Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 192 - Let You Leave This Place Safely
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Chapter 192: Let You Leave This Place Safely

“Anyway, I have you in my hands now. Your black-hearted mother won’t know even if I kill you. I can still use you to threaten her!”

So what if I kill Qian Yirong? Will An Jiuyue know? I’ll bury the little boy’s body. How will An Jiuyue find him? She’ll have to listen to me obediently and do whatever I want her to do!

She took a dagger out of her pocket as she thought to herself happily.

In truth, it was not really a dagger but a very small knife. It probably belonged to one of the physicians, and Wang Xing’er had somehow stolen it.

When An Jiuyue found this place, she heard Wang Xing’er’s last sentence. She watched as Wang Xing’er took out a small knife from her pocket.

She took a deep breath and hid behind a big tree quickly without alerting Wang Xing’er.

Rong’er was too close to Wang Xing’er now, and she had a weapon in her hand. She had to hide from Wang Xing’er else she held Rong’er hostage.

She wanted to catch Wang Xing’er off guard and overpower her instead.

However, her plans were too naive. Before she could do anything, Qian Jiyun and Yan Nuo arrived.

Qian Jiyun was smart enough to remain silent. However, when Yan Nuo saw Wang Xing’er and Qian Yirong, he called out, “Rong’er!”

Qian Jiyun was speechless.

An Jiuyue was extremely shocked.

She took a deep breath. If not for the inappropriate timing, she would have rushed over and kicked Yan Nuo to vent her anger.

Did you forget to bring your brain out? Are you trying to notify her by shouting like that?

As expected, when Wang Xing’er heard the sound, she immediately grabbed Rong’er and positioned him in front of her. Then, she pressed the knife against his neck.

“Don’t… Don’t come over! Don’t come over!”

She did not expect Yan Nuo to find her so quickly. Qian Jiyun was beside him too.

She knew she could not defeat either of them. She only wanted to deal with An Jiuyue and did not intend to become enemies with them.

“Go away! Go away! I want to kill An Jiuyue! It has nothing to do with you! Go away! Go away! Otherwise, I’ll kill this little thing!”

She did not see An Jiuyue as she stayed behind the tree even though Yan Nuo shouted.

An Jiuyue wanted to rescue Rong’er from Wang Xing’er’s hands safely, and not be like Yan Nuo, who was so silly he could not differentiate between friend and foe.

Yan Nuo realized he had done something wrong again and almost slapped himself.

If he had not said anything, he and his master would have been able to save Rong’er from Wang Xing’er. Now, she held a knife by Rong’er’s neck.

They were really helpless.

“Let him go, and I’ll let you leave this place safely,” Qian Jiyun said coldly to Wang Xing’er.

He would have charged forward long ago if the person held hostage before him was not Rong’er, the person An Jiuyue cared about the most.

He did not dare to attack and had no choice but to take a step back.

However, Wang Xing’er sneered, “Leave? How can I leave?”

Where can I go? I’m already infected. I have nowhere to go. I’ll die no matter what.

If An Jiuyue didn’t suggest to the villagers to ban outsiders from entering, I could’ve brought my family to live comfortably in my in-laws’ house. I wouldn’t have contracted the disease.

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