Real And Fake Young Lady: I Have Seven Brothers Pampering Me After I Transmigrated

Chapter 252 - 252 Premonition
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252 Premonition

“Don’t, don’t, don’t. I was wrong.” XiaomI’s round face paled the moment she thought about the scary scenarios at the haunted house.

The conversation between the two eased the tense atmosphere. Many students chatted with each other, but in their hearts, they admired and yearned for Chu Ning. They were the same age, but the gap between them was huge…

After a few minutes, the circus show was about to start.

The two burly men who had been about to show off in front of the crowd returned to the female internet celebrity’s side. Since the female internet celebrity had been broadcasting live, her attention was not on Chu Ning, so she did not know what had just happened.

At this time, she was stirring the emotions of her live audience, waiting for the circus to start.

“The real-time data shows that tens of thousands of people are watching her live stream. Why don’t these people come here to watch it directly?” The boy who followed the female internet celebrity took out his phone and entered the live broadcast room.

“There must be all kinds of inconvenient factors. Besides, they can watch the live broadcast from home with their mobile phones. Although it’s not as good as watching it directly, it’s also not too bad.” Another student sitting next to him immediately answered.

“Quick, look! It’s about to start!” Xiaomi pointed at the scene on the stage and said excitedly.

All kinds of props had been prepared on the stage. A little monkey wearing small clothes was riding a wheelbarrow along the edge of the stage. At the same time, it bared its teeth at the audience below as if it was greeting them.

Various animals and breeders walked out from behind the stage. At this time, the atmosphere on the stage was instantly ignited, and the audience below the stage was also cheering.

However, Chu Ning wasn’t too interested in this. She was only there to watch the show with her classmates. In fact, Chu Ning didn’t like domesticated animals. In her opinion, these animals were just following the will of humans and doing all kinds of things that humans liked.

This included the animals that were separated by glass and barbed wire. in Chu Ning’s eyes, they had long lost their survival instincts as animals.

They belonged to nature, but were now imprisoned here for profits.

Thinking of this, Chu Ning couldn’t help but smile. She felt that the nearby female internet celebrity might not really want to do a live broadcast, but she was still willing to do so under the temptation of money. Many people in this society did things they had no choice but to do, but she would not do so, and it was impossible for her to do it. Chu Ning did not belong to this world. She would decide her own fate.

Yan Shen turned his chair backwards and supported his chin with his hand. He was watching with great interest.

“Chu Ning, what’s wrong? Isn’t this nice?” Luo Yu noticed that although Chu Ning was looking at the stage, she did not seem to be very interested.

“It’s alright.” Chu Ning responded, but in the moment that had just passed, she felt her heart palpitate again for no reason. This was the second time that day, and it happened one after the other.

“Oh, look at that lion and tiger. The breeder looks very small in front of them, but under his command, these beasts can actually make all kinds of movements nimbly. They can even jump through rings of fire.” Luo Yu sighed with emotion.

“I think lions are powerful. Look at their manes; they look so mighty.”

“I feel the tiger is powerful. Many comprehensive data have shown that the lion’s bodily mechanism is just a little worse than the tiger’s. Give up; the lion is no match for the tiger.”

“Whatever you say. The lion is the most powerful. He is the king of the prairie.”

“What do you know? The tiger is the king of all beasts!”


Chu Ning gradually ignored Luo Yu’s words, including the conversations of the students around her. She heard them clearly, but she felt out of place. It was as if she was in an illusion. Chu Ning suddenly had a bad feeling that something big would happen at some point in time.

“Luo Yu, you go ahead and watch this. I’m going to the washroom.” Chu Ning stood up, but suddenly felt a little dizzy.

“Chu Ning, are you okay?” Luo Yu quickly held Chu Ning and asked worriedly.

“I’m fine.” After Chu Ning stood still, the strange feeling in her body disappeared once more.

“I’ll go with you.” Luo Yu spoke again.

Chu Ning was about to refuse, but when she saw Luo Yu’s serious expression, she could only nod.

Soon, the two of them left their seats. A few minutes later, Xiaomi smiled and was about to complain about the circus performance to Chu Ning, but she realized that Luo Yu and Chu Ning had disappeared.

“Where did the two of them go?” Xiaomi mumbled to herself, but she didn’t think much of it and continued watching the performance.

Chu Ning did not want to go to the washroom.

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