Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 651 - Revealing the Affair to Qi Zhenbai
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Chapter 651: Revealing the Affair to Qi Zhenbai

That night, Chi Shuyan waited until almost midnight for Qi Zhenbai to come back. This was the first time the man had come back so late.

She still hadn’t slept when she heard the commotion at the front door. When she went out, she saw that the man, Qi Zhenbai, had returned with a drunk Brother Feng.

When the two men approached, there was a strong smell of alcohol on them. Chi Shuyan’s eyes subconsciously fell on the drunk Brother Feng again.

There was surprise in her face. What had provoked Brother Feng this time?

Chi Shuyan looked at the tall, familiar man in front of her. Qi Zhenbai said he would tell her later, and helped the drunk and impatient Feng Yuanlin to the bedroom he had used before.

Taking advantage of the moment, Chi Shuyan went to the bathroom to fill the bathtub with water for the man; a soak in the bathtub would sober him up later.

Chi Shuyan had just turned on the tap, when the man came into the bedroom. Hearing the noise, she turned off the water and went out of the bathroom. Qi Zhenbai took off his jacket expressionlessly and threw it on the sofa.

Chi Shuyan was still quite afraid of this man getting drunk and then tormenting her, like the other day. Seeing that his expression was obviously off, Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but probe, “What’s wrong with the two of you? Brother Feng’s mood isn’t right. What’s wrong with Brother Feng?”

Chi Shuyan felt that Brother Feng’s agitation was most likely related to Qin Qing, but she wasn’t interested in what happened between them; she was interested in when they would break up.

Qi Zhenbai patted the seat next to him. When his wife obediently came over and sat down, Qi Zhenbai’s cold face softened a lot, and he said, “Feng Yuanlin broke up with that woman tonight! I had a few drinks with him!”

Chi Shuyan was originally uninterested in the matter between Brother Feng and Qin Qing. Hearing this serious news, Chi Shuyan’s eyes immediately widened and she cheered. “This is good news!”

Good news!

Seeing the man’s face suddenly sink as he stared unblinkingly at her, Chi Shuyan got goosebumps. “Why are you just looking at me? Don’t you think this is good news?”

Hadn’t this man always disapproved of Brother Feng and Qin Qing’s relationship?

Could it be that he suddenly changed his attitude and felt that Qin Qing, that woman, was really good, and he wanted them to be together?

Chi Shuyan’s imagination ran wild. The man’s deep and pleasant voice suddenly rang out. “Are you that happy that Feng Yuanlin broke up with her?” His tone was indescribably cold and stern.

Seeing that the man in front of her was jealous even of Brother Feng, Chi Shuyan was helpless. She blurted out without thinking, “I just can’t stand seeing Brother Feng being cuckolded, alright?”

As soon as she said that, Qi Zhenbai’s face suddenly sank. It was as black as could be. His face was so gloomy it was as if a storm was coming. His dark face gave off an inexplicable sense of oppression, which made people tremble with fear.

Chi Shuyan shuddered at the sight. The man next to her said in an extremely oppressive and cold voice, “What did you say?”

Only then did Chi Shuyan realize that she had subconsciously blurted it out!

She never intended to hide it for that Qin woman. Back then, Chi Shuyan had been afraid that this man would directly kill that Qin woman. She was also afraid that if this matter blew up, it wouldn’t be good for Brother Feng.

Now that the two of them had broken up, Chi Shuyan didn’t feel pressured to tell the truth. However, when she saw the man’s incomparably black and sharp eyes, she still swallowed her saliva before she said, “Actually, the first time I saw Brother Feng, I saw a circle of green light on his head, probably because Qin Qing cheated on him!”

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