Real or Fake Missy : I Have a Piece of Godly Land

Chapter 36
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Chapter 36: What a Shame

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

She had noticed that Ding Yu had removed a few screws from her chair. However, after a brief analysis of the force acting on the chair, she had sat in the front half of the chair, which had avoided the spot where the chair had fallen apart.

Ding Yu was like a hothead. He just sat down and naturally the chair would fall apart.

Thus, the sentence that always appeared in novels finally appeared. “Cheng Ling, wait for me after school!”


Cheng Ling looked at Wu Ya, who was watching the fun in the first row, and then looked at Ding Yu.

“How about you two play a guessing game? I’ll wait for whoever wins. After all, I can’t be in two places at the same time.”

The math teacher was a short man. He was very skinny and looked like he was afraid of Ding Yu. He waved his hand and said, “Cheng Ling, go to the empty classroom on the fourth floor and bring another chair down. Don’t delay our class.”

Ding Yu couldn’t do anything for the time being. He glanced at Cheng Ling and sat on his chair.

Cheng Ling was not a pushover. She stretched out her hand and knocked on Ding Yu’s desk. “You broke my chair, right? Logically speaking, you should be the one to get the chair and compensate me.”

“What evidence do you have to prove that I broke it?”

Cheng Ling said, “Since you’re at the last place, you’re jealous of me being the second last.”

Her words were shameless, and the entire class was stunned.

There was no need for the last to be jealous of the second last!

Weren’t the two of you just a few points apart?!

During the exam, even if you tore a piece of paper and drew lots, we would still get higher marks than the two of you!

Of course, the students could only keep these words to themselves. Ding Yu was not someone to be trifled with.

Ding Yu said, “I did it, but I won’t go. What can you do? Anyway, you can stand if you like.”

Before Ding Yu could finish his last word, he felt himself being pulled suddenly. The next second, he sat on the ground again.

Cheng Ling retracted her hand and took Ding Yu’s chair as if nothing had happened. She sat on it.

What was going on? He was sitting steadily on that chair, how could he be suddenly pulled to the ground?

Cheng Ling was actually so strong? Ding Yu, who landed on his butt twice a day, felt very humiliated and angry.

This farce ended with Ding Yu gnashing his teeth and going to the fourth floor to get a new chair.

Yuya First High School was neither big nor small. Especially when it involved some influential people, such as Ding Yu...

Then some news was like having a pair of wings that could spread to all the classes in a single class break.

“Have you heard? Someone is going against Young Master Ding!”

“Who is so bold! I heard that the person who went against Ding Yu last time was beaten up badly by him!”

“It seems to be a new girl from Class 10.”

In the corridor from the first floor to the third floor, the students were all gossiping about the same thing.

Cheng Xiao, who had just come out of the teacher’s office, was immediately pulled over by Li Kui. “Xiao Xiao, something big happened to your sister!”

“What happened?” Cheng Ling was not a good student and did not have a good relationship with people. What could happen to her? If something happened, it would definitely be her fault.

“It’s Ding Yu! I heard that Cheng Ling and Ding Yu had a fight in class today. Ding Yu is going to get even with Cheng Ling after class!”

Cheng Xiao paused for a moment when he heard the name Ding Yu.

Ding Yu was the only grandson of the Ding family, the fourth largest family in the capital. He had an illustrious background, but unfortunately, he was a little grumpy.

Cheng Xiao had met Ding Yu at a banquet hosted by the Ding family a year ago. Cheng Ming and Xie Wan wanted Cheng Xiao to get to know Ding Yu, but Ding Yu’s attitude was very cold and he appeared very impatient.

After that every time they met in school, Cheng Xiao would take the initiative to greet Ding Yu and Ding Yu would also nod in response. Although he still appeared impatient, compared to his attitude toward other students, he treated Cheng Xiao well.

Therefore, there had been rumors in Yuya High School that Ding Yu liked Cheng Xiao.

As the person involved, Cheng Xiao knew that the truth was not the case. Every time someone mentioned it, she would pretend to be shy and smile, which would further confirm the rumors.

“Xiao Xiao, you have such a good relationship with Ding Yu. Maybe Ding Yu is finding trouble with Cheng Ling because of you.”

Cheng Xiao raised her hand and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“How could it be? Ding Yu is not such an unreasonable person..” Although she said so, Cheng Xiao still kept an eye out.

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