Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman

Chapter 22 Let Me Try
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After the two finished their breakfast, Mrs. Zhang came over to tidy up the table. Upon seeing Gu Xiqiao’s leftovers, she sighed worriedly. "Miss Gu has such a small appetite, no wonder she’s so thin and frail. Putting aside her growth, it’ll be very easy for her to get sick in the future if she continues like this. Why doesn’t her family take care of her..."

"Get her something to eat later at ten o’clock." Jiang Shuxuan got up and cut her off, looking down at the watch on his wrist before looking back at Mrs. Zhang. "I have things to attend to, so I won’t be back this afternoon."

After breakfast, Gu Xiqiao took her canvas to continue her oil painting at the private lake of the mansion, and Mrs. Zhang also prepared treats for her while she painted.

Jiang Shuxuan came back to the mansion in the evening and brought back a painting album for Gu Xiqiao.

Gu Xiqiao accepted the brand new painting album and stood there stunned for a while, which made Jiang Shuxuan glance at her. "I saw you bring a painting canvas back last night, so I got you this. Do you dislike it?"

"No, I really like it!" Gu Xiqiao sniffled under her breath and smiled at him happily.

She wore a pale yellow dress that Mrs. Zhang had prepared for her which complemented her complexion well. Her collarbones could faintly be seen, but because she was too thin and bony, the scene didn’t give birth to any impure thoughts.

Jiang Shuxuan looked at her and squinted slightly. "It’s good that you like it. By the way, come over to my study later, let’s talk about how my document came back all of a sudden."

His document?

Gu Xiqiao blinked and whistled innocently. "I don’t know what you’re talking about..."

The young man completely ignored this show of hers and turned around to enter the house coldly.

Gu Xiqiao stood in place for a while, and after her smart brain came up with several perfect excuses to explain everything, she entered the mansion and made her way to the study, knocking on the door slowly.

When she entered, Jiang Shuxuan was reading on the rocking chair next to the floor-to-ceiling window.

Gu Xiqiao looked around the study curiously, and even though there weren’t many books, but they were all arranged neatly. Most of them looked old and even somewhat ancient, and were almost close to falling apart.

"I have things to do tomorrow, so stay here for a few days alright? I’ve already dealt with things over with your family, so you can stay with no reservations, no need to worry." Jiang Shuxuan flipped a page of his book with his lithe fingers but didn’t speak a word about the document.

He didn’t mind, and he had just wanted to tease her on a whim earlier. Suddenly, he thought of her advice to return to Jing Capital from earlier.

So was it purely a coincidence, or did she know?

Gu Xiqiao was deep in thought too. He was going to leave N City, to go to Jing Capital perhaps? She had guessed that he was going to leave, but not so soon.

Now, what she had to think about was why he let her stay at his place?

The proposal was quite tempting for her because she had to find an isolated and safe place to enter the virtual space, and honestly, she didn’t feel space to do so in Gu Estate. Every night, she would have the system set up multiple protective measures before she entered the virtual space, and it was good for her to stay at this place.

To move away from Gu Estate and find a place to stay was a decision that she made a while ago.

After a while, Gu Xiqiao took her leave after realizing that Jiang Shuxuan had nothing more to say, going back to her room and flipping through the painting album that Jiang Shuxuan had gifted her. The lines were fluid and the impact of the paintings was great, and just by looking at it, it was clear that it was quite precious, and probably limited edition.

Gu Xiqiao rubbed her head and entered the virtual space to practice writing, painting, and exercising. After spending almost two months in the virtual space, her worries were gone too.

The next day, she woke up early too. After she had her morning run, she came back to a sumptuous breakfast prepared by Mrs. Zhang.

"Miss Gu, Master Jiang has already left, and he said that you would stay here for the time being. Hm, are you allergic to anything, or is there anything you don’t like eating?" Mrs. Zhang spoke as she carefully carried a bowl of porridge to Gu Xiqiao. Then, she took out a small notebook to write down her answer, and if one looked at it they could see many notes from what Jiang Shuxuan had asked her to do before he left.

"I’m not a picky eater, so anything will do." Gu Xiqiao smiled, her clear eyes curving into crescents.

She liked it here. No people from the Gu family, no plotting and traps waiting for her at every corner, no distractions and no annoyances. This atmosphere calmed her heart that was starting to get distorted and violent greatly.

After finishing breakfast, Gu Xiqiao decided to go check out the stock exchange market. Mrs. Zhang had wanted to let their chauffeur send her there, but the offer was refused.

Seeing her stubborn expression, Mrs. Zhang didn’t insist any further, sighing softly as she watched the frail silhouette leave her field of vision. "Poor girl..." What kind of family would be so cruel to treat such a nice child so badly?

There were many tall buildings and skyscrapers by the stock exchange market, and there were many people around the area too. When Gu Xiqiao came out from the stock exchange market, there was a crowd gathered at the fork in the road that was looking at something. As she glanced over and promptly decided to take a detour, a system notification popped out in her head.

[Ding! Daily Good Deed Mission activated: Save the old man!]

[Mission completion reward: 50 points]

There were a lot of people that were discussing between one another and pointing at an old man that was lying prone on the ground. It was hard to see what he looked like, but he had a head of snow-white hair which contrasted with his clean black suit, and he held a black mobile phone in his hand.

The onlookers were gossiping with one another, but none of them went over to help him.

Gu Xiqiao made her way over, pushing her way through the crowd as the system scanned the old man’s health, showing it to Gu Xiqiao on a semi-transparent screen.

[Diagnosis: Acute cerebral hemorrhage. The subject has fainted, and could die at any moment!]

[Analysis complete. Best treatment plan activated. 5 points are needed to buy a set of silver needles, and 1 point to buy a treatment plan, will you buy them?]

A cold, electronic voice pulled her back to reality, and Gu Xiqiao nodded slightly. Immediately, a set of silver needles appeared in her hands, and a meridian diagram appeared on the old man’s body in her eyes.

"I’m a nurse, please let me through!"

A young nurse suddenly entered through the crowd, and when they heard that she was a nurse, the crowd made a wide berth for her to save the old man.

First, the young nurse dialed an emergency number, and upon seeing Gu Xiqiao still crouched by the old man, she frowned slightly. "I told you to clear out, he’s in extremely bad condition right now! I can’t help him with you here!"

Gu Xiqiao didn’t mind her somewhat rude attitude because she was here to save the old man too, but she knew that he couldn’t hold out until the ambulance came. Waving the silver needle in her hand towards the nurse, she said, "I’ve studied medicine from my family since I was little, so let me try."

"You’ve learned medicine? What do you know, young lady?" The nurse scoffed, holding in her rage at Gu Xiqiao. "I’m the nurse in charge of Master Xiao, and right now what he needs is CPR! You say you want to try, but do you know what vt termination is? Or how many bones there are in the body? At least I have years of experience at the city hospital, but what about you? Are you going to say that you can be exempted from responsibility if anything goes wrong because you’re not an adult yet? Don’t even try that hoax on me, young lady!"

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