Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 859: Astratis Decision
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Chapter 859: Astratis' Decision

"Then, I may have to trouble you," Izroth said in a carefree manner.

"Trouble? What are you talking about? You are our youngest. We will do everything within our power to protect you from harm. It is no trouble. Of course, we will not impede your growth and solve every problem for you. However, rest assured, it is just as Thalos said—we will not allow anyone to bully you." Ierosni stated warmly.

"That's right. So, as long as your acts are done without evil intentions, feel free to just go wild. We'll take care of anything that follows." Astratis said proudly.

"You—don't go trying to make him take after you. I still remember that time you wanted to tame an Alogonix and ended up causing a stampede that lasted for days. Don't tell me you forgot after all this time who had to calm them down after that?" Nomii mentioned.

"Do not forget the time he wanted to learn the art of the forge from the Enati and almost ended up extinguishing the primordial fire because he tried to roast meat within its flames." Eiritia lightly giggled.

"Hahaha! After that, they banned you from entering the forge and refused to let any outsiders without at least some basic knowledge step into the forge! Ahahaha!" Thalos bellowed.

"Didn't you say that asking them how to craft is like asking a sea beast how to swim or a man how to breathe? That it's all pure instinct?" Izroth inquired as his gaze landed on Astratis.

"This is..." Astratis avoided meeting Izroth's gaze with a somewhat guilty look on his face.

"Youngest, don't be fooled by him. While it's true that the Enati are naturally talented blacksmiths, it is still possible to learn a great deal from them. It's just that this guy has absolutely zero talent when it comes to the art of the forge. Ahahaha!" Thalos said as he slapped Astratis' back in a lively manner.

"You all—we are here for our youngest, not for old stories about me. What face will I have left as an elder brother if you all continue?" Astratis commented playfully.


The conversation and pseudo-celebration to welcome Izroth as their youngest continued on for several minutes.

During that conversation, Izroth also came to an agreement with Astratis regarding the exchange of the Young Wings of the Ambrosia Tree.

After some time passed and everyone was acquainted, Izroth was officially recognized as the seventh sibling of Astratis and the others.

Of course, despite the joyous occasion, those present knew that Astratis did not call them solely for this purpose.

"You didn't gather all of us here just to introduce us to our youngest. So, what do you have to say, brother?" Thalos finally asked the question on everyone's mind.

"It seems I've been seen through," Astratis said with a weak smile.

"We have known you for many cycles. When there is something dwelling on your mind, how can we fail to take notice? Speak freely, brother." Eiritia said in a graceful tone.

After he paused for a moment, Astratis looked over at Izroth.

"This has to do with my last request." Astratis then turned to face his siblings with a serious expression.

'Oh? What is he planning?'

Izroth noticed the shift in aura around Astratis as he faced the others.

"I have decided—I will be leaving this place and going with our youngest to visit his home world called the Mortal Realm," Astratis announced.


Those present were shocked by Astratis' words and their facial expressions could not be hidden.

Going to another world? What was he talking about now of all times?

"Brother, do you know what you're saying? I understand your love for adventure, but how can you leave this place in its current state?" Thalos frowned.

"I agree. It is too soon. We are not certain how the ancient races will react now that the pillars are no more. There are also the celestials outside of the Celestial Abode who may start to reappear now that the threat is gone. If you are absent, dealing with the aftermath of the events will become increasingly difficult." Eiritia commented.

"Our eldest sister is right. You are not just another celestial, brother. You defeated the Teraidi and played a major role in taking down that old demon. This will cause those with ill intentions to think twice before doing something questionable. But, if they were to discover that you are no longer in this world, they may grow bold." Nomii explained.

Everyone did not hesitate to display their stance against Astratis' decision.

After his battle with the Teraidi, Astratis had already become a powerful symbol for those in their world. However, once his fight with Kyvernos spread to every corner, he would transform from a symbol into a legend. This kind of influence was not easy to replace.

As for relying on their uncle, Illioreas, he already decided that he would not interfere in such matters.

In the end, Illioreas did not want to end up like his brother, Kyvernos. To him, that kind of authority was like poison. Once one got a taste of it, it would eventually consume them.

Therefore, after the battle concluded in the Fourth Heart of the World, Illioreas returned to his Sunstone Cave.

As the others attempted to talk Astratis out of his rash decision, Izroth silently observed in deep thought.

'To think this would be his request. It's not like I necessarily mind him returning to the Mortal Realm with me, but... Wouldn't this be a bit of a headache to deal with? More importantly, even if I did agree, can residents of a Secret Realm even leave its confines?'

If an unknown peak legendary realm powerhouse suddenly appeared in the Mortal Realm, those major kingdoms would immediately go on a state of high alert.

Just a single peak legendary realm powerhouse was enough to upset the delicate balance that existed between the kingdoms. But, if it was known that a place existed with multiple legendary realm powerhouses, some of which were at the peak, Izroth could already foresee the troubles that followed.

Izroth knew that those who did not want to risk sharing their authority would use any means necessary to prevent them from crossing over into the Mortal Realm.

Even if Izroth tried his best to keep it hidden, eventually, news of the Secret Realm would get out.

After all, there was someone back in the Mortal Realm who was well aware of this place and would undoubtedly be seeking revenge for what occurred.

Of course, Izroth was talking about the Princess of the Fifth Great Clan, Luxia.

Sychia destroyed Luxia's clone, which according to the Thousand Blossom Maiden was linked directly to Luxia herself. This would, without a doubt, lead to some form of retaliation which would inevitably expose the Secret Realm.

Astratis' presence in the Mortal Realm would not be like dropping a pebble in water and creating a small ripple. Instead, it would be like dropping a massive boulder and making waves!

A few moments later, Astratis calmed everyone down.

"I have already decided. As long as our youngest approves my request, I will be leaving to the Mortal Realm." Astratis stated firmly.

While he was well aware of the concerns his siblings had, in the end, Astratis had equally as great concern. No, perhaps his concern was even more pressing.

"Brothers, sisters, I think this journey must be made by me. While it would not be bad if everyone in this new world is like our youngest, there is still a chance that there are those who may have ill intentions towards our world. We cannot allow chaos to pour into this place without being prepared. It may seem like I am doing this just to fool around and go on an adventure, but I promise you this—I am doing it for the sake of our future. I hope that you all believe in me." Astratis said in a sincere manner.

After he finished speaking, a lingering silence filled the room.

There were those were seemed to have a tinge of guilt in their eyes.

That's right, how could they forget? Even if he appeared to be the most reckless on the surface, when it came to the safety of the celestials, there was no one more responsible than Astratis. He would be willing to place his life down if it meant their safety. This was a trait that earned him respect among all celestials, including his siblings.

"Then, brother, since you have made your choice, we will not stop you." Thalos sighed.

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