Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman

Chapter 16 Conscience Points
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Even though Gu Xijin had been making the chauffeur drive home quickly without waiting for her for the past few days, but Gu Xiqiao didn’t mind in the slightest. To her, these actions could be seen as the tantrums of a young child, and as long as she didn’t do anything too terrible to her as she did in her past life, Gu Xiqiao wouldn’t do anything to her.

But would such a haughty girl like Gu Xijin take this chance? Gu Xiqiao laughed to herself and bought a cup of banana-flavored milk tea, sticking the straw into the cup and sipping a large mouthful before looking towards the road.

On the street to her left, there was a boy that looked around five to six years old standing there. The boy had pale skin and a pair of bright eyes and was focusing on nibbling a lollipop. He was quite cute, and more pleasing on the eyes than Gu Xijin was.

Looking to the right, a black car appeared in the distance.

[Daily Good Deed Mission ac-] The system spirit hadn’t finished talking before Gu Xiqiao had already surged forward, and so it changed what it was going to do mid-sentence. [Beauty Qiao doesn’t have sufficient ability to save the boy, so the system shall deduct one point to buy a Dodge Card!]

Gu Xiqiao felt like she suddenly became lighter as if the pull of gravity on her had become weaker, while a warm pulse of strength flowed through her veins. She was as light as a feather as she ran over to the boy, and the passersby could only see a vague shadow before they saw a young girl carrying a little boy on the side of the road.

[Ding! Congratulations on completing the mission. The system has rewarded 30 points!]

The car screeched to a halt, creating skid marks on the asphalt that were more than two meters long. Meanwhile, everyone that saw everything go down was discussing the magical scene.

At the same time, a middle-aged woman ran out from the crowd with a ghastly expression and made her way over to the boy, tears streaking down her face as she held the boy close. Then, she looked around, realizing that the girl that saved her son had disappeared in a flash.

Gu Xiqiao reappeared in a nearby alley. "I only asked you to mask my presence, why did you make me teleport?" Thankfully there weren’t many people around, or else they would probably get heart attacks in shock.

[No, it’s just that the system detected a stray dog that required your loving help...]

"What?!" Gu Xiqiao squinted dangerously and was about to refuse before the system played its trump card.

[Beauty Qiao, you will get a 2 point reward if you feed the stray dog. Are you sure you don’t want to go?

"You win..." Gu Xiqiao took out the piece of bacon that the girl that sat behind her gave her in thanks for the box of chocolates from earlier out from her backpack.

The stray dog in question had probably been searching through the dumpster for food, its body filthy and littered with small wounds. In the summer weather, everyone could smell a sour scent wafting off the dog, and most people would avoid it when they saw it.

Gu Xiqiao crouched down with an expressionless face, but the dog was too scared to go near her.

She crouched there for a while, staring at the pair of dim eyes in the grass, before taking out the piece of bacon and the container that held it, pushing it towards the dog before stepping back. The stray dog stood there in fear before darting out and biting the bacon back to the grass patch that it was hiding in.

[The system has detected that Beauty Qiao’s Conscience Points are quite high, please keep up the good work!]

Gu Xiqiao smiled slightly before continuing on her way, her gaze dark. She had never been a good person...

Meanwhile, the system spirit crossed its arms in front of its chest, staring at Gu Xiqiao in disdain. [Being tsundere is an illness, Beauty Qiao!]


There weren’t many people on the road, and Gu Xiqiao had only walked a short distance before the black car that almost got into an accident with the little boy drove up next to her. The car window on the backseat rolled down, showing a familiar, cold and pretty face. It was Xiao Yun, her deskmate.

Perhaps it was because of what Gu Xiqiao did earlier, Xiao Yun was smiling slightly.

Xiao Yun was the unreachable flower of First City High that could freeze boys a thousand miles away with her aloof and elegant aura. She didn’t even have to say anything, only stare down at them with her signature cold gaze to make them retreat.

It was quite unexpected for her to be so friendly towards Gu Xiqiao. The two of them didn’t have any bonds in her past life, and she couldn’t even remember how Xiao Yun looked like, and it seemed like something had changed.

"Thank you for earlier." Xiao Yun nodded at Gu Xiqiao before keeping away her smile, becoming the cold and aloof goddess of First City High again.

Gu Xiqiao had guessed that the former was being so friendly because she had saved the little boy earlier. "It’s fine, but tell mister driver over there to be more careful next time. There’s a big turnabout over there, so its quite easy to get into accidents. You were lucky that the little boy wasn’t part of any plans to scam you."

The driver blushed slightly and nodded. "Thank you for your reminder, I’ll be more careful next time."

If it weren’t for the fact that they were in a rush today, the driver wouldn’t have driven so quickly. Judging from his Miss’ expression that had gone from rushed and worried to calm after this girl came onto the car, he already had a good impression of this unknown young lady.

He peeked at her through the rear mirror, seeing a silhouette wearing a First City High uniform that didn’t have any wrinkles. The young lady looked pale and pretty, and her actions were elegant and dignified. According to her, she lived in the Shanhe Manor Area, so she was probably from a dignified family too.

His Miss had never been one to socialize, so he was quite happy that she could get such a pretty and nice friend that was around her age.

At the same time, Gu Xiqiao was communicating with the system again. "What use do you have other than giving me missions?"

[Oh, I have a lot of uses! For example, your deskmate Xiao Yun’s going to see her sick grandfather at the hospital!]

"I told you, don’t invade other peoples’ privacy." Gu Xiqiao held her hand to her head to stop her migraine, wondering when the system would stop its bad habit of disregarding the privacy of other people.

[Ah right, I forgot. Also, you should be careful when you get home. I have analyzed that your family is going to do something bad to you when you get back.] The system replied seriously. Gu Xiqiao wasn’t ’other people’, right?

"Should I have to buy some defensive items?" Gu Xiqiao took out her phone and scrolled through finance websites.

[You don’t have to use the system items to deal with regular people.] The system huffed in disdain at the very thought. It could block those attacks with a simple barrier!

"When I have points in the future, I’m going to spend as much as I can!" It was hard to go through the trials of daily life without using points. She wanted money back when she was poor, but now that she could earn money easily, she couldn’t get any points with them.

The car quickly arrived outside Shanhe Manor Area, and Gu Xiqiao alighted the car, waving goodbye to Xiao Yun. "Thank you!"

"It was nothing. So, about your math papers..." Xiao Yun pursed her lips.

Gu Xiqiao blinked, and she wanted to laugh for some reason. "Alright, I’ll give them to you tomorrow after I finish them tonight."

"Thank you." Xiao Yun saw Gu Xiqiao off before turning over to the driver and saying seriously: "Let’s go to the hospital."

The middle-aged man nodded, and replied happily, "Is that a new friend of yours, Miss? Master would definitely be glad if he knows!"

"No." Xiao Yun replied coldly, before turning her head to a side in true tsundere fashion.

The driver was speechless.

Would strangers copy each others’ homework?

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