Real Young Lady Pampered By Bigshots After Coming Home

Chapter 32
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Chapter 32: A Tumultuous Journey To Marriage

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Zheng and Kong Yue were called over to Old Master Su’s mansion. When Kong Yue heard Su Ming’s words, she panicked and hurriedly said, “Dad, what do you mean? Didn’t Xiao Xing already go over to negotiate about Qingqing and Huo Qi’s marriage? The Huo family is…”

Su Ming looked at her and said gently, “I know that you’re in a difficult position. Su Qing has just returned to the family, and it’s really hard for us to ask her to get engaged to Huo Qi.”

He slowly changed tune, and tried to persuade them, saying, “But think about it carefully, this might not be a bad thing. Huo Qi is a very capable junior, and he’s already one of the best among the younger generation. If Su Qing gets married to him, she’ll be living in riches, and you don’t have to worry about her future.”

“The Huo family is also a large family in the capital. The ties that we can establish with the Huo family from this marriage will certainly be beneficial to us.” There was an unfathomable glint in Su Ming’s deep eyes. “It’s just an engagement. Do you know how much benefits this can already bring to our family?”

“But Qingqing is only eighteen years old!” Kong Yue said anxiously.

On the other hand, Su Zheng remained silent. Su Ming’s words had already tempted him. If that evil girl could really help bring them closer to the Huo family, she would have made a huge contribution to the family.

Su Ming looked at Kong Yue and said slowly, “So what? They’re just getting engaged.” In their eyes, there seemed to be only all sorts of benefits and profits, but they didn’t seem to care about Su Qing’s feelings.

Kong Yue looked at Su Ming, who had already made up his mind, and Su Zheng, who had been silent all this time. She slowly lowered her head. She knew that she could no longer change this decision.

She thought about Su Qing and felt that she was really a useless mother. She couldn’t help her daughter block these annoying matters.

Huo Qi didn’t know that his grandfather had very “helpfully” intervened, so when Su Qing came to question him, he was puzzled.

Su Qing panted heavily as she recalled Kong Yue’s eyes, which were red and swollen from crying. The helplessness and heartache in her eyes pierced Su Qing’s heart.

Su Qing glared at Huo Qi and said coldly, “Didn’t you say that if I didn’t like it, this marriage could be called off? But now, you’re even bringing your elders in to force me into it. How old are you? Why would you look for the elders because you couldn’t deal with it yourself? Besides, you didn’t keep your word. To think that I thought you were really that kind!”

Huo Qi was caught off guard by Su Qing’s accusation. “When did I go and look for the elders?”


“You should know what you did,” Su Qing said.

Huo Qi looked at her face, which was flushed from her rush to look for him. He walked to the table and poured a glass of water, then handed it to her. “Have a drink first. Why were you in such a hurry?”

When Su Qing didn’t take the glass, Wallace smiled helplessly. “I really don’t know what happened. I’m innocent.”

“Go and explain to your family and clear up these misunderstandings.” Su Qing frowned and said, “Don’t cause unnecessary trouble for the people around you.”

Huo Qi looked at her and asked, “What misunderstanding? Is it about our engagement?” He restrained the smile on his face and looked at her seriously. “That’s not a misunderstanding. I really want to marry you.”

“As for what you said about causing unnecessary trouble for other people…” Huo Qi stepped forward and looked into her eyes.” You mean your mother, right? ”

Su Qing looked at him and revealed her thoughts under his piercing gaze. “I don’t want to see her sad. And I don’t like you.”

Huo Qi looked at her and smiled, “Why are you so cute? You barged in like this, and the bodyguards in the house almost took you down as an assassin, just because you just didn’t want your mother to be sad? What about you?”

She said that she didn’t like him, but he really didn’t take her words to heart.

“What about me?” Su Qing didn’t understand what Huo Qi meant.

“What do you think about this entire matter?” Huo Qi asked.

Su Qing frowned at him with a confused expression. Huo Qi held his forehead. How did he fall in love with this blockhead? She didn’t seem to be enlightened at all.

He told himself that she was still young, so he had to take it slow. However, now that things had come to this, it was a rare opportunity for him. He had to tie her down first. It was also time to have a good chat with Kong Yue.

“Can I go over with you and talk to your mother?” Huo Qi asked.

Su Qing looked at him in confusion. “About what?”

Huo Qi reached out to pat her head, but she dodged it. He smiled, “To talk about our marriage, of course.”

Su Qing glared at him. “Who wants to marry you? No way!”

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