Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman

Chapter 396 - Side Story 16: You Have Such Big Guts
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Chapter 396: Side Story 16: You Have Such Big Guts

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The fact that Gu Xiqiao was in the ancient martial arts world spread instantly, and those youngsters of the ancient martial arts world were all gathered around Peace Manor, wanting to catch a glimpse of the legendary Miss Gu. They were curious about what kind of person she was for all the masters to strive towards her as their goal.

The ancient martial arts world was shaking from this news, and all the big shots from the power world who had been lying in wait also finally made their move.

“Father, although the ancient martial arts world is powerful, they’re so rude. How could they leave us waiting for so many days?” A young man with devilish blue eyes said, looking at his father with a vicious expression.

He was the grandson of France’s leader, and he was extremely talented. In France, everyone looked up to him, and he was the object of everyone’s admiration. He had never been berated by anyone since he was young.

He had never been wronged or given any slow service, so he was irritated by the attitude shown by the ancient martial arts world at the moment.

“Shut up!” The leader of France quickly yelled. He lowered his voice when he caught sight of America’s leader’s unsmiling eyes on him, and he turned pale. “If you say any more nonsense, I’ll expel you from the family!”

This was the first time the leader was scolding him, and the blue-eyed youth was surprised. However, he didn’t dare to say anything further.

Seeing him display the attitude that he did, one of France’s elders, who was standing at the side, sighed. “Young Master, do you think Japan and America are strong?”

America? Japan? These two countries were basically the representatives of the entire power world across the globe. France couldn’t even stand at their side, of course they were strong! The blue-eyed youth nodded his head.

“Look at how they’re waiting quietly here.” The elder patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t say things like that in the future. If you’re overheard by anyone else, your status as heir will be lost forever.”

Having said that, the elder left, and the blue-eyed youth was once again surprised, rooted to the spot in stunned silence.

Not far away from them, America’s leader sighed. “Miss Gu hasn’t been out for twenty years, and these people seem to have forgotten how terrifying her methods are.”

“Who said it wasn’t?” The person standing beside him smiled. “After this, they’ll all know what it means to be a kingly master. In the eyes of the ancient martial arts world and Miss Gu, they are nothing.”

“What’s happening with the Wen family recently?” America’s leader suddenly remembered and asked.

The person next to him furrowed his brows. “You asked me to keep an eye on the Wen family, and I found a few things on them.”

He quickly briefed the leader on what he had found out about the incident between Tan Yongsi and Jiang Yirui, and finally said in a low voice, “Master Xixi is in Miss Tan’s hands, I’m sure my eyes didn’t deceive me.”

“It’s no wonder Miss Gu would come back so suddenly.” The leader of America said a smile on his face. “The Wen family. Miss Gu has always been able to predict a hundred moves beyond the first step, and if I’m not mistaken, it’s also the reason the general selection of the ancient martial arts world has been brought forward. I don’t know what she intends to do again.”

“How can we even begin to guess Miss Gu’s intentions? But that Wen family really is something, they’ve managed to cultivate a little connection to France.”

The leader of America suddenly said, “Invite that Miss Tan over tomorrow, and make sure it’s obvious and seen. Miss Gu loves to watch the drama unfold, so we’ll make a big deal of this matter. By the way, also check on what kind of person Miss Tan is.”

“...” The person beside him looked at the leader in speechlessness, then nodded silently.

At this time, another person had come over, his voice low as he said, “Leader, news has come from Miss Cecily. She said that Miss Gu is in the ancient martial arts world at the moment.”

“What?!” America’s leader was stunned for a few seconds before he could bring himself to react. After collecting himself, he said, “Hurry and prepare everything, take all the things I’ve brought. We’re heading to the ancient martial arts world!”

The others naturally knew what he had brought. It was a box filled with antiques, and even in the power world, it was a great deal of money’s worth.

Not only America’s leader, every other leader from various countries had also brought their own offerings of antiques to the ancient martial arts world.

The ones who followed and moved with America’s leader were the Wang family and the Feng family from the secular world.


Tan Yongsi had been taking care of Ye Xuan in the hospital for two days. She had woken up on the night of the operation and had been recovering very well. Today, she could get started back on liquid food.

“Sisi, you go back and rest. It’s okay for Yichen to look after me,” Ye Xuan said, looking at Tan Yongsi. “You’ve worked hard these past two days.”

Xiao Yichen was on the other side, and she said the same, “That’s right, Sisi. Go on back and rest.”

“Tomorrow is the general selection in the ancient martial arts world and you’ll be participating, it’s better to leave it to me instead.” Tan Yongsi shook her head.

“It’s not a big thing for me, the general selection.” Xiao Yichen didn’t mind telling them. “My aunt has already accepted me as a disciple, so don’t worry about it.”

Hearing Xiao Yichen’s words, Tan Yongsi pondered about it for a while before not arguing anymore. She needed time to investigate the Wen family anyway, and things might change if she continued waiting too long.

She walked out of the hospital into the sun. It had not rained for the two days, and the sky was clear. She raised her hand, covering her eyes as she looked up into the sky.

Her phone rang while she was looking up, and she pulled it out of her pocket to find that it was Jiang Yirui.

“Come over for a bit, and take Xixi. Its condition has stabilized now.” Jiang Yirui said the moment she picked up the call, and he paused before continuing, as though just thinking of it. “I’ll send you the address.”

Tan Yongsi had intended to look for Jiang Yirui regarding the matter with Ye Xuan, so she didn’t hesitate nor need time to think about it. “Okay.”

When she hung up the call, Jiang Yirui had already sent the message.

“Miss Tan.” Just as she was about to flag down a taxi, a black Lincoln car rolled up, stopping at her side. A middle-aged foreigner with blond hair and blue eyes stepped out. He was wearing a black suit, and his tone was friendly. “Our boss would like to extend an invite to you.”

The moment the man stepped down, Tan Yongsi knew that this wasn’t some random commoner. As a feng shui master who had past knowledge, her mental power was very strong. Even so, she felt like a newborn chick in front of this man.

Tan Yongsi didn’t know why such a big shot would have their eyes on her, but she knew that the other party didn’t have any malicious intentions. Even if they did, she didn’t have any way to avoid them now.

And it looked like she didn’t have any choice in this matter.

Since there wasn’t anything she could do to prevent it, she might as well make the most of it. Thinking along those lines, Tan Yongsi got into the car.

The car stopped at the national guest house, and she was led into a luxurious office where a gray-haired man was sitting on the sofa.

“You’re Tan Yongsi?” Hearing sounds, the man on the sofa turned around.

Tan Yongsi was met with a bright pair of eyes, which looked out of place on a man his age. Her heart thumped in her chest. “You’re...”

“No need to be so cautious.” America’s leader took a look at Tan Yongsi, and knew that this person would have good luck in her future. It was a person that had caught Miss Gu’s eyes, after all. Thinking of which, he continued, “Something seems to have happened to your dorm mate, and I happen to have some information here.”

As he said that, he handed the document in his hands over to Tan Yongsi.

When she heard the first part of his sentence, she felt her guard coming up, but then the second part came and she fell silent for a while, accepting the offered document. The content of the document was blunt and straight to the point. It was details of all of the negligence caused by the Wen family over the years. It would be enough for the Wen family to sink to the bottom of the sea if the contents of the document were to get out.

“Thank you.” Tan Yongsi clutched the document in her hands tightly. She hadn’t met this person before, and these things shouldn’t have been accepted so easily. However, it concerned Ye Xuan, and she wasn’t about to look a gift in the horse’s mouth.

“You can take the information with peace of mind, these are just simple matters to me.” The leader of America waved his hand dismissively. It wasn’t him who had done the legwork to obtain the information anyway.

“Might I ask,” Tan Yongsi looked at America’s leader, her voice serious, “Why have you helped me?”

Of course, it was for entertainment!

He couldn’t say that so bluntly, for obvious reasons. America’s leader coughed, clearing his throat. “You’ll understand soon enough.”

Tan Yongsi nodded her head, turning to leave. There was no reason to linger any longer.

After she left, the person beside America’s leader looked at him with admiration in his eyes. “Leader, where did you get that information? I couldn’t even find anything after two days of searching!”

Although they were from the power world, they were ultimately from the United States. The power hierarchy in the Imperial Capital was complicated, and it was extremely difficult for people from other countries to investigate a big family here.

“How could I have that sort of ability?” The leader shook his head. “Miss Gu was the one who passed all of it to me last night.”

“Miss Gu?” The person exclaimed in surprise. “How did she know what we were doing?!”

America’s leader glanced at him with laughter in his eyes, but did not say anything in response.

The leader of America had personally sent her off, and this scene had been seen by all sorts of people.

The other people from America were all looking at their leader, feeling disdain in their hearts. He wasn’t afraid of making a big hoo-ha!

It was to the extent that the Feng family sent him a text—[Wasn’t it a fact that the power world wouldn’t mess with the secular world? Oh, Leader, do you think things aren’t messy enough here, and you had to add something to the mix?]

The leader of America calmly replied—[I didn’t want to be so popular either, but you see, your Miss Gu likes to watch the excitement. I’ll be honest with you, those were things that Miss Gu instructed me to do.]

Fengjiu didn’t reply to his message after that, but not long after, someone came over to bring a message to him.

“Leader, the patriarch of the Feng family has also met with Miss Tan. They heard that Miss Tan no longer has any parents, and wants to take her in as their adopted daughter.”

America’s leader: “...” Who’s the one stirring the pot and making trouble now?

Then he lowered his head, shooting off a text—[Didn’t you just tell me off for adding things into the mix? What the heck are you up to now?]

The reply came swiftly—[If Miss Gu wants to watch, then the people under her obviously should prepare something more exciting for her.]

The fact that Tan Yongsi had been personally sent out by the leader of America’s power circle was soon known to all the parties in the Imperial Capital, and when she was later met by the Feng family patriarch, rumored to have been offered an adoption, the Yan and Wen family naturally also heard of it.

In the Yan family, Yan Han was trying to call Tan Yongsi, but was not able to get through.

“Son, just who is this Tan Yongsi? Forget about the Peng family, but why is even the Feng family like this?” The Peng family wasn’t comparable to the Feng family. The Feng family had a direct relation to the people in the ancient martial arts world, and their position in the Imperial Capital was even higher than that of the Wang family.

The fact that the Feng family wanted to accept her in as their goddaughter was naturally known by the Yan family. They didn’t expect that an orphan would catch the eyes of the Feng family. Tan Yongsi’s status was obviously different than before now. Thinking of this, Papa Yan turned to his son. “Didn’t Tan Yongsi like you before? Go and tell her now, our Yan family will be able to accept her!”

The engagement between the Yan and Wen family had already been carried out, but how could the Wen family even begin to compare to the Feng family?

At this time, Papa Yan wasn’t even afraid of the embarrassment or fall out.

Yan Han shook his head. “She’s not picking up.”

As soon as he said that, Papa Yan’s face changed. He snorted coldly after a while. “Not picking up? She’s just being arrogant after getting a little status and power! The Feng family hasn’t even officially recognized her as their daughter! Forget it, don’t call her anymore. Contact the Wen family, they have some connections to the power world right now. This Tan Yongsi is not on the same wavelength as us, and if she really gains the power, our two families will not be in a good position. It’s better... to just kill her. Tomorrow is the general selection, go on up and rest first, Yan Han. We’ll take care of this matter.”

Yan Han looked at his father in shock, his lips moving but no sound was coming out. In the end, he said nothing as he dragged his feet heavily upstairs.


The address that Jiang Yirui sent her was a place beside A University. Tan Yongsi knew the place as a gathering area for the rich, and when she had first got off the taxi, she was actually still feeling a little flustered. She didn’t dare to even imagine, but why had those big shots all looked for her?

While thinking, she found the place that Jiang Yirui had sent her, and rang the doorbell.

The door was pulled open quickly, and a shrill voice rang out, “Who is it?”

Tan Yongsi was surprised, wasn’t Jiang Yirui staying alone? The door was opened, but she didn’t see anybody. She could only see a pink... flower.

“Hello.” The pink flower didn’t seem to expect to see a girl standing there, and it said the two words stiffly. Then, it turned around and shouted. “Fatty Egg Jiang, your guest is here!”

Wait! Wait a minute!

Tan Yongsi had yet to pull herself back together. There must be something wrong with the world, otherwise, how could a flower be talking?!

It couldn’t have developed its own intelligence, right?!

Tan Yongsi felt her brain having a meltdown. Having lived for so many years, she had never seen anything like this.

Jiang Yirui walked out from the kitchen, catching sight of Tan Yongsi, who was still in shock. He pursed his lips and glared at Dog Feed. Seeing her in this state, he could already feel a headache starting. In the end, she didn’t linger long, and left after taking Xixi.

After the door closed behind her, he started lecturing Dog Feed. “Can you not simply speak in front of ordinary people?”

Dog Feed shot him a look. “She won’t be an ordinary person for long.”

“... Fine, carry on.” Although Dog Feed was only a flower, its powers and levels had been rising fast in the past few years. This was especially true in the past two days, Gu Xiqiao had sent him a pile of jade stones, so Jiang Yirui didn’t know just how far along this flower was anymore.

“Fatty Egg Jiang, are you really Beauty Qiao’s son?” Dog Geed glanced at what Jiang Yirui was doing, disdain in its eyes. “You’re expanding so much effort, just for a single family like the Wen family? If it was Beauty Qiao, they would already be questioning their own existence by now.”

“This Wen family has some connections to France, and there are too many things involved. You wouldn’t understand even if I tried to explain.” Jiang Yirui glanced at Dog Feed. “Also, I know that I can’t compare to my beauty, can you stop rubbing salt into my wounds?”

Dog Feed shook its leaves, suddenly not wanting to talk to Jiang Yirui, but then its entire body shook suddenly in surprise. “You don’t have to worry about this matter anymore.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Jiang Yirui asked as he fiddled with the computer in front of him.

“Beauty Qiao has taken over this matter.” Dog Feed shook its leaves again, the disdain for the young man in front of him obvious. “Fatty Egg Jiang, perk up your spirits and watch properly how your mother does it.”

Jiang Yirui dragged a hand down his face. “She’s actually intervening, it’s over. I initially even promised Uncle Wang that I would settle it gently. At this rate... I just hope that Uncle Wang won’t cry.”


Tan Yongsi had bought herself a cup of milk tea to calm herself down, and drank as she made her way to the hospital.

Xixi was on her shoulder, and started chirping suddenly.

“What’s the matter?” Xixi really seldom spoke, and Tan Yongsi felt it was strange the moment it started chirping.

Xixi didn’t make any sound again, but its eyes were on the intersection ahead.

Seeing it like this, Tan Yongsi also followed its line of sight. Several figures appeared at the intersection, with Wen Qing at the lead.

Tan Yongsi threw the milk-tea cup that was in her hands into the trash can not far away, looking at Wen Qing blankly.

The corners of Wen Qing’s lips curled up, looking gentle but chilling. “Tan Yongsi, you really have a long life, to avoid such a big accident from touching you.”

“I’ll find the evidence.” Tan Yongsi knew that this had something to do with the Wen family, and she stared at the rest coldly.

That’s right, I was the one who did it. Such a pity.” Wen Qing smiled brightly. “That even if you were to take the evidence to the police, they wouldn’t dare to pay any attention to you. Forget about how you have some connections with the Feng family now, even having any connections to the ancient martial arts world won’t help you. The people in France’s power world have said that my mental power is strong, and I’ll definitely be able to be accepted as a disciple by someone in the ancient martial arts world.”

Tan Yongsi’s face sank after hearing that the girl in front of her had made connections with the ancient martial arts world. She squeezed the document that America’s leader had given her.

“Are you angry? Do you feel wronged? Do you want to kill me? How unfortunate for you.” Wen Qing shook her head. “We’re no longer on the same level, and I can easily pick you off with just a finger. I wanted to do that, initially, I wanted you to die today, but I changed my mind. I want you to see me reach the top of the world with your own eyes, watch me from afar, and be powerless to do anything!”

“It’s too early to say these things.” In the quiet air, a voice suddenly rang out, but no one was seen.

“Who is it?!” Wen Qing’s face twisted, looking around warily.

The air in front of her fluctuated suddenly, and a figure appeared from thin air. The person’s face couldn’t be seen under the dim light, and only her delicate jawline was visible. She raised her head slowly, revealing a pair of clear, bright eyes.

“It isn’t certain who will make who desperate yet, right?” Gu Xiqiao shoved her hands into her pockets, looking at Wen Qing, who had a vicious look in her eyes. She smiled faintly. “My little friend, you have such big guts, wanting to kill my own in front of me. For so many years that I’ve been around, you’re really the only one who has the guts to do so.”

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