Real or Fake Missy : I Have a Piece of Godly Land

Chapter 40
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Chapter 40: I Will Take the Responsibility

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When she returned to class 10, only a few students had arrived.

She took out her cell phone and pulled out a WeChat account called ‘I love My Country’.

Farming Professional: Can I see you at seven o’clock tonight? At the same place.

It seemed that the other end had been waiting for Cheng Ling’s message. After Cheng Ling sent the message, he immediately replied.

I love My Country: Sure, no problem. Do you want to eat at my place?

Farming Professional: Sure, I’ll get a free meal then.

“Cheng Ling, I heard that you defeated Young Master Ding yesterday?”

Wu Ya walked over with another boy to gossip about yesterday’s incident.

“Is the person in the video really you? How did you...

Wu Ya gestured twice.

“Did you knock them down like this?”

Wu Ya made it seem like she was casting a spell.

Cheng Ling put her phone away. “What? Are you trying to steal my skills?”

“Can I?!”

“Of course not. You are lacking in comprehension skills.”

Wu Ya snorted. “Before Young Master Ding comes, let me remind you. Young Master Ding is the only child of the Ding family. You know the Ding family, right? Your Cheng family can’t compare to them. Moreover, you’re a fake daughter.”

“Later, you should take the initiative to apologize to Young Master Ding. Although he is a little arrogant, he is not unreasonable. Moreover, he is quite loyal. If he can forgive you, you will have a backer in the future.”

Although this Wu Ya looked like a delinquent, he was also quite warm-hearted.

Cheng Ling smiled. Of course, this time, it was a kind smile. She had always treated others the way they treated her.

“Got it. Thank you for the reminder, Wu Ya.” Cheng Ling’s smile had always been sincere. When she smiled, her eyes were like the stars in the sky, shining brightly.

Wu Ya, who was called by his name in a serious manner, suddenly blushed. Even his ears turned light red.

“Oh, I... I’ll go back for early study.”

After saying that, he went back to his seat. Halfway through, he accidentally knocked off the books that his classmate had set up.

“Crow, what are you doing?! You’re so reckless!”

Cheng Ling looked at Wu Ya’s retreating figure and snickered.

The boys in this class looked like tigers, but in reality, they were all bunnies.

Throughout the day, as the female lead in the video, Cheng Ling was constantly being discussed.

As for the male lead, he didn’t appear at all.

It wasn’t until the last class ended and just as Cheng Ling was packing her things and preparing to go for her appointment, the broadcast in the classroom suddenly sounded.

“Student Cheng Ling from class 10 of senior high third year, please come to the academic affairs office immediately.”

The broadcast was noisy and repeated three times. Everyone in the school knew that the main lead of the video from yesterday was being called to the academic affairs office.

“Xiao Xiao, Cheng Ling is being called! It must be because of yesterday’s incident.”

“Okay, I’ll go and take a look. In case Sister needs my help.”

She jogged to the academic affairs office. Everyone thought that she was concerned about Cheng Ling, but they did not see the smile on her face.

Cheng Ling, it’s my turn to watch you make a fool of yourself this time.

Cheng Ling knocked on the door of the academic affairs office. The people inside were sitting upright.

“Here you’re.” The academic affairs director was a middle-aged man with a belly and almost all of his hair had fallen out.

His name was Tang Hai. As he had lost his hair on the top of his head, everyone gave him a nickname —? the Mediterranean Sea.

“Mr. Ding, this is Cheng Ling.”

“Cheng Ling, this is Ding Yu’s father.” When he mentioned about Ding Shan, Tang Hai bent down slightly. “I asked you to come over, you should know what’s going on, right?”

“Yes. Hello, Mr. Ding.”

When Ding Shan heard Cheng Ling greet him, he didn’t take it seriously and asked Tang Hai directly.

“What happened? Where are the girl’s parents? Their daughter hit my son. Aren’t they going to take responsibility?”

Tang Hai, “Mr. Ding, Cheng Ling’s parents... They said that Cheng Ling was adopted by their family. Cheng Ling should take responsibility for this matter...”

Ha, it was really the style of the Cheng family.

Cheng Ling stood straight and smiled contemptuously.

“Sorry, we’re late.” A familiar voice came from behind. Cheng Ling turned her head instantly. It was Xie Ying, followed by Cheng Ming and Xie Wan who were reluctant.

“Xiao Ling, I was worried that you would be bullied, so I begged for a long time before I get them to come. Later, you just admit your mistake. With the Cheng family around, you won’t be bullied too much.” Xie Ying whispered to Cheng Ling.

As soon as Cheng Ming and Xie Wan entered the door and saw Ding Shan, they immediately put on a respectful and flattering smile.

“Mr. Ding, this is all Cheng Ling’s fault. She is already 18 years old, and she can take responsibility for herself. Please don’t blame the Cheng family for this.” Cheng Ming said with a flattering smile and carefully apologized.

Xie Wan also smiled and agreed, “Yes, Mr. Ding. We are not responsible for Cheng Ling. She will take responsibility for what she has done.”

Xie Ying was so angry that her teeth were trembling! Was this something a parent should say?!

“Since the Cheng family cannot take responsibility, I will take the responsibility.”

A cold voice came from the door.. Everyone turned around and were stunned.

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