Raising Boss's Twins After Transmigration

Chapter 120
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Chapter 120: Happiness

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In fact, it would only take about ten days at most. However, Gu Zhan wanted to spend more time alone with Su Luo, so he deliberately said more.

Su Luo smiled and said, “Okay, coach Gu, please start your teaching.”

How could Su Luo not know? However, she didn’t expose him. She was happy to spend some alone time with Gu Zhan.

As for the three-day trip to the water park, she would wait for the summer vacation.

Su Luo happily counted with her fingers. There was still one and a half months before the summer vacation. It was enough for her and Gu Zhan to spend time together and learn how to swim.


The matter of taking a family photo had been postponed over and over again. In the end, it was decided to be after the three-day trip to the water park.

In order to take a family photo, Su Luo dragged the two children out of bed early in the morning and dressed Gu Bei and Gu Xi meticulously.

Gu Bei was wearing a small white shirt and black overalls.

The cool brother, Gu Bei, disliked the gentleman’s hat for ruining the hairstyle that his mother had designed for him. He even had his hair waxed.

Gu Xi, on the other hand, was wearing the latest pink lace dress and her hair was braided.

Su Luo looked at the two children whom she had dressed up beautifully, and her heart was filled with joy.

Gu Xi hugged Su Luo with all her limbs and asked her, “Mommy, will you never abandon Daddy and us after the family photo is taken?”?

Gu Bei also hugged Su Luo’s thigh and looked up at her with a serious expression.

Su Luo smiled as she picked out the clothes that they needed to change into for the photo. She said, “Of course, the four of us will stay together until you grow up and have your own family.”.

When Gu Xi heard that they were still going to be separated from their Daddy and Mommy, she broke down immediately and started crying without caring about her appearance.

Gu Bei also felt a little uncomfortable, but he was much stronger than his sister. Before Su Luo could explain, he said, “What are you crying for?” He said to Gu Xi in disgust, “Silly Xixi, what are you crying for? What Mommy means is that we have to grow up eventually. When we grow up, they can have their own time together.”

When Gu Xi heard this, she stopped her tears and asked Su Luo with teary eyes, “Mom, is that so?”

Although Gu Bei’s explanation was not entirely wrong, Su Luo still said to Gu Xi seriously, “Brother is right.”

When Gu Bei heard this, he raised his eyebrows at Gu Xi proudly.

Su Luo smiled slightly and said to the two children, “Don’t worry, Mom will never abandon Daddy. But! When you grow up, you will know that no one can always be with you, but we will always love you. When Xiao Bei and Xixi grow up, you will find the people you like and the path you want to take in the future.”

Gu Xi asked seriously, “Then, what about Daddy and Mommy?”

Su Luo thought for a moment and said longingly, “Us! We will travel around the world when the time comes. Anyway, everyone will be very happy.”

After saying that, they packed up and went to take photos.

Su Luo’s skin was fair and beautiful. After wearing a wine-red evening dress, she looked even more charming.

When Gu Zhan, who was in a well-tailored black suit, saw Su Luo, his eyes were wide open.

Gu Zhan held Su Luo’s waist and posed for photos while whispering to Su Luo, “Honey, you’re so beautiful.”

Naturally, after being praised by her lover, Su Luo looked even more beautiful. She leaned forward and kissed Gu Zhan. Then, she said faintly, “Honey, I love you. You’re also very handsome!”

The family of four specially arranged for a photography team. They spent a day taking countless photos.

In the end, Gu Zhan and Su Luo retook their wedding photos. Gu Bei and Gu Xi, the two cute children, acted as the flower boy and girl.

Many years later, Su Luo would still smile and sigh when she thought of everything that had happened since she transmigrated.

She thanked fate for letting her meet her loved one.

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