Rebirth of a Village Girl

Rebirth of a Village Girl

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    Ni Yang, a modern businesswoman, is reborn in her seventeenth year.

    The year is 1983.

    In an era that favors boys over girls, Ni Yang revises her tragic fate from her previous life, skirmishes in the mall, and overcomes the most challenging obstacles, achieving success step by step – a radiant progress.

    Observe how Ni Yang, with her petite but capable hands, overturns her fate from an ordinary rural girl to become the richest woman of her time.

    However, in the process of building her wealth, Ni Yang inadvertently attracts the attention of a mysterious magnate.

    So, the aloof and mysterious magnate in the eyes of outsiders transforms into a devoted husband, becoming an outright ‘wife slave’.

    From then on, ‘wife is Heaven’, ‘serving wife is duty’.

    This story is also known as “The Years When the Female Lead Conquered”.

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