiao. Because of this, she could feel the despair slowly eating into her.

The ancient martial arts world was a power that was beyond the top of the world, its existence was the envy of all the power worlds across the globe.

Though Tan Yongsi was not from the ancient martial arts world, she also knew this as a fact. If Wen Qing really became a member of the ancient martial arts world, then her so-called revenge would become the biggest joke of all.

“So... Do you want to become stronger than Wen Qing?” Gu Xiqiao touched her chin, flashing her a light smile. Her long eyelashes swayed softly with the wind, her black eyes clear and unhindered, calm and attractive.

Become stronger than Wen Qing?

Tan Yongsi stared at Gu Xiqiao in disbelief. Was she joking, or what the heck was she doing?!

If this was before she had found out that Wen Qing had the talents to enter the ancient martial arts world, she probably would have struggled a little more. But after tomorrow, Wen Qing would be part of the ancient martial arts world. It wasn’t like she was looking down on herself, but the words ‘ancient martial arts world’ was enough to crush all her hopes and leave her breathless.

“Are you sure you’re not pulling my leg?” Tan Yongsi smiled bitterly.

Gu Xiqiao shook her head. “Of course not. If you’re willing, then you’ll be attending the general selection tomorrow.”

The general selection of the ancient martial arts world? Tan Yongsi was taken aback. “But... I never signed up.”

“That won’t be a problem.” Gu Xiqiao pulled out a golden token from her pocket. “You’ll be able to participate with this.”

Tan Yongsi took the token with a stumped look on her face. She had heard of the two ways to participate in the general selection. One was to register a year in advance, but the selections for the registration itself were very demanding, and those who got through the screening were few; and then there was the second way, which was through accepting invitations from families in the ancient martial arts world. The way of invitation was to give a special token to the person who had caught the eye of the person from the ancient martial arts world.

The image of those tokens had been leaked before, and the shape was similar to the one she was holding in her hands. However, the difference was this was made of gold, while the one she had seen before was made of wood.

On the golden token, a powerful, bold word was written on it—Gu!

At this time, the red bird on Tan Yongsi’s shoulder couldn’t take it anymore!

It flapped its wings furiously, shooting off like an arrow from a bow, with a ‘twang’, heading straight towards Gu Xiqiao!

“Xixi!” Tan Yongsi exclaimed in horror as she watched the scene unfold in front of her. “Goddess, look out!”

She had once experienced Xixi’s flames, and even her upgraded talismans hadn’t been able to stop its fire, which proved just how powerful Xixi’s fire was. So when she saw Xixi shooting straight towards Gu Xiqiao, how could she not panic?!

However, Tan Yongsi’s eyes widened for the second time in the next moment.

Because she saw Gu Xiqiao merely reach out a slender, white hand, and patted Xixi on the head, and it fell to the ground, just like that.

Tan Yongsi’s mouth was agape.

When did such a powerful, mythical beast become so easy to beat in one hit?

Also, this was a sacred beast, how could the goddess casually slap it to the ground like that?!

Tan Yongsi looked at Xixi on the ground, and was afraid for a second that it would really raze the entire Imperial Capital to the ground with its flames.

While she was still in shock, Xixi didn’t seem to look the least angry that it had been slapped to the ground. It got off the ground easily, as though it hadn’t been just slapped a moment ago, looking up at Gu Xiqiao.

Tan Yongsi dared to swear to the lamp, a series of emotions that she couldn’t understand flashed through the eyes of the mythical, sacred beast that usually only held cold arrogance in its eyes.

“Beauty Qiao! Waaah!” Xixi’s body suddenly expanded several times bigger than its usual size, grabbing Gu Xiqiao’s leg with its claws. “Do you not want me anymore?”

Gu Xiqiao shifted her leg slightly, and Xixi went bouncing backward. She lowered her head, looking at Xixi with her dark, coal eyes. Her face was indifferent as she said, “Be good and follow behind Miss Tan properly.”

Having said that, she disappeared from the spot, and from Xixi’s sight.

Xixi wailed even more depressingly at this.

“When you first died...” A green robot suddenly appeared, holding a pink flower in its mechanical arms. “Did you know, Haha didn’t eat anything for half a month.”

Xixi looked at the robot and flower that had appeared, choking. “Then, where’s Haha? I haven’t seen it since I came back.”

It knew that Haha wasn’t the same as them, and it was just a normal dog. Not eating for fifteen days... Xixi sniffed, unable to imagine what would happen.

“It passed away,” Jiji said, looking at Xixi calmly. “Haha was just a regular dog. On the fifteenth day of your death, it also died.”

After Jiji finished talking, it didn’t wait for Xixi’s reaction before turning to Tan Yongsi. “Good luck for tomorrow’s selection, Miss Tan.”

Xixi was stunned.

Actually, it knew that something was wrong from the moment Tan Yongsi pulled out that dog bowl for Xixi to use.

But hearing it from Jiji’s own mouth, it couldn’t react. Haha... was dead? Why?

Xixi tried to think of happier thoughts, but it couldn’t. How could it? Haha really had just been a normal dog, it wasn’t like Xixi, a mythical beast. It wasn’t like Jiji either, a super-powered existence. It even more wasn’t like Dog Feed, who had gained spiritual wisdom...

Tan Yongsi brought Xixi back to the dormitory, but she found that the mythical beast wouldn’t eat or drink the entire night, sitting in the beautiful, priceless bowl, staring blankly at the space in front of it.


The night before the general selection, everyone in the Imperial Capital was feeling uneasy.

In the Wen family residence, Wen Qing was clenching her fist tightly. The people from France had given her a call again, and she forgot all about the terrifying run in with Gu Xiqiao, and was anticipating the grand show she would be giving everyone tomorrow!

In the national guest house, America’s leader was drinking a cup of tea, and he let out a sigh. “Miss Gu has really found Tan Yongsi already?”

“That’s right.” Cecily also let out a sigh. “I don’t know what this Tan Yongsi has done to catch Qiao Qiao’s eye.”

“The main reason is probably because of Master Xixi.” The leader put down his cup. “Miss Gu has never accepted a disciple in the many years she’s been here. This time, she actually gave Tan Yongsi a token, and it seems like she wants to accept her as a disciple. Thinking about how another monster is about to appear in the world...”

Hearing these two go back and forth on this topic, the young man beside them couldn’t help but interrupt, “Leader, that Tan Yongsi’s talent is very ordinary from what I saw. According to the investigation from France, the most talented dark horse this time should be Wen Qing, why are you guys so fixated on the one named Tan Yongsi?”

“If I say you’re not old enough to understand, you won’t believe me, right? Just wait for tomorrow, you’ll understand.” Cecily was too lazy to explain, and she waved her hand as she spoke. “I’ll be heading back first. There’s a hot pot party happening in Peace Manor tonight, and I won’t have anything to eat if I’m late to it.”

After she left, the young man scratched the back of his head, wondering why he couldn’t really understand what Cecily was trying to say.

However, he was also slightly shocked by Cecily’s casual attitude towards the leader.

The leader didn’t mind it at all, since America’s power world was where it was today largely due to the relationship between Cecily and Gu Xiqiao. From the bottom of his heart, he felt extremely grateful towards Cecily. It was to the point that he had once wanted to hand over the position of leader to her, but she had turned it down.

The leader of America looked at the young man who still had a look of doubt on his face, and chuckled lightly. “Do you think that the strength of the ancient martial arts world is measured based on their strength?”

“Isn’t it?” The young man’s eyes widened. It wasn’t only the ancient martial arts world, wasn’t it the same for the power worlds? The stronger the talent, the stronger they would be in terms of strength.

“Of course.” America’s leader sighed. “In the ancient martial arts world, there is someone who never follows the path paved by the heavens for her. There are only things that she never thought of, but there is nothing she cannot do. Do you know what is the most frightening force in the ancient martial arts world currently?”

“You’re talking about the Peace Squad?” The Peace Squad, who had recently emerged was the talk of all the power worlds, so the young man had obviously heard of them.

What he didn’t understand was why was the leader bringing this up right now?

“Nowadays, the majority of the people only know that the Peace Squad is extremely powerful.” The leader said softly. “But how many know that, before joining the Peace Squad, they were all ordinary people with ordinary talents, and some of them were even gangsters?”

The young man was stunned speechless at the words, and he could only stare at the leader with wide eyes.


The next day, it was time for the general selection in the ancient martial arts world.

Based on China’s scale of population, there were many who came to participate in it. They all stood at the junction between the secular world and the ancient martial arts world, waiting for the people from various families to select talents from the gathered people.

Wen Qing and Yan Han were among these people.

In addition to being selected as participants in the general selection, they also needed to have the power and be well informed. Naturally, they knew that Wen Qing’s talent was great by default, and was certain to be accepted into the ancient martial arts world, which made them show more respect for her.

While Wen Qing was listening to the pleasing words of the people around her, her eyes caught sight of a familiar figure. “Tan Yongsi, why is she here?”

When he heard the name, Yan Han was also surprised. He followed Wen Qing’s gaze, and instantly saw the familiar figure, and was stunned.

Seeing him in this state, Wen Qing couldn’t help the mocking curl of her lips. “Let’s go, let’s see if she really has the talent or not.”

Yan Han could only follow Wen Qing over silently.

Tan Yongsi was already testing her talent. The test was simple and straightforward, there was a black stone at the center of the square. As long as you touch the stone while standing under it, it would show the level of your spiritual power.

Majority of the ordinary people would be at a low level, and the qualified ones were generally at an intermediate level, and there were only a handful of high-level ones. As for the unique level, there had never been anyone who was on that level. There were rumors that there was an even higher level, but no one had ever seen anybody reaching that height.

Wen Qing had already been tested, and she had fallen into the high level, and was one of the people with the highest spiritual power in recent years.

That was the reason why countless people had started to follow her once she had appeared, and also the reason why France’s power world would place so much value on her.

When Tan Yongsi placed her hand on the stone, a light flashed before revealing her level—low level.

“Pft, how dare a low-level person come to enter the general selections, aren’t you aware of the minimum requirement to enter the ancient martial arts world?” Wen Qing sneered, leaning in closer to Tan Yongsi’s ears as she said mockingly, “Were you envious because I’ll be entering the ancient martial arts world? What a pity, you’re destined to only chase after my footsteps forever!”

Yan Han breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Tan Yongsi’s results. He had been frightened yesterday when he heard that Tan Yongsi had met with two big shots one after another. Now that he saw she had practically no talent, he felt a relief course through him.

“But I heard that you never signed up, so how did you come here?” Wen Qing looked at Tan Yongsi, her voice raised as she spoke. “A low-level ordinary person, daring to participate in the general selection, did you get here through opening a backdoor with connections? I can’t believe this sort of thing would happen in the ancient martial arts world!”

As soon as she said that, those brainless people who clung to her also began to mutter amongst themselves, agreeing with Wen Qing’s words.

They didn’t see the old man who was in charge of the black stone staring at the red bird on Tan Yongsi’s shoulder, the shock clear on his face. It took a long while before he finally came back to his senses, and he hurried to Tan Yongsi’s side, his eyes looking intently at her. “Miss, may I ask, how did you come across this bird?”

“Second Elder, who are you calling a bird? Don’t you recognize your Master Xixi anymore?” Xixi glanced at the old man, puffing its chest pompously, with its head raised high.

The second elder froze for a while at that, and he leaned over towards Xixi when he managed to collect himself. “You’re back, Master Xixi?”

“Yes. Let her pass the general selection, Beauty Qiao intends to take her in as her disciple.” Xixi flapped its wings as it spoke.

The second elder felt the shock course through him, and studied Tan Yongsi for a while, before giving her a more respectful look. He handed her a wooden token to enter the ancient martial arts world. “Please wait a moment, Miss Tan. I’ll take care of it.”

He knew that although Tan Yongsi was just an ordinary person now, she would soon become like those people in Peace Manor, one more crazy than the other!

He never expected that Miss Gu would actually want to accept a disciple?

Once news of this got out, the entire ancient martial arts world would be shocked, right?

The second elder’s display caused the words of Wen Qing and everyone else’s to be stuck in their throats. Before they came here, they had been clearly warned that the person who was in charge of the test and black stone was clearly someone of high status in the ancient martial arts world. You could mess with anyone else, but not this person!

But now they were clearly seeing that this person of high status in the ancient martial arts world was actually being so polite and courteous towards Tan Yongsi?!

Wasn’t Tan Yongsi just an ordinary person? What in the world had happened that they didn’t know about?

“My lord, Tan Yongsi obviously came in through underhanded means, I don’t understand why you would choose her?!” Wen Qing’s face changed drastically once she saw this scene. When she had taken the test just now, the second elder’s face had not twitched at all. Why was he reacting so much when Tan Yongsi had low spiritual power?

“Underhanded means?” The second elder shot Wen Qing a cold look, then turned kindly to Tan Yongsi. “That one should have given you a keepsake, right?”

Tan Yongsi was taken aback. A keepsake?

She quickly understood what the second elder was talking about, and solemnly pulled out the golden token from her pocket.

The structure of the token was simple, and the edge an intricate design pattern, and the word in the center of it was very conspicuous. The big ‘Gu’ sent a chill up all the spines of the people looking at it!

Forget about the ordinary people, even the second elder who was looking at the word felt his mental power being affected. An illusion appeared involuntarily in everyone’s minds, as if seeing a person shattering the mountains and rivers with a single swipe of a sword!

“Oh my god, who wrote this word? It’s just one word, but the impact on everyone is huge?!”

“A master, it’s definitely a master!”

“I wonder if there will be a day when I’ll be able to reach that level!”

The chatter went on for a while, until the second elder snorted coldly, bringing everyone’s attention to him and snapping them out from their daydream. “Do you know now?”

The moment he said that, no one else dared to say anything.

Wen Qing, as well as everyone else present were obviously still dissatisfied, but they didn’t dare to argue with the second elder. They still felt the resentment in their hearts. “What the heck? Isn’t the ancient martial arts world the fairest existence in the world? How could a person like Tan Yongsi be recruited into it?”

“Yeah, she’s just an ordinary person with low-level spiritual powers! How can she even have the legendary gold token!”

While Wen Qing and the rest of them were talking, they didn’t notice that the others around them had moved to stand far away from them. They looked at Wen Qing and the rest with a look like they were looking at dead people.

Didn’t they see what Tan Yongsi had on her shoulder?!

Master Xixi!

The hottest pet that’s right in front of you!

For Master Xixi to actually be following Tan Yongsi, no more explanation was needed!

“Tan Yongsi just got a bit more lucky than others, but everything in the ancient martial arts world depends on your own strength. I’ll definitely let them see that they made the wrong choice!” Wen Qing lowered her head, clenching her fist tightly.

As for the people around her, some of them were already yelling out ‘unfairness’.

“Stop yelling. If you continue yelling, not just yourself, even your entire family will be wiped by the ancient martial arts world.” At this time, a middle-aged man with a hip flask walked over slowly. He looked at Wen Qing, giving her a cold sneer. “How can any of you compare to the person that Miss Gu intends to take in as her disciple?”

“Miss... Miss Gu?” Wen Qing and Yan Han were not familiar with the name, but everyone else around them was. It was a name that thundered in their ears, a name that came with a well-known reputation.

Coupled with the magnificent feat performed by the Peace Squad a few days ago, this name was deeply etched into the majority of the people’s minds.

“You don’t know who Miss Gu is? Then I will tell you this, Miss Gu, the Gu family, Gu Enterprise, Nine Heavens, they hold the control of the global economic lifeline. Not only that, the entire ancient martial arts world respects them. As for Miss Gu, if you don’t know who she is, then you’d better go back and ask your parents. Ah, but it’s useless anyway.” The man gave them one last glance, then left with his hands clasped behind his back. When he looked at Tan Yongsi, it was a gaze full of admiration.


Gu Xiqiao had been gone for twenty years, and it seemed that none of the youngsters these days remembered such a person, nor did they remember that she had once lit up an entire era, making it glorious.

Only the older generation never forgot!

The era when the secular world and the ancient martial arts world were both at their peak, was the time when Gu Xiqiao had once led them all!

Today, those top forces that remained in the power worlds were basically all the people that she had once trained!

The Peace Squad!

The ten-man team of America!

The younger generation of the ancient martial arts world!

These were all the pinnacle forces currently!

Any one of these forces on their own was enough to wipe out the entire existence of the power worlds.

There were also those people from the various power worlds who had gathered in the Imperial Capital, all of these people were from the upper management levels.

All of these mysterious, powerful forces had appeared one after another just before this general election, all for the sake of one person—Gu Xiqiao!

This person who had practically been hidden from existence had finally appeared in public once again.

At the same time, countless people wondered what was so special about this person. Gu Xiqiao, what was special about her that she deserved such admiration from these people, even to the point of blind worshiping?

It wasn’t until some of the previously banned videos were finally able to be broadcasted.

The ordinary folk finally saw an unbelievable scene. There were just so many videos, and most of them were of a figure of a slender woman, with countless mutated beasts that they didn’t even dare to dream about. The way she walked among the mutated beasts seemed like she was just taking a casual stroll in the park.

More importantly was the methods that she had used to teach the younger generation of the ancient martial arts world back then...

After seeing this, Yan Han and Wen Qing finally understood the horror that was Gu Xiqiao, and also the horror that was Tan Yongsi.

A person like Gu Xiqiao was a godlike existence in the eyes of the ancient martial arts world, as well as all the power worlds across the globe. The Peace Squad was just an ordinary team of people, and she had trained them to become the most terrifying force on earth.

After Wen Qing watched the videos, she couldn’t help but fall back onto the sofa, her legs unable to support her. It was no wonder the people from France had stopped all contact with her abruptly, it seems like they already knew about this.

Thinking back to how she had looked down and insulted Gu Xiqiao just a few days ago, Wen Qing felt that she was an embarrassment. She probably wasn’t even significant in the eyes of the other party at that time, right?

“Qing Qing? What’s going on? Why did the disciplinary inspection come to our home?” Papa Wen walked in the house, asking when he reached her. The Wen family had been frightened by a bunch of notices recently, especially Papa Wen, who was now the subject of a key investigation.

Wen Qing gave her father a blank look. “Wrong, we were all wrong.”

Why had they picked a fight against Gu Xiqiao?

At the same moment, a knock on the door was heard, and a group of police officers walked in. The leading officer pulled out his ID, holding it in front of Wen Qing. “Wen Qing, please come with us.”

As he said that, he waved his hand, and another officer came forward to place a handcuff on Wen Qing’s hands.

Generally when the police arrested a person, they wouldn’t handcuff said person unless they had enough evidence.

Seeing the only hope of their Wen family being taken away by the police, Papa Wen couldn’t help but exclaim loudly, “What are you all doing?! Why the h*ll are you taking my daughter away?!”

“Mr. Wen, please stay calm.” The leading police officer said, looking at Papa Wen. “Someone sent us a document today, which was evidence of your Wen family colluding with France to sell out our country’s secrets. If it’s true, then you won’t be able to escape either.”

Having said that, the group of police officers left.

Papa Wen stood rooted to the spot, looking as though he had forgotten his daughter had just been taken away by the police. He was stunned for a very long time.

However, he didn’t have much time to have the luxury of being safe. The next day, he was caught by police who suddenly appeared when he was at the airport.

At the same time, the forces in the Imperial Capital were being shuffled once again.

There were many countries that had been affected, and this included France. There were a lot of diplomatic guests in the Imperial Capital during this period, and when this incident broke out, whether you were an ordinary person or someone in high position, everyone was flustered.

Amongst them, the most disturbed was the Yan family.

“Son, hurry and go, go and beg Miss Tan for forgiveness!” Madam Yan was already seated on the sofa, unable to stand and going out of her mind. The Wen family had gone down the drain in just three days, and they were practically rubbish at this stage. Madam Yan couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded when she thought about it.

“Your mother is right.” Papa Yan stood up, giving Yan Han an anxious look.

Everyone knew by now that Miss Gu had taken in a disciple, and that person was Tan Yongsi.

In an instant, Tan Yongsi became the object of envy and resentment of all the people around the world.

After all those videos had appeared and been broadcasted, no one could deny the terror and power of Gu Xiqiao. There was no doubt that she was the most powerful person on earth!

Such a person like her had actually taken Tan Yongsi as her disciple?

Even though the Yan family didn’t understand why Tan Yongsi had caught the eyes of all these big shots, they knew that times had changed, and Tan Yongsi was no longer the same as before. What stood out more than the shock they felt was fear, they naturally remembered all the things that they had once done to Tan Yongsi!

Especially that they once had the intention of getting rid of her!

Now, as long as they recalled those matters, the Yan family members all had trouble eating and sleeping, especially after they watched the Wen family’s demise.

The all-powerful Wen family, and their connections to France’s power world!

But even so, their demise was swift and deadly!

The Yan family didn’t even know the reason for their demise, they just knew that it was all over!

In the end, they could only place their hopes on Yan Han.

Papa Yan was sitting on the sofa, looking like he had aged several decades in a short span of time. He watched the video on the marriage announcement between Tan Yongsi and that Mr. Jiang Yirui, and muttered under his breath, ” If I knew early on that Tan Yongsi was that person’s disciple, I wouldn’t have forced my son to break up with her!”

Unfortunately for them, there was no more ‘what ifs’.


In the big apartment beside A University, Gu Xiqiao was sitting by the window, in front of her drawing board, listening and chuckling softly at Jiji’s chatter. “Now he wants to marry Sisi? Seriously, what happened to his previous persistence? Has it been eaten by Dog Feed? That Yan Han... If he had stuck to his decision, I may still view him with a better impression. What a pity.”

She placed down her paintbrush, and there was only an outline on the picture on the drawing board.

Jiji took a quick look, guessing instantly who she was drawing. It couldn’t help the curl of its lips as it said, “Beauty Qiao, you’re too biased, painting them again.”

Gu Xiqiao smiled. “Xixi and Haha have not seen each other for so many years, let’s give this to them as a gift... Huh, where’s Brother Jiang?”

“Have you forgotten? You rushed Master Jiang to go and pick Haha up!” Jiji’s eyes widened. “Huh, wait a second, Director Cheng is here, I’ll go and open the door first!”

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