Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman

Chapter 2 Encounter
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"Huh, that’s strange..." The bunch of rich kids shook their heads and only thought that they just had too much to drink, looking at the thin silhouette walk further and further away.

To not be able to get to know such a beauty was quite a shame.

Gu Xijin gripped on the wine cup until her knuckles became white as she looked at their collective expressions of disappointment. The day Gu Xiqiao was accepted into their family, she already knew that this illegitimate younger sister of hers would be trouble. That being said, she only had a pretty face, and in this world, people like her could only become playthings.

After thinking of this, Gu Xijin’s loosened her grip on the cup, but the frost in her dark gaze remained.

The young woman next to her couldn’t help making comments on the situation. "Xijin, you’re being too nice to that so-called younger sister of yours! Look at that vixen, who knows what Grandpa Gu thought when he brought her back..."

Gu Xiqiao’s origins weren’t a secret, and a lot of the people that were at the party today knew about it. She was the daughter of a porn star and was raised in the countryside. She seemed like a country bumpkin who hadn’t even learned the basics of the four arts—Music, chess, calligraphy, and painting.

"There’s nothing to be afraid of anyway, she’s just a stupid girl from the countryside. We’re going to let her know that N City is completely different than that ditch she came out of!" The young woman continued.


Yes, N City was completely different from what she imagined, and she had already learned that at the cost of her life. Gu Xiqiao smirked and looked back at the grand building with a mocking gaze, and the building was plunged into chaos.

"Xijin, what’s wrong with your clothes!"

"Ahhh!!!" A piercing scream rang out from inside of the room.

Gu Xiqiao stretched lazily and walked away with a cold expression. Making clothes tear telepathically was quite a handy skill to have if she said so herself.

The servants that saw her knew that the family had accepted an illegitimate daughter, and this young girl didn’t seem to even have any gratitude toward them. She was either gloomy or depressed every day like her pet died! They stared at her with disgusted gazes as they quickly made their way into the room.

How would they understand the difficulty of a child that appeared suddenly in a place that she didn’t belong at, and under the deliberate rejection of the family and having to deal with death threats all day, how strong would she have to be to maintain a sense of morality and survive?

Gu Xiqiao didn’t really mind the habit of the servants that sucked up to Gu Xijin and stepped on her because she was already used to it.

And so, she calmly left the suffocating building.

But still, it was unbelievable that she came back to this point in time when she first arrived at the Gu family, back when she was eighteen years old.

Gu Xiqiao stopped in her steps and raised her hands without being able to wait any further, and looking at her beautiful and slightly callused hands. She was so ecstatic that her hands had been returned to their original state that she started chuckling softly. Not everyone was this lucky, after all.

Suddenly, a piercingly bright ray of light shone in her direction.

[Warning! Danger incoming from three meters in front, please dodge in 0.01 seconds or use 1 point to buy a Dodge Card!]

A long, skidding sound of wheels screeched in the dead of night.

The driver rushed down from the car quickly, his heart raised to his throat seeing the girl on the street. He had been rushing to the airport, and he had chosen this road because this road was usually scarce with passersby. He didn’t see anyone when he turned a corner, so when the girl suddenly appeared in his field of vision he was caught off guard. He stepped on the brakes as quickly as he could but the car still bumped into her.

But he was sure that the car hadn’t been fast enough to impact her so much, and he had his headlamps turned on so brightly. She wasn’t scamming him, was she?

The driver was stunned and confused by the sudden turn of events.

Gu Xiqiao came back to her senses and looked at the driver’s gaze, not saying anything as she stood up slowly. If one only looked at her expression, they would have never known that she had just been in a car accident.

She didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry at this system that was temporarily only good for acting cute. "Why did you only tell me that there was danger when the car was right in front of me? Are you sure you’re not confusing me with some supernatural being that can dodge cars in a hundredth of a second?"

[Mistress, I’m still a weak Level 0 system! As long as Mistress does missions often and levels me up, something like this would never happen again!] The system pouted sadly as if she were disappointed with itself too.

"What are you useful for then?"

Gu Xiqiao squinted and looked at this car that appeared in front of her all of a sudden. Was she really that unlucky that she couldn’t even dodge?

The system that was being looked down upon: [...]

Her back was ramrod straight and her long and pale legs were exposed in the air. Her knees had been injured and were still bleeding profusely, and in the wound, there seemed to be some small pieces of gravel and sand caught in her wound. Because of the contrast between her pale skin and the gashing wound, it seemed abnormally serious.

The driver checked on her injuries with the help of the headlamps, and he was shocked at how severe they looked.

The girl looked like a ghostly apparition in the light, and her beautiful, delicate features only served to further enhance her unearthliness. Her piercing gaze brought with it a cold aura, and it made the driver pause from the intimidation.

Then, he took a second look and saw how young the girl he bumped into was, and how clear and bright her eyes were, befitting of someone of her age.

He rubbed his eyes and realized that this girl didn’t seem like someone that would scam him like this. To scam another person in the rich district was a stupid thing to do in the first place...

After a series of thoughts, he walked back to the car and had a short discussion with the person sitting in the back seat, before deciding to bring this girl to the hospital.

Gu Xiqiao tried to lift her legs, and with the slightest bit of force, an excruciating pain tore up her legs. She was a girl from the countryside that had lived a rough life, but her adoptive mother had never neglected her and had never made her too more work than was necessary either, even giving her the chance to learn skills from the old man that lived nearby. She was considered a spoiled child by the standards of the countryside, so she felt pain from being injured so suddenly too.

But no matter how painful it was, it wouldn’t be half as painful as having her fingers mangled and trampled upon.

Gu Xiqiao’s gaze was still calm and collected as she calmly analyzed her current situation. This road that they were on belonged to the rich district, which meant that taxi drivers or suspicious vehicles wouldn’t be let in, and so she didn’t think much of getting in the car.

The moment the door closed, a strong wave of mental power pulsed in her direction, and her face immediately went pale.

She had been in the virtual space for a long time, and in her time reading the endless scrolls, she knew of some special martial arts that could hone such an ability. The mental power that attacked her at this moment was even stronger than hers that had been through two lives.

At that moment, she could only feel an unprecedented impact and a pain that threatened to tear her head open!

If this person used even one sliver more of mental power, she would definitely become an idiot from getting her mental energy damaged.

The system spirit that was hiding in the virtual space widened its eyes incredulously, before finally reacting and raising its hands in Gu Xiqiao’s direction, casting space isolation on her quickly.

As she felt the pressure on her recede like the tide, Gu Xiqiao relaxed slightly, but still kept her guard up.

The passenger on the back seat suddenly lifted his head, and his gaze seemed to pierce through the darkness towards Gu Xiqiao. The girl couldn’t feel it because of the space isolation that the system spirit cast on her.

The car arrived at the hospital quickly, and Gu Xiqiao practically scrambled down from the car in cold sweat. She was still not used to this sort of near-death experience.

The driver saw her wobble unsteadily towards the hospital, so he quickly went to help her.

After they both left, the rear window of the car rolled down to reveal a lithe silhouette.

The man was wearing a clean white shirt, his slightly upturned eyes glinting with a frigid coldness. It was hard to know what he was thinking just from his expression, but his lips were slightly pursed, and just from his side profile in the darkness, it was easy to see that he was quite handsome.

With a smooth movement of his lithe fingers, he closed the book that he had on his lap and opened the car door, stepping into the night.

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