Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank

Chapter 70 - Regional War
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Chapter 70: Regional War

Somewhere in the Myriad World Continent.

In a gorgeous castle floating in the air.

In a certain room, a delicate white hand was gently tapping on the file with Li Xiang’s name on it.

A clear and playful voice sounded, “Interesting kid. He has already displayed such great potential during the novice period. He indeed has the qualifications to join the Myriad World. However, before that, I still have to add fuel to the fire. Hopefully, I can squeeze out all of his potential!”

With that said, the woman closed the file, and the room fell into silence once again.


Although Li Xiang had little understanding of religion now, due to his lack of money, he could only temporarily put this thought aside, and focus all his attention on the development of his territory.

After a few great battles, his territory had already reached as many as nine pieces.

Other than the first few pieces of territory that were together, what he obtained afterward was all over the place. If he wanted to share the wonder’s effect, he would have to expand his territory again and connect all the territories together.

Li Xiang knew what kind of position he was in now. In Region 0042, he could be said to be a reputable leader. However, there was a saying that once a person became popular, there would be more trouble. If he attacked the territory of the civilians for no reason during the expansion of the territory, it would inevitably cause dissatisfaction among most people.

Now, the only thing he could do was to gradually corrode and not invade.

Thinking of this, he sent a message to Sally, who was busy with internal affairs construction.

“Country Lord, are you looking for me?” Sally asked while panting.

“Take a sip of water and rest!”

Li Xiang smiled and poured a glass of water for Sally. He said very casually, “I’ve looked at it. If we want to connect the narrow valley of the Red Moon Country, we can’t avoid the fire fox tribe. It’s still okay since it’s the fire fox tribe. As a native, you can go and negotiate.

“It’s said that the country lord of the Red Moon Country is very active in the regional channel. A forceful attack will not be suitable. You should restrain them in the business aspect.”

Hearing this, Sally nodded thoughtfully and asked tentatively, “Do you mean that we have to make him submit?”

Li Xiang nodded and continued, “As for the Lake of Tears, it’s a bit troublesome. Let’s take it one step at a time!”

Just as Sally pushed open the room, the regional broadcast suddenly sounded


[Respected rulers, the horn of war has sounded. Please pick up your weapons and defend your home!]

[Mission: Regional War (S-Rank)!]

[Countdown: 47:59:01]

[Mission Description 1: The lord’s region will activate a war with no limits with the neighboring two regions. The lord’s main city and the region’s border will open a one-way teleportation channel to allow quick arrival at the battlefield.]

[Mission Description 2: The lord can pay for resources and open a portal to the enemy’s region. Exception of the lord’s main city, teleport to any region is allowed.]

[The ranking system will give a score based on the performance of each ruler. After the mission is over, the corresponding ranking will be carried out!]

[Friendly Reminder: Unity is strength!]

After the system broadcast ended, the regional chat channel completely exploded.

“F*ck! This is killing people! It’s only been a few days, and there’s already a regional war!”

“555, who has cheap food to sell? Most of my subordinates are starving to death.”

“What do we do? I beg for shelter. I don’t want to wait for the other party to build the portal and teleport directly to my main city gate.”

“The Gods Guild is recruiting the lords near Red Wolf Valley. Everyone, guard our home together.”

The unexpected event stunned Li Xiang for a moment. Then, his eyes became brighter and brighter. In the end, he wanted to laugh out loud.

He edited the text, and soon, a paragraph appeared in the regional chat.

“Everyone, I have an idea that I don’t know whether to say or not. [Great Construction (S)], [Military Expansion (S)] , [Abundant Harvest (S)] , [Superb Craftsmanship (S)!]”

Li Xiang sent out the abilities that could be shared within his territory.

His actions were undoubtedly dropping another bomb on the already restless lake.

The entire chat channel was in an uproar.

“Wow! The boss is indeed a boss, to think that all of them are S-Rank bonuses. It’s a pity that I only have C-Rank.”

“Boss Li Xiang, I’m 36D and have a loli face. The best choice for warming the bed!”

“God, help me. I’ll do anything. As long as you send some soldiers to help me protect the main city.”

“Flaunting your wealth, flaunting your wealth out and out. We know you’re a big shot, but there’s no need to be so discouraging!”

“Stop, stop talking. Boss Li Xiang has something to say. Let’s all be quiet! Quiet!”

The chat channel gradually became quiet. Li Xiang chuckled and once again edited the text.

“In the face of a great enemy, I have two suggestions. The first one is that we form an alliance in Region 0042. I will share my territory’s ability with everyone, but this method will only allow everyone to enjoy 15% of the ability.

“The second suggestion is that if someone wants to be loyal to me, not only will you enjoy the ability 100%, but I will also be fully responsible for the safety of the subsidiary territories.

“Of course, everyone should understand what I meant by loyal!”

Silence, no words appeared again.


[Mail from Stone.]

[Ruler Stone has applied to become your subordinate territory and voluntarily offered the territory core. Do you agree?]

[Boss, I’m willing to offer the territory core, but can you give me some food? I’m really starving to death!]

Without any hesitation, Li Xiang clicked agree and casually sent 10 units of food to the lord named Stone.

Stone’s submission was like a fuse, and the next few requests to become a subsidiary territory were sent over.

At the same time, the chat channel became lively again.

“God Li Xiang, the territory core is our lifeline. Once we give it to you, we won’t have any room to resist!”

“That’s right, if we hand over the core of the territory, what’s the difference between us and slaves?”

“We’re about to die, so what’s there to consider if we’re going to be wiped out?”

“What a joke, you still want to resist? Li Xiang is a great god, he could easily wipe out a city with just a few soldiers. Anyway, I’ve already offered the core of the territory, it’s better to live than to die!”

Li Xiang did not speak on the chat channel. He was busy taking over a large number of subordinate territories.

At the same time, he also understood that the current situation did not allow those people to hesitate.

Once the war started, those weak lords would probably disappear in a single meeting.

After his actions, those lords who were confident in their strength would probably be isolated.

What he needed to do was to gradually devour those people after the regional war to reach the realm of region unification.

[Ding! Congratulations, ruler, you have successfully obtained a piece of territory. The territory area has reached 50% of the region you are in.]

Achievement [Overlord of a Region] has been obtained.

[Original ability, “Abundant Harvest (S)” evolved into “Fruitful Harvest (SS)”]

[Original ability “Great Construction (S)” evolved into “Infrastructure Maniac (SS)”]

[Fruitful Harvest (SS)]: The growth rate of the land crops in the territory has increased by 100 times, and the output has increased by 500 times!

[Infrastructure Maniac (SS)]: The growth rate of the land crops in the territory has increased by 100 times, and the output has increased by 500 times!

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