Real Young Lady Pampered By Bigshots After Coming Home

Chapter 288 - 288 “Expedition”
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288 “Expedition”

As Dean Zhang spoke, he glanced at Su Qing. He knew that Su Qing was also Mr. Huo Qi’s fiancée!

Huo Qi was one of the board members with the greatest power in Floyd. Actually, just based on this relationship, Su Qing could do whatever she wanted in Floyd. As the Dean, how would he dare to let Su Qing clean his practice room? And Su Qian, the golden signboard for enrollment, was also cleaning here!

“Stop cleaning up, all of you. You’ve already worked hard enough to prepare for this school’s anniversary!” Dean Zhang said, smiling until his seemingly benevolent eyes disappeared. “If you’re done, quickly go home and rest! Someone will come and clean this place tomorrow. I’m also looking forward to your exciting performance the day after tomorrow. I hope you can enjoy it!”

Dean Zhang’s last sentence was actually directed at Su Qian. No matter what, teachers would treat such students with special treatment.

Zhou Ling glanced at the students who were still standing there and smiled in amusement. “What are you waiting for? The Dean has already spoken, but you’re still not leaving? Do you want to clean up so badly?”

Naturally, no one was willing to do this dirty job. Wang Fan glanced at Su Qian and Su Qing. After bidding farewell to Dean Zhang and Teacher Zhou, he pulled Feng Yi away.

Zhang Ke looked at Dean Zhang and Teacher Zhou’s expressions and knew that they were probably looking for Brother Qian or Sister Qing for something, so he tactfully left.

Su Qian watched as Zhang Ke left and turned to look at Dean Zhang.

The Dean looked at Su Qing gently and said, “Tomorrow, Grinton Academy will bring a team over. The Dean knows that you’re an outstanding child. Don’t feel pressured tomorrow. Just do your best.”

Actually, from the previous “friendly” meetings between Floyd and Grinton, Floyd couldn’t lose anymore.

On the surface, this kind of friendly exchange between the two sides was actually determined by the school’s cultural and educational strength in some aspects. It was also one of the considerations for the distribution of resources in the city’s upper echelons.

Therefore, this was actually very important. The reason why Dean Zhang was so kind to Su Qing and even asked her to do her best was actually because of Huo Qi.

The Huo family’s support for Floyd every year could not be underestimated.

Zhou Ling glanced at the Dean, who had a strange attitude. After a few seconds of silence, he added, “Dean, don’t worry. Qingqing won’t lose. We all have confidence in her.”

Su Qing looked up at Dean Zhang and said calmly, “I’ll help Floyd win this battle.”

Su Qing, who had a cold aura, expressed her attitude calmly, as though she was just talking about something very ordinary and not worth mentioning.

Monday was a new beginning every week. The students of Floyd Academy should be immersed in the carnival atmosphere that was about to be celebrated, but they still had to welcome their old opponent, Grinton!

The seniors in the fourth year were busy with their internships and thesis. They no longer cared much about the academy’s matters, so when it came to their old enemy, Grinton Academy, the third-year students knew best.

Su Qian was indeed not as good at piano as Yan Bei. It wasn’t that he wasn’t a tolerant person, but he couldn’t stand those people from Grinton who relied on their power and were disgusting, so he didn’t have a good impression of Yan Bei.

He and Su Qing stood in the school’s welcoming line with cold expressions, looking like they were in a bad mood.

Su Qing was wearing Floyd’s autumn school uniform. It was a black tailored suit with a pure white inner lining, and a beautiful black bow tie at the front of her neck. It was eye-catching. The lower half of the school uniform was a navy blue pleated dress, and the cut was exquisite and appropriate. The material was also extremely expensive. The overall quality was excellent, and the texture was first-rate!

Su Qing rarely wore her school uniform because she didn’t need to. She only wore it reluctantly today to accommodate the school’s arrangements.

Her figure was excellent, especially her long, slender, and straight legs. She could simply defeat all the girls present.

The feeling of wearing the same school uniform on Su Qing was very different from other girls. For some reason, Su Qing made it look better and more expensive!

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