Rebirth of 1985's Best Doctor

Rebirth of 1985's Best Doctor

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    Su Jinyue is a female chairman who owns billions of assets, but she is sent to prison by a couple—her boyfriend of seven years and sister. As a prisoner on death row, she hears the gunshots, and when Su Jinyue sees a familiar figure running towards her through the blood, she smiles sadly. Only then did she realize that she had fallen in love with this man.

    If she could start over, she would definitely choose to marry him.

    The blessings of fate bring her back to the beginning. Reborn, she returns to the beginning of everything. She swears never to make the mistake of her previous life again. She would never believe in her glib sister and boyfriend. More importantly, she has to figure out what secrets are hidden in her bracelet and background.

    She wants power in this life, and so does he.

    As for those who owe her and had harmed, she will not show mercy either.

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