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Chapter 635 Immovable
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Chapter 635 Immovable

"What is this?" Liam's head ached. 50 million health points? He was no longer sure if he was sane or if he was seeing things. How the hell did the barbarian chief suddenly manage to get this ridiculous buff?

Moreover, his health bar was also now at 25%. That one attack of the guy had drained 75% of his health!

What unimaginable attack power and defense power!

Now Liam finally understood what the elves were talking about. Against someone like this, of course, they would be totally helpless. However, things were not yet over.

For using power like this, there was always a limit. Probably the guy could only use this once or the effect lasts for only a few seconds. If he could somehow hold on until then… victory would be his.

Liam hurriedly gulped down a bottle of health potion and then sprang back up for round two. He didn't directly clash with the barbarian chief again. Instead, he ran into the crowd, finishing off some of the barbarians who were already injured by [Sizzling Tornado] and had less strength.

He wanted to cull down the crowd a little bit while he could since that was the second thing he needed to be wary about, the first still being the monstrous strength of the chief.

In this way, he was waiting for the skill to run out and also dealing with the numbers, thereby hitting two birds with one stone.

However, the barbarian chief did not plan to let him go that easily. The big guy thundered after him, reaching him once again in a few strides, and surprisingly, the strong overpowering aura was still wrapped around him.

"I guess it's still not time to fight with you." Liam hurriedly ran away once again. He threw a couple of barbarians he was toying around with onto the chief and then fled the scene.

Raaaa! Behind him, a loud roar reverberated. The barbarian chief sounded very angry. He did not like the way his prey was slipping through his fingertips.

At this point, he did not even care about his allies as he rashly punched whoever was in his way and thundered behind Liam. A path of blood and flesh opened up for him as his speed constantly increased.

Liam turned back to observe this and he was once again shocked. Logically the effect of the skill had to go down but instead, it was going up?

Just what type of skill was this person using? Was waiting for the skill downtime actually going to work? As he continued to run away from the madman he began to seriously doubt this.

Unfortunately, he did not have to think about this for too long. Even with all of his boosted stats, the barbarian chief still caught up to him in no time.

The thick sturdy hand came at him with a punch which Liam tried to duck and evade, sending out a [Fire Slash] at the same time. However, he was not able to fully evade the incoming attack but at least the attack he sent perfectly landed.

Liam prepared immediately for the next attack when a surge of pain exploded from his hand where the punch had only grazed him.

What the heck?

His hand was almost severed from his body and his health was dropping ridiculously once again. On the other hand… Liam's gaze went to the health bar of the other party to see the damage he caused and it was barely… a hundred?

The barbarian chief's health had only dropped a hundred with one of his strongest attacks!

Liam bitterly smiled as he moved back several paces in a hurry, but the punches coming at him did not stop.

Left. Right. Center. Upper hook. The barbarian chief was stubborn and fixated. His bloodthirsty eyes glared at Liam as he was hell-bent on finishing this fight.

His moves were heavy and non-stop and each of them was deadly. The barbarian did not use any weapons but his body was his weapon.

Liam was only narrowly missing every attack. His health was already on the low and there was not a single second he could spare to top it off by drinking a health potion.

To make matters worse, the barbarian seemingly had infinite stamina. He was not going down at all. In fact, the aura around him burned like the bright sun, growing stronger than ever.

Liam tried to persist for a whole of one minute but the fight was not going anywhere.

If things continued this way, he would be the one losing. His attacks were also completely useless and they did not even make a mark on the guy. The barbarian chief's health was rock solid.

Soon, it was becoming too difficult to evade the attacks as well. Liam instantly made a decision. This fight had to end! It was suicidal to clash with this guy right here and right now!

Moreover, this special skill of his… was still active!

The elves were correct. He was not strong enough to face this person just yet.

Several thoughts ran across his head, but now wasn't the time to think about these things. If he lost his concentration even for a second, he was going to end up dead. He needed to get out of here first!

Liam continued exchanging blows with the chief boosting his stats further using whatever mana was left in his mana core. However, this was not going to last for long.

On the side, he summoned a few of his soul minions, Crawford and the Howler demon to help the elves and also to retrieve Luna.

While he kept the barbarian chief busy, the group escaped into the wilderness. His goal here was not to fight with this guy but to get to the elven lands.

As soon as the elves managed to put a safe distance between themselves and the crowd of barbarians, Liam once again leaped forward to attack the barbarian chief and when he did, he split into three images.

"Hmph!" The barbarian grunted, determined to crush him when suddenly one of the images silently disappeared. After that, all he saw was a tornado shooting out lightning everywhere.

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